Phir Subah Hogi 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 11th March 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts with Vickram and Chubiliin a park, he asks her why she brought him there and she says everything happens so fast that she did not get a chance to think. She wants to think about what happend. Chubuli says that now he has accpted her with out really knowing her and ask if he found out she had a past would he still accept her. Vickram says evey one has a past. She tells him she dose not know any one who would be so accepting of any ones past and he says he knows a friend of his Onir ) a plug for Pavitra rishta) He tells her Onir Married Purvi even though she was pregnat with Arjuns child and that he acepted her with out question, and that is a pure relation (Pavitra Rishta) Chulbuli agrees that it is indeed a pavitra Riahta.

In a room suman’s look alike , Jamuniya is dancing infront of a mirror to flavicol se, reva comes in and sees her. Reva is all sweet and says she was looking for her. Jamuniya says she is a fan before seeing her in the ramleela. Reva ask her how much money she wants to make, Jamuniya says enough money to have a banglow a car and servants. Reva says you can get all that and tells her she wants her to do a job for her. Jamuniya says she is not that type of girl she is from a decent house. Reva says I am offering you a role that I would write for you …I will tell you exactly how to play it .. After some thought Jamuniya agrees .

In the Khota Vickram and Cubuli is standing in front of a very angry looking aama … one of the girls tells her to not be angry and be happy for Chubuli as she is happy and she has what no one in that lane has…sindoor in her Mang. AAma tells her to stop as she knows what is good for her daughter. and she could see the evil that is wrapped in the face of good coming Chubulis way. She turns to Vickram and says she is not foold by his big words and that two specks of sindoor dose not change anything. She insults him but he stays quite. Vickram then says that she wants to test him , fine he will accept her test she says to forget what ever happend in the temple, forget that he put the Sindoor on her head, and forget everything he said…only then would she believe he is true.

Chubuli jumps in and say that if the is a test or punishment, how can she say those things after all he did in the temple to save her and bring her back here. Amma tells her to shut up as she knows her better than herself , she says yesterday you were attracted to divakar and today this man because you can’t recognize people properly, and you are my daughter I know what is good for you and you listen to me!. She tells her to wipe the Sindoor off and starts dragging her up stairs. Vickram stops her and tells AAma he respects her feeling as a mother but she is crossing the line, he takes Chulbilis hand and the go for the door, Aama grabs a knief and says she will kill herself.

Chubuli gets scared and tells her to put down the knief ..Vickram says don’t fall for her empty threat. Amma cuts her hand and Chubuli goes to her and says she will do as she says she tells Vickram to leave and runs upstairs.

Amma Tells Vickram he was a fool to listen to her and bring her back and that he should have taken her away when he had the chance as he will never get her now. she calls her men, and Vickram stops them and tells her she may have won with that move but she better be prepared as he will take chulbuli from this hell. He tells her to get ready to stop him again and get more guards as he will come back. he leaves. He sits out side ans Chubuli at the window looks at him sadly.

vickram observes some women beating a man for marrying a girl while married . He thinks to himself that has also married Sugni while married to Reva and that She is his his nephews wife! He turns around and find Reva. She tells him she came for some other reason but was witness to his marriage to Sugni. He tells her he did not want to do it but the circumstanes made him , and he knows that She is married to Adi and he to Reva. Reva says she may be married to Aditya but Reva is no longer married to Vickram. She removes her mangal sutra and hands it to him. Episode ends.

PRECAP: Chubuli is telling AAma she should be happy that some one married her and was going to give her a respectful life. She says Aama speaks ill of all these men but is doing the same to culbuli. AAma Slaps Chulbuli!

Update Credit to: Vinnie79

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