Phir Subah Hogi 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 12th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Reva giving Vickram her mangalsutra tells him that she tried everything to seperate Sugni from Vickram but some how they always meet, it as though God wanted then together. She says their marriafe was not really a deal and wanting to be a thkurine was just a ply and she could never really be his wife.t she realized she failed , and she is tired. Vickrm says he is tired to of all the games and says if this is another one of her moves he dose not have the stengh to play her games . She says she was to bad to him than he can’t even believe when she is wishing him well. She said what he did in the temple was right and that she knows what he did was to protect her honor. Vickram says Sugni dose not want to believe she is Sugni she lost her memory and thinks she belongs here..Reva says that she knows Vickram will take care of her make sure nothing bad happens , She tells him by the time he reaches the Haveli she will have the divorce papers ready for him to sign He goes to respond , but she stops him and says she wants to just look at him for 2 minutes as this was a very difficult dicision to make. REva leaves and Vickram says, to himself she made that decision, but he can’t move on with Sugni as she is Aditya’s wife. Vickram vows to take Chubuli out of that hell though.
Vickram goes to the man in black House, the Man in black sneaks up to vickram and hits him on the head, Vickram falls down, MIB says that today Culbuli will go so far away Vickram will never find her. He leaves an uncounciouse vickram . Amma and Bunty meets with MIB Amma says it is with difficulty she got chubuli to stay back, by threathning to kill her self. The MIB says it is time to send her away from there as the game is getting dangerouse. Bunty says but she won’ t agree. AAma says she will have to agree and they will send her so far that the she won’t even think of the Stranger. MIB says don’t worry about the Stanger..he gives Aama the medicine and says once Chulbuli has it she will go anywhere with him. He leaves.
At the bus stop Reva is with Suman look alike..Reva thinks that even god dose not want Suman to rule the Haveli and she already agreed to Divorce Vickram , by the time he gets back the Haveli will be ruled the right way!
Aama brings food laced with the medicens to Chubuli and Bunty winderhow they will get her to have it. Chubuli is siting crying and Aama says she is angry but has she ever thought of why she hesitated before sending her with Divakar…Chubuli says AAma is jealous of her happiness, that this is the first time some one tried to marry someone from their society and Amma did not want that as Chubuli won’t make her any more money! Amma slaps Chubuli .
Bunty stepts in and says culbuli is wrong for saying all this to Aama as Aama loves her , and Chubuli is basically living there for free, as Amma dose not let her work but she lives free . Chubuli feels gulity and Hugs Amma and begs forgivnes. Amma and Bunty exchange sly glances and high fives. Amma get culbuli to drink the juice.
chubuli drinks he Juice and feels faint. Amma places her on the bed . MIB comes in and says he sees she drank the jucie..Aama says she will see how the stranger will get her now.

Precap: Amma Bunty and MIB take chubuli away in the car. Vickrm comes and asks one of the girls if she is OK , the girl says no and shows vickram they are driving off in the car!!

Update Credit to: Vinnie79

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