Phir Subah Hogi 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 14th March 2013 Written Update

Amma makes sugni sleep on the bed and tells them to show vikram guest room to rest. Vikram offers to be with sugni till she wakes up.Amma tells him not to come out of this room.Vikram sits next to sleeping sugni and tries to touch her but stops amma watches and thinks he loves her a lot.Vikram talking to a sleeping sugni saying you hate me and you are adi’s wife but still I married you as the situation was out of hand and i could not see you being insulted, called a pr*stitute.

Divakar outside the khota humiliating Tarabai saying she will spoil the business of all the khotas here. Tarabai asks him to get lost.Divakar starts a scene saying he paid lots of money for chulbuli but Vikram filled her maang and got her & says Tarabai not doing the business right way. Divakara syas from now on we will fill maang of any girl we like and take them.

All the guys run behind the girls to fill their maang when Vikram comes down and catches divakar by collar. Tarabai asks him to leave, Vikram sympathises with Divakar and says you have no value for sindoor.He shouts at everyone for not respecting women and taking Divakar’s side. Divakar says one day vikram will cheat them and there is nothing called love. Vikram tells him not to speak anything bad of Sugni/Chulbuli or he wont be alive to speak.

Sugni comes and supports vikram saying when all were humiliating me vikram married me and supported me.Divakar says vikram will use and throw you, sugni says tomorrow I will marry vikram in front of everyone following all the rituals.Sugni says we will marry and be united for 7 janams. Divakar mocks at her when Vikram reinstates that whole world will see thier marriage.Sugni says for the first time in khota a wedding will take place, Amma gets emotional and supports her.Divakar leaves furiously while sugni smiles at Vikram.

At haveli all are doing some puja preparations for Mahashivratri,MS is doing puja remembering how vikram would organise a big puja every year and this year all happiness has vanished and pleads god to return all their happiness and whatever vikram did was not right but he should be given a chance to repent and she wants to forgive him before she dies.

Just then a flower falls from god side and MS is positive.Suman comes and mocks at her,MS tells god that evil things have ruled a lot here time for something positivity here, suman asks her to stop all this and come to mandir. MS looks happily at god.

Precap – Vikram tells Amma that once he marries sugni no one can look at her in a bad way & he can see how happy she is.Amma tells chulbuli doesnt remember she is already married what if she gets her memory back.

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