Phir Subah Hogi 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 20th February 2013 Written Update

TVS dreams sees Sugni calling him and when he touches her its her Both look at each other and its O re piya in the BG but its TVS dream and he again sees her in the doorway going out He follows her calling Sugni just then the Vaidya comes.
Bunty is telling Amma to eat something but she is very panicked as Chulbuli is still unconscious and a doctor is checking her. Diwakar is also there. She is cryng for Chulbuli . Diwakar also sits beside her and tells since that mad man came she is behaving very oddly. Kali and Diwakar talk saying hope she is ok. Amma and Bunty look at each other. Doctor comes out and tells Sugni will gain conscious after some time and amma says if that man comes again then I will not leave him alone.
TVS seems to see Sugni and her visions in the house and Vaidya asks have you come here before and he says maybe I came with Sugni .He calls his wife when TVS shows her picture and they say it is Munniya . She was found by some fishermen half dead near the river and he cured her slowly. TVS says then how did he give her to some people then the vaidya says some people came and said she is hers and looked they after her well. They show a Mangalsutra saying it is hers and asks whether he is her husband.TVS gets FB of the scene when he threw it in the river and Adi found it He says he is not his relationship with her is different. Suman dreams that Sugni has come and threatened her saying she did not save her from death and now is treating her family very badly. She gets up and tells MS that she saw Sugni and MS says she will come and end your wickedness over her family. She says Sugni is dead and asks MS to get her water. MS says she will be alive and come and set everything right .Suman says she is dead and wont come back. Hukum and Naganiya are listening.
Amma is telling someone she reached that village and he says its dangerous to both of them if the truth comes out and he gives her some medicine and says give her as soon as she wakes. He wants to meet her but amma refuses and he goes away saying he is going now but will come again to meet her. Diwakar catches her she is flustered when he takes her to task whether was she talking to someone. Amma tries to misguide him saying she has to deal with so many clients like him but he says he likes Chulbuli and as soon as she is ok he will pay for her and take her . He warns both amma and Bunty as he has put lot of money on .Chulbuli and if they play mischief he will see the end of them and goes. She shows a bottle and Bunty who is happy and asks her did he come and amma says yes but now we have to give this medicine to Chulbuli
TVS is walking and searching one man seems to run away and he follows him . Chulbuli is sleeping and Bunty is keeping watch they mix some medicine in the milk before she wakes and want to make her drink. TVS is following the hooded man who hides while TVS searches for him outside.

PRECAP TVS tells amma you cant dispute the truth and it is this showing a mangalsutra and asks her what are you mixing in that milk which you wanted Sugni to drink what did that man give you.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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