Phir bhi tumhe chahunga – Episode 2

I m back with my second episode… So let’s start..

Its morning….

Aaira wakes up n dress as (Jennifer winget wears in beyhadh(office dress)) with open hair.. Long heels.. Blue dress n blue heels goes down to have breakfast… Evry1 was ready.. She goes n sits next to vidhya

Aaira:dad.. U knw kaaira says she will also comes India soon…


Mahi:she s ur dum agar aap India aage to she will also come ryt…

Maya:ryt na bade papa..

Raj: maybe…

Aaira: shut up…

Ragini: maya,, mahi,, divya,, vidhya,,aman,,amar eat fast.. U shd go to college soon..

Aaira after sometymes…

Aaira:dad.. Can i come to office..

Raj:ya sure.. But strday only u came frm australia na..

Aaira:its not matter dad.. I will be bore as evry 1 is going to college..

Youngsters: really….

Aaira: ya..

Jhanvi:u shd also spend sme tym with us..

Aaira:dadi.. Aap logo elders ho.. What shd i talk with u guys… Dad… Plzzzzz

Raj:ok beta..

She gets happy ..

In MM..

Arjun wears a courtsuit comes down n sits to hav breakfast..

Anki(pet name of ankush):beta.. U shd have to meet my best friend raj oberoi..

Arjun:ok dad…

Ishwari: u shd say him ur son of ankush mehra..

Arjun:ok dadi..

Rohan n rehan comes running..

Rohan:arjun bhaiya.. Ye aap ka watch ku kya hogaya..

Annie: may be tum log hi kuckiye hoge..

Rehan: we didnt..

Anika: to koi bhoot kardiya hoga.. U guys knw ryt tat arjun bhiya s neat n tidy..

They 2: yes..

Arjun: stop it guys.. Wo ek ladki ne thordiyaaa…

All family members: ladki…

Arjun: sss…

Anky: u have to go ryt… Fastly go… I wil infoerm him..

Arjun : okk dad…

In oberoi office..

Raj introduce aaira to all employee n staff…

After smetymes..

Raj:beta this ur cabin… This s my cabin but now onwards this s urs..

Aaira:thanks dad.. Whers ur cabin frm nowoñwards..

Raj: (shows him) n gets a call frm anky… He say be here..

Aaira: okk dad

Raj leaves frm there..

Arjun ask 1 employee abt raj’s cabin(they didnt inform abt that raj cab is now aaira) he shows him aaira cabin…

Aaira was seeing the cabin.. Arjun enters


Hearing uncle.. Aaira turns to door… And sees arjun



Aaira:how dare u to enter my dad office..

Arjun:dare… This s my dad friends office

Fb is shown..

In airport..

Aaira was calling aman n her consentration was in phone..

Arjun was seeing tym n his concentration was in watch.. They two come n collide… Aaira phones falls..

Aaira: idiot… R u blind(take her phone from ground sees it s broke…
Gets angry)

Aaira:dekhe nahi chal sakte ho kya..

Arjun: i was seeing n walking n juz nw i saw tym.. Its ur mistake.. I m nt blind …

Aaira:(gets angry)takes watch from him… And throws down…

Arjun:wat have u done..

Aaira:tit for tat.. U broke my phone so i broke ur phone..

Arjun:idiot… Its my fav watch..

Aaira: its my fav phone..

They two goes from there..

Fb ends..

Raj enters n ask r u arjun mehra..

Arjun: yes uncle..

Aaira glares at him..

PRECAP: aaira goes to mehra office

Hey guys .. Do u lyk it…

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