Phir Subah Hogi 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 12th February 2013 Written Update

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Tvs MANSION and Naganiya brings some Kada for Suman . Suman spits out and asks which herbs she used for making Kada she puts the blame on Reva .They have used some expired materials Suman asks them to make in front of her and they tell her what they are mixing and make it.They filter and bring it Suman asks them to get an empty glass and gives to Reva and asks her to drink half when she refuses she says it will be good for her and both drink it Suman changes her glass and drinks something else.
Sugni is sleeping and Amma and Bunty peep in and want to do something . Bunty closes the door guarding and loiters. Sugni is sleeping but tossing and turning. Amma goes somewhere . Bunty gets a call and he turns from the door. Chulbuli gets a dream in which he sees TVS and hears him shout Sugni, she gets up and wants to sleep with ammaji but she is not there in the room and Sugni is searching for her. Ammaji is opening some door and inside there is a box. Sugni also comes down finds all doors locked from inside she hers a noise and follows and goes to the same room as her amma. Buty comes and does not find Sugni he gets scared that his amma will tear hm apart.
TVS mansion Hukum and Naganiya are trying to open the money locker.Hukum shouts as Naganiya has stamped on his leg they search with a torch and find the locker and try to open it with the keys but it does not open and just then Suman calls Hukum and Naganiya sends a reluctant Hukum to her and she asks him what he was doing He says he was exercising and practicing in front of God thanking him for sending her to him. Suman thinks he loves her so much he starts crying saying he is deeply in love with her and unable to satisfy her and Suman tries to seduce him and takes him to her room. Naganiya is scared and prays.
Ammaji opens the box and Sugni comes there thinking why this door is open and goes in. Just then Bunty calls her and ammaji becomes alert Bunty tells her to go to her room Chulbuli asks him where is amma and he says she is not in her room Bunty says she must be some other room and Sugni says tell her I am sleeping in her room .Ammaji comes and scolds him why he was neglectful. She tells him as long as the door is closed they are safe otherwise their secret is revealed

PRECAP Diwakar and Sugni are in a empty restaurant and he is trying to forcabliy kiss Sugni she slaps him and tells him that stranger is better then you he could have done anything but did not do he is a real man. Sugni is angrily walking and TVS comes there and opens his arms

Update Credit to: chalhov

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