Phir Subah Hogi 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 14th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

chulbuli returns to kotha when bunty looks on. Kali tries to speak but chulbuli is in her own world.she comes to her room and looks at a few ghungro beads,picks them.Amma is spying on her & asks why is she so silent and tries to take the beads from her when sugni says she wants it and takes it back. Amma asks how was her time with divakar. Chulbuli quite,amma suspects, chulbuli says all is well but she is tired. Amma wonders how chulbuli doesnt want to speak of divakar when earlier she was always speaking of him. Amma asks her to have food when chulbuli refuses saying she has headache,Amma starts messaging her head saying she will get good sleep and dream.Chulbuli says she dreams of Vikram and asks why she gets dreams related to him. Amma shocked to hear this and asks why is she thinking of him. Chulbuli says she feels safe when he is around,he respects me a lot.Amma getting worried says all men want to satisfy their needs from her.Chulbuli says vikram is different,amma gets furious and says she supports/trusts vikram more than her and leaves in anger.Chulbuli decides to stop thinking of vikram.

MS & Reva cooking when suman comes and asks whats her decision about the land.MS tells her that she has everything why is she after this property. Suman gets furious at her saying she is giving them all the food and clothing and in return deserves respect.Suman puts chilli powder in the food which MS made and asks her to redo it. MS turns off the stove and says she wont cook again. Suman warns her when MS says she can do anything but she wont re cook and leaves.Reva follows her while suman gets furious and decides to finish off MS.

Police come to the haveli & suman says her life is in danger.Suman is tied to a stool and pretends that she is subjected to torture by MS who wants to kill her.MS says she is lying, suman says she made spicy food and her mom in law wants to kill her for this. Police inspector tastes the food and says its spicy. He warns and scolds MS who says suman herself added chilli powder. Suman says MS is lying and asks for forgiveness, police says he will give her protection and arrests MS.
Kuhu tries to stop them when police says this is the case of a MIL trying to kill her DIL.MS gives a killing look to suman and leaves.

part 2

Chulbuli scares amma wearing a mask and laughs. Amma is still angry on her when chulbuli tries a different act to cheer her up.She imitates various men and finally ties ghungroo on Bunty’s legs.

Sugni sings mere dholna song and bunty dances like a girl…then DK bose song for which bunty dances weirdly reeling on the floor, then en in aankhon ke masti mein. Amma finally calms down and laughs and chulbuli is happy and hugs her. Kali says she has to get ready for evening dance when chulbuli says today she will dance.

Precap – chulbuli does rai dance singing the same old song.Kali asks what type of dance is this,chulbuli says she doesnt know, one of the men say its rai dance.

Update Credit to: arti

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