Phir Subah Hogi 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 18th February 2013 Written Update

Amma is hysteric & genuinely concerned as chulbuli is missing & wonders how she is, whether she had food.Divakar says we dont know about her past. A boy comes and says he saw chulbuli going in a bus some 2 hours ago, bunty asks which bus and the boy says mawari. Amma decides to follow her to mawari, divakar slaps his men for not finding chulbuli in bus stand and they all decide to head to mawari.

Maa thakur returns home and kuhu hugs her.Suman sends off kuhu to speak to MS & asks if she got any food in jail & offers her some food. Suman serves her food full of mirchi saying MS herself made this. MS eats it while suman watches, MS starts to cough, Suman says MS added chilli purposely and ended in jail.Suman says I cant take no and everyone should obey me or I will not spare any of you.I am not the obidient daughter in law. MS cries thinking when will Vikram come and save them.

Divakar, amma , bunty in car on the way to mawari, amma thinks chulbuli should never reach mawari.
chulbuli in a dhaba when she sees some guy harassing a women, she goes to save the girl, when the guy says he is a Thakur and the girl belongs to him. Chulbuli slaps the thakur and runs away with the girl in the bus. Thakur and his men start to follow the bus.The girl thanks chulbuli for saving her.Divakar reaches the same dhaba and enquire about mawari bus and show chulbuli’s photo, dhabawala says he saw her fighting with a thakur and they will not spare her. Amma worried.

The bus stops at mawari and the girl thanks chulbuli and leaves. Chulbuli covers her head with dupatta and looks around. She gets vague images of her house,haveli. Hukum comes there and shocked to see her. By the time he could react chulbuli goes off and hukum thinks its sugni’s bhoot and runs in fear. He comes to Suman’s room all scared. She asks why is he so scared as if he saw a bhoot and tries to act romantic.Suman asks whose bhoot hukum says sugni. Suman is seriously worried and asks if he is drunk. Hukum says he saw her clearly and has come back to mawari. Suman asks him to take her to the place where he saw her.Hukum chants hanuman chalisa.

MS is praying to god that asking why she is suffering so much when she has not done anything bad to anyone.MS worries if Vikram is alive or not & sugni who was so good to all of them also left them.

Chulbuli is exploring mawari and keeps getting vague images of the past.Chulbuli feels like fainting and sits on a bench.

MS feels like someone wiped her tears and opens her eyes in shock. Just then a small photo of sugni falls at her feet. MS feels positive and happy seeing it.

Precap – Amma finds chulbuli unconscious and makes her lie in the car while suman & hukum reach them.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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