Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (KRPKAB) Shot 1

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Hello everyone! Samayra here! You must be wondering ki abhi toh krpkab mein serious track chal raha hai toh yeh comic writer kaha se tapak gayi….But guys…this time I’m writing a romantic FF…. Well not so romantic actually… But still this is my first attempt towards writing a serious love story….so plz bear with me. Let’s get started.

@Greenfields High School, Delhi (Assembly)

Mani Ma’am(MM): Good morning all! As it was informed earlier, today we are gonna have the elections for the student’s council. The candidates will present a speech and on the basis of that as well aa their academic and disciplinary records the most deserving once will be chosen as the school captains and vice captains.

While MM continued with her lecture…at the backstage…there was a group of students waiting to present their candidature. Sonakshi Bose was one amongst them.

Sona’s POV:
I’m all prep’d…but why am I?? I don’t wanna carry this extra burden of being the head girl. Urghh!! Mani mam shouldn’t have listed my name without my consent. Anyway, the harm’s already done. O.K. its my turn now. Let’s do it sona.

Dev’s POV:
Hmmm…..she spoke well. I guess she’ll be elected.
Dev: She’s your classmate right? Isn’t she MM’s pet?
Uday(UD): Yeah she is! She n her bestie Elena…both of them.
Dev: I’ve seen both of them,stuck up together…all the time.
Dev: Whatever!!… How does she study?
UD: She’s good….multi talented chick….sings really well..
Dev: And dances!!…wasn’t it her, who danced on the farewell last year?
UD: Yup! She was amazing, wasn’t she?
Dev: oh…its my turn I guess…catch you later!
UD: ya all the best bro!

Sona’s POV:
Haaash!! Its over.. I guess I did well. Let’s see…
Who’s that guy? Haven’t seen him before!
Sona: Who’s he Ele?
Elena: No idea, I guess he’s Jatin’s classmate.
Sona: Oh! Then ask Uday, he must be knowing.
Ele: UD who’s that guy??
UD: That’s Dev….Devrath Dixit…class 11th topper….you guys don’t know him?
Sona: HE is dev dixit??..O.K. I think I’ve heard someone speak of him…may be…
Ele: Ya…but never saw him around…. Must be studying like nerds.
Sona: Ya may be….

…… In the class……

Sona: Who do you think is gonna be elected?
Ele: Girls mein toh its you for sure.
Sona: Why me? There were other girls too who were equally good. In fact you were outstanding.
Ele: Hah! Me? No ways!….there were none better than you….and you are certainly the most deserving.

Piya, shreya, meera, jay, Aditya n manav join sona n ele.

P,S,M: Congrats sona!!
J,A,M: Congratulations Sonakshi!!
Sona: What for guys?
Meera: Oh! Don’t act dumb. As if you don’t know!
Sona: What??
Shreya: You gonna be the school captain..what else?
Jay: Three cheers for Captain Sonakshi…Hip Hip….
Sona: Ae wait …how can you be so sure?…. Results aren’t declared yet!
Piya: But we know it!
Sona: And how’s that?
Shreya: Sixth sense!
Sona: LOL
Aditya: No seriously, you were brilliant and there was a great bustle among the judges when you finished. Even Princie was quite impressed. We are 100% sure…its you.
Ele: And what about the head boy?
Sona: Uday n dev were really good.
Manav: True, tough competition between them.
Ele: Which one of them do you want sona?
Sona: What sort of a question is that? As if I have to choose a boy friend for me. Huh! Whoever it is…I don’t care, doesn’t matter to me!
Ele: Unhuh! It matters madam. After all you have to be with him all the time…(sona frowns)…I mean in all the school functions and stuff!!
Sona: Blah! Whatever… I give a damn. I know none of them. Uday is our classmate but I’ve failed to understand him. Since the day I’ve joined this school, till date….its been a year nearly but he has only been a mystery to me.
And Dev!… hour ago I didn’t even know that he existed. But he must be an egoistic fellow….topper you see!
Ele: Be it so! But he is so damn handsome!…. Don’t you find him hot??
Sona: Oh shut up! Checking out boys is your forte not mine.
Ele: Ya right!! I’m afraid…you’ll become a nun one day.
Sona: Very funny! But on a serious note…I believe in ONE TRUE LOVE. This GF-BF thing just pisses me off. Doing all that couply stuff at this age….I just hate it.
Ele: Then I’ll just pray to god that you find your Mr. Right soon.. Nahi toh pata chala uska wait karte karte hi tapak li.
Sona: Don’t worry….Apni love story jiye bina main nahi Marne waali.

PRECAP: Investiture Ceremony- who’s gonna be the head boy?? Uday or Dev?

P.S. Liked it? Disliked? Loved it? Did I bore you? Whatever you feel do let me know in the comments below. Live you all?

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  1. Akshita

    Loved it???❤❤

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank u sooo much akshita??

  2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Sorry for the typos
    *as not aa
    *ones not once
    *love not live

  3. Riti1107

    Samayara madam!!!!
    Maza aavi gayo????
    End me kya tha liked it?Disliked it?
    Are baba I super loved it twinny❤❤
    The last dialogue apni love story jeeye bina main nahi marne wali
    Reminded me of initial days of KRPKAB

    I guess Dev would be the head boy but if you had to simply make him the head boy why would Uday’s character be there … Uday is papa’s name btw?
    Uhh guessing so much
    It’s my turn to guess now??

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Sabse pehle…Namaste uncle??
      Convey my regards to him.
      And the reason why I have uday’s character is to make sona’s character more clear to the readers. In the upcoming shots whenever his name arises it will only be to compare dev with him n make him jealous.
      That’s it. Guess guess keep guessing…..n I’ll keep guessing humdard’s story?

  4. superb…
    interesting precap…
    post soon …plzzz…

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you ekani….I’ll try posting asap?

  5. Dhamaaka start hai yeh…??
    Loved it…
    Quite a nice narration…?
    Will be waiting for the next one sammy…?

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      I’m glad you liked it vaish…thanks for the complement??

  6. DramaQueen1004

    Hi sam
    P.S. Do u mind if i call u dat?
    This was just awsum
    really nice beginning
    m really waiting to read d next episodes
    pls post soon
    with love

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Hi can call me anything you feel like…I don’t mind at all…..thanks for reading n appreciating… ya!?

  7. V.V.harshita

    Awesome post soon

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks Harshitha…I’ll post asap?

  8. Awesome episode

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you princess??

  9. Heshine

    Hey Samayra….this was awesome….episode….post the next soon dear…!
    Who will win….?? Post soon pls…!

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you heshine…love ya!?

  10. awesome start . really loved it a lot

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you varshini???

  11. Nikkita0194

    dev is gonna 2 b head boy n u no wat sam di u r real twinny on riti di i mean both of u had same types of ideas when i start reading i felt like m reading riti di’s ff hope u will b regular
    with best wishes
    a last que. wats ur age i think its 21 ri8

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      I’m 18 sis…..yeh afwaah kisne phailaayi ki main 21 ki hu…..???….n ya I agree it seems similar to riti’s FF coz its about their school life….
      But don’t worry its way different……

      1. Nikkita0194

        its k di sry ho jati hai galti bacho se ab maf v kr do na plz plz plz now m confirm u r in didi gup not auntie’s gup

  12. Darshana

    It was super interesting..i did not wanted it to end but sadly it?….
    anyways boring..not at all..loved it!
    post soon? and ya really sorry for the late comment!
    loads of love?

    1. Darshana

      And ya surely dev will be the head boy..i want him to be..hope so he will the one?

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Hey darshana…thank you n there’s no need to be sorry….I’m the next one posting tomorrow…..

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        *posting the next one?

  13. ShrutiP

    Sorry mein itna zyada late comment kar rahi hoon….Meine aapke saare works padhe hain and trust me you are a wonderful writer….Aur mein bohut Kush hoon ki apne ek ff start kiya hain…Kya khoob likhti ho…. Enjoyed reading this shot…It was amazing ….I loved it..Please post soon…I am waiting…And sorry again…????

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Awww….thank you so much shruti…I’m glad you like my work…n no sorries plz..??
      I’ll be posting tomorrow… Take care…love ya?

  14. Aamu

    Haaye…romantic wala..?? Serious love..??
    Chalo tumhari comedy to read ki hai…ab yeh dekte hai..
    N i m sure u will rock..??
    It waS super lovely….
    Aa chori gaandi thai gayi??

    Jldi jldi next post karo…?
    Me wait nahi karpaungi pls…
    Dekho ab guj hindi mix kardiya?
    Ab kya kar sakti hu…ghar par guj yaha hindi soo..
    Chalo by..
    Post next jldi jldi..
    Love u?

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