Phir bhi tumhe chahunga – Episode 6

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Hi guys.. I m Misbah.. Back with 6th episode.. Sorry I can’t update strday.. I was busy writing my assignment of 10std.. Let’s start..

Kaaira doesn’t wear d dress given by karan.. Karan was finding her.. She pats on her shoulder..

Kaaira:u make my dress dirty.. And didn’t say sorry… And u are sighting girls..

Karan: what nonsense.. I was finding u only..

Kaaira: me.. Aaisa to nahi dikhta..

Karan: BTW I dirt ur dress.. But I order a dress n given it to u.. I was finding that dress girl.. But u didn’t wear tat dress.. So,, its nt my problem..

Kaaira: wat dress??

Karan POV
Smething look fishy.. I dirt this girl dress only but I and her dress na.. Maybe she s playing game with me

Karan: sorry.. I was write in tat letter sorry..

Kaaira: wat?? U didn’t write any sorry poori..(stops)

Kaaira POV
What have u done kaaira??? U said him..

Karan: u gt d dress.. U gt d letter.. U didn’t wear tat dress.. So,, its nt my problem.. But y have u done lyk this??

Kaaira: I love tat dress.. But u didn’t say sorry.. So,. Now say sorry to me..

Karan: no way.. If u have wear tat dress.. Then I will tell u sorry.. So nw no sorry n no poori n goes..

Kaaira goes to arjun n ask abt karan.. He says the he s his brother..

After sangeet evry1 goes to their home… Its morning.. Tym skips to after marriage n after bidaai.. Evry1 goeto their home.. Some guest were there in MM.. Oberois goes from there..

Guest to sakshi..

1 guest: mai small son s younger than sahil s new going to marry soon..

2 guest: make arjun marry soon.. If its happen late than he will do love marriage n comes with a girl as husband n wyf..

After tat evry1 goes..

In MM..

At anky n sakshi room..

Sakshi thinks of guest words and thinks of seeing aaira n arjun close n says to anky..

Sakshi: y don’t we change our friendship into relationship??

Anky come to knw she s talking abt arjun n aaira..

Anky: y not.. Its a good idea.. Tmrw we can go an talk..

Its morning

At OM..

Anky n sakshi came there and were talking.. All youngsters were in their room.. Elders were talking to them..and suddenly anky..

Anky: y don’t v turn our friendship into relationship??

They all get to knw n gets happy of d alliance.. Kaaira hears t n goes to aaira room..

Kaaira: from today,, I will go to shopping n buy full dresses..

Aaira: y?? Dad gives u check kya??

Kaaira: no.. Dad always gives me check., I m talking abt in OM there will helda a marriage..

Aaira: marriage.who’s..

Kaaira: yours..

Hearing urs.. Aaira gets shock..

Aaira: u r kidding ryt?? Wit whom..


Aaira: arjun.. What.. U r kidding??

Kaaira: nope.. I am saying truth..

Aaira: maybe arjun will send his parents.. Call him.. And puts on loudspeaker..

Kaaira calls arjun..

Arjun take d call..

Arjun: hi kaaira!!

Kaaira: hi arjun.. U knw ur parents came to our house..

Arjun: oh.. So wat shd I do??

Kaaira whispers to aaira maybe he dosnt knw.. Aaira gets tensed face..

Arjun: kaaira.. Kaaria.. Hello

Kaaira: ya arjun.. ( Aaira points her to say) arjun u knw u r going to marry??

Arjun: oh realy.. Don’t kid with me.. With whom..

Kaaira: with(Aaira gives her a glare look) aaira

Arjun: aaira.. Tum pagal hogai ho kya..

Kaaira: no.. I m telling truth..

Raj come there.. Kaaira disconnect call..

Raj: aaira beta..

Aaira: s dad..

Raj: come to hall..

Aaira: OK dad..

In hall..

Anky: we shd ask aaira abt marriage.. V shd also want to knw her decision..

Jhanvi: s.. U r saying ryt..

Aaira come there..

Sakshi: will u marry arjun??

Every1 was tensed.. Kaaira was tensed..

Aaira: s.. I will marry arjun..

Evry1 gets happy.. N hugging start.. Sakshi calls karan..

Sakshi: start marriage preparation..

Karan: OK mom..

Its shown in MM.. Evry1 s was in hall in tensed face..

Karan: she says s..

Evry1 gets happy..

Its was nyt.. Engagement was fixed in there after tmrw..

Its also gets to knw tat their family first ask arjun abt marriage.. He says ‘yes’ n then only they came to OM..

PRECAP:arjun and aaira were meeting..

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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Loved the episode and can’t wait for aaira and arjun’s marriage.. Sorry I couldn’t comment earlier..anyways waiting for the next one..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      *aaira and Arjun meeting not marriage..
      Mistake in the above..

  2. Shaani

    Nice… Waiting for the next part…
    Good luck for ur assignment…?

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