Phir Bhi TumKo Chaahunga (RagSan) shot -5 by suma

Next day

Ragini came to college and saw sanskar and Tara

She directly went to sanskar and asked
“Sorry,sanskar mistake was mine I don’t realise what I was saying, it’s just a …”

“That’s ok ragini, No need to say sorry or explanation” he started to move from there followed by tara

“Tara” she called

” I’m dead” she murmured

With a weak smile she turned towards ragini

“Coffee?” Ragini asked

” Mam….just now I had , will be late for class” she said and bent her head down and ran behind sanskar

“What with this girl, iam trying to be good with her and she !!! “


” God! I was damn scared sanku , you left me with her !!! Idiot” Tara said hitting him

” Shut up Tara, she won’t eat you okay”

” Hmmmm you will say 100 words about her because you love her…hmmm waise I have one doubt “

” What was that ? ” Moving to class room he replied

” What happened to her that she was saying sorry this soon, I mean what she realised?”

” Go and ask her” sanskar said

” Better I forget that doubt 😐😐😐”


” Laksh” she hugged him tightly

” Ragini, what happened last night I tried calling you and you didnt pick ?”

” Sorry laksh it won’t happen from next time” she said while hugging

“Hmm can I ask one thing Ragu “

” Mmm”

” I will come with you for trip separately”

Suddenly she break the hug and asked
“Really , you wanted to come for me?”

He nodded
She again hugged him tightly
“I love you laksh”

” Love u too Ragu”

Raglak spent the time together

“After longtime you spent this much time with me when I really needed u the most”

He kissed her forehead

” Laksh, please don’t go far from me….Iam missing you a lot”

“Why will I go Ragu, if I go na….slap me and get me with you ! Okay!”
She smiled

” I love you Jaan” she said hugging him

” Love you too Jaan”

“Then, when ua leaving for the trip, so that I can plan my schedule”

” This weekend” she said

” This weekend?????” He break the hug

” What happened?” She asked

“Nothing jaan” he said and whispered

Kya kardiya meine !!! This weekend I have match and I said I will go with her

“Ok Jaan , I will meet you evening” he said and left before giving her a kiss.

Ragini saw sanskar coming from the class

She went to him and hugged him tightly
” Thank you so much sanskar”

He suddenly didn’t understand what was happening this is the first time ….first time she hugged him
His hands are about to reciprocate …by then ragini break the hug

” Thank you so much for asking laksh”

” what are you talking about ragini ??? I didn’t ask laksh anything ” he said

” Don’t lie, I know you discussed this with laksh about trip”

” No, you are mistaken I dint discussed anything with laksh! By the way why will I ?? After you telling me not to !”

She got embarrassed and slowly moved from there

He went to ground for match
He saw Raglak and went to other side where his team is playing

Match started !!!
No one is happy !!!!
Laksh or

Laksh, because he don’t know what to choose match or trip

Sanskar, because He is loving a person whom he can’t get

Ragini, she is confused about everything and don’t know what is right or wrong about her feelings

It’s a goal by sanskar

She isn’t happy either sanskar

Rain started and match has stopped

Laksh and sanksar were talking something about match and Ragini is watching them

She murmured
“I miss u laksh”

She left the place without informing to laksh

Precap – Raglak Marriage

Posted after long time
Hope u like it
Suma ♥️

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