Phir Subah Hogi 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 1st March 2013 Written Update

Divakar dragging Sugni to his jeep, amma tries her best to stop him and aims a gun at him.Divakar asks her her to stop this nautanki and she is meant to run a kotha not gun.Amma pushes divakar away from sugni and warns him to leave when divakar pulls the gun from her & pushes amma who falls hurting her head.

TVS comes and helps her.Sugni thinks she knew he would come to save her.Divakar asks him not to come between them as he has given 5lks. Vikram says who pays more gets the girl and throws lots of money at divakar and says sugni belongs to me.Vikram tells amma that sugni is his now, divakar points gun at vikram to stop him when amma intervenes and tells them that Sugni is not for sale. Vikram says sugni is like a product for you but for me she is the goddess in the temple, for you she is worth 5 lks for me she is priceless and he will do anything for her. Divakar continues to stop vikram at gun point when vikram twists his arms and warns him to stay away.

Ore piya in background while sugni stares at vikram who holds her hand and makes her sit in the jeep.She obeys him & vikram tells amma that he is taking his sugni with him.Amma looks on as Vikram takes her away and she collapses crying.Divakar says she was neither yours nor mine as she happily left with vikram & divakar vows to kill vikram and follows them.Amma tries to stop him but divakar leaves with his goons.

Suman in her room feels like some bhoot is around her and gets scared.She hears weird noises, shadow in the doorway & the gun with which she killed nagania. She wonders how this gun came here when she had locked it in the cupboard.She is about to sleep when she finds nagania’s saree and gets scraed, she tries to come out of the room but uts locked, next nagania comes in a white saree as a bhoot to scare the hell out of suman.Nagania says she has come to suck her blood and suman collapses & faints.

Vikram and sugni going in the jeep when she keeps looking at him, sugni says if he knows she is sitting next to him, vikram says I paid 6lks so wont forget, sugni says so you bought me so that you can use me like any other man. Vikram stops the jeep & asks her to stop talking of kotha when she doesnt belong there. Sugni says she is from kotha, vikram says he is tired of all this and since the day he met her he has gone crazy.She had a good life & left it and came here. Sugni says she is not sugni but chulbuli and in her kotha relations are bought.Vikram says in mawari the relations are made for life.Vikram asks her to remember her past, her mother, the haveli with all her relations, sugni tries to remember, vikram says becoz of his one mistake all relations got spoiled & tells becoz of him she was shot & fell in the river. Sugni holds her head & says he is fooling her & she belongs to kotha.Sugni then gets faint memory of being shot & falling in the river and faints. Vikram holds her in his arms.

Suman wakes up after sometime when nagania gives water,suman drinks it & finds nagania’s bhoot & again super scared. Nagania laughs and tells her that she will spare her if she gives royal tratment to hukum like press his legs, cook good food for him.

Precap – Divakar & his men are following Vikram & sugni on the highway.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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