Petrichor to his Heart – chapter 2 (mhrw ff)

chapter 2

As soon as Farhad started the car, Raghav got busy in a phone call and having nothing to do Pallavi made herself busy with the new display book of Jayati jewellers.

There were some really intricate new designs and some old ones that never went out of fashion, she loved studying the intricate ones and in her leisure time, she even created a few designs.

“Alright, see you next Sunday over dinner.” he ended the call.

“Pall…” he was about to tell her something when she spoke keeping away the glittery book.

“Farhad, I was thinking to cook some Rasam and chawal next Sunday for Dinner… you and Harish should come over, actually let us call Amma and Keerti as well,” Pallavi spoke about her plans fully aware about a pair of shocked eyes.

“Is there something special Vahini?” Farhad played along knowing the reason behind this plan.

“now your Anna is busy next Sunday so he might not be able to join us, but that’s ok, he is such a busy man.” she turned slightly giving an apologetic smile to him and then focused on Farhad.

She saw him dialling someone’s number but missed the smug look on his face.

“Yeah, Hello Mr Das, I was thinking if it would be possible Next Saturday?” he asked the person on the call he just dialled.

“Aaho,” she snatched his phone from him and whispered, “, main to vaise hi kah rahi thi, Tū kharōkhara vēḍā āhēsa, kāya karīta āhēsa! (you really are a crazy man, what were you doing)

“arey, I thought you were cooking Rasam and chawal next Sunday so,” he answered innocently.

“don’t test me, samjh la.” she glared at him. “you knew very well I was not serious.”

“so no Sunday plans?” he confirmed to her.

“are haan,baba.” she huffed in annoyance.

“Anna, Anna…” someone was on the phone and she looked at the screen. “Harish.”

He won…yet again. She was naive enough to believe he would cancel his meeting.

“Anna, why do you keep troubling her?” Farhad’s concerned voice reached them and Raghav crossed him.

Nēnu mim’malni n’yāyavādi kāvālani aḍigānā?, Konnisārlu nēnu bās evaru ani arthaṁ cēsukōvaḍanlō viphalamavutunnānu.” Raghav’s voice was calm yet threatening. (did I ask you to become her lawyer, sometimes I don’t understand who is the boss here)”

“Sorry, Anna…” Farhad apologized and looked at the upset face of Pallavi and said a silent sorry to her as well for not being able to help.

The vibration told her the call has ended and in a few seconds, Harish was calling back, asking the purpose of the call made to him.

Raghav didn’t try to hide the smile on his lips and took his phone from her… “Haan Harish, all arrangements, done?”

After Harish confirmed his other questions he cut the call and grabbed his sunglasses ignorant about her demeanour throwing daggers at him.

“we will continue to decide when to plan the dinner or lunch but right now go out, people are waiting for us,” he told her as soon as the car stopped.

She looked at him for a brief moment with no emotion on her face at all. Sometimes this look terrified him, this was the calm before the storms in their relationship.

“What… he asked.

“Farhad, give us a moment please.’ she requested him politely ready to pounce the man in front of her.

“dekho, agar tum mera jaan lene vala hai to bata do and Farhad you better not leave the car.” Raghav told them innocently, pulling down his glasses.

“Farhad…” Pallavi waited for him to leave the car and when he left she slid a little closer to her husband and put an arm in front of him somewhat caging him.

“arey kya kar raha hai, Public place ke samne hain hum log,” he was surprised for a while.

“Dont worry, it’s not your lucky day. Aur bahut khush lag rahe ho aaj, par yaad rakhna sood samet sab vapas hoga tumhe… aur tumhe pata hai main challenge nahi haarti.” and with that, she stared into his eyes for a long moment.

“Bhayaṅkaramaina.” he muttered under his breath before snaking his arm around her waist. (fierce) “you never surrender, do you? That is what I find interesting in you.” and he could sense goosebumps on her skin. Just when she was going to say something he retreated his arm and put back his glasses.

“your Aai, Baba are coming, so you better slid to your seat.” he looked over her shoulders and whispered.

“Aai, Baba, here, why?…” she seemed in confusion and in a moment, pulled back her hand and looked behind her but could not spot anyone.

“and by the way this innocence, that is why you keep losing to me.” he winked at her.

Taking a moment to calm her heart which was ready to rip him apart she collected her loose end of saree and came out.

“lo aa gayi, Pallavi Didi,” she heard Krishna’s excited voice who was coming to her.

“what happened Krishna and …” she stopped midway seeing her family there as well.

“you didn’t even tell us Pallu that the lease was granted to you… Raghav called us this morning only.” her mother was so happy and she was blessing Raghav happily.

she looked at her mother and then her husband wondering what was happening.

“Baba is so happy that now his handloom would be so big, you completed his dream, Pallu.” kissing her forehead Sharda left her side to help her father with something inside.

“Why didn’t you tell me the lease was granted?” she asked him happily surprised.

“surprise ka Matlab surprise hota hai , Ardhamainda?” and he smiled at her.

“so this was what Amma was talking about…” she linked the loops and understood all the drama.

He was riling her up to surprise later and he was succeeded but she was so happy seeing her dream, her father’s dream, her family dream finally inching close to the truth.

“mere peechhe koi hai?” she asked him with a straight face.

“Nahi, par kya hua?” he was looking around when he was caught in a tight hug.

“Thank you …” she told him happily.

“arey.” he was caught off guard and his phone was saved in time from smashing down on the concrete ground.

“i know you handled it in your way…but you have made it possible,” she spoke hugging him.

“do you believe they were going to ever say Yes to an honest person, they need bribe, they need some tough medicines…Aur tumhe na deke vo kisi sanki builder ko dene vale the jo lakho kamata to maine socha mere sasoor ka saree ka dukan kyu nahi” he relaxed and hugged her with one arm.

“i have understood business is not always about honest ways … thank you for the business lessons, Mājhā dhūrta navarā.” she smiled at him.(My cunning Husband).

kya… tum mere ko chalu bola.” he pushed her apart.

“naa…maine to apne pati ko sabse shatir kaha.” and her eyes brightened at him.

“ab chalo, sab wait kar rahe honge andar?” she broke the hug and pulled him.

“nahi, abhi I have to go for the auction… these are your dreams, go be with your family.” he smiled at her.

“Anna, everyone has arrived and action is about to begin” Farhad informed him just then.

“see you in the evening and you better be ready to return the favour, Saree ka Dukan… Sood samet” he challenged her before turning away and leaving.

“beta Pallavi, Sandhyākāḷasāṭhī tayāra rāhā.(Be ready for the evening). she told herself s she made her way to her family and the big shop for their handloom business.


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  1. Prajkta

    Raghav and Pallavi are becoming an adorable jodi day by day, and I just love their scenes in this story…. Your writing here is really praiseworthy…. Looking forward to a great story, and this is an amazing chapter…. Really I loved every bit of it….

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear for all the love, i was really nervous and i think i would always be before updating something on them cause they are super adorable and their dialogues make them loveable.

      will be back soon.

  2. Love it!!!!
    Please post the next chapter soon.
    I’m excited to see, how would she return his favors!!!!!
    Thanks yaar…. for such good ff

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear for liking them”…
      the favors – hahahah , a birdie told me the favours were pure romantic and they fought over even those romantic gestures…hahaha

  3. Cant wait for the next chapter. This is so interestingly beautiful. Please please update super soon.

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you so much sheikh, hoping to hear more from you.❤️😊

  4. Beautiful story……. Waiting eagerly for the next chapter 😁

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you so much dear..i am happy you guys are liking it❤️❤️

  5. Nice story !!! How did the two of them getting married ?

    1. Morusya51

      Thanks Pooja… Did you ask me how did they get married ?
      That i dont know its just i am writing a few moments after their marriage 😊

  6. Maha914

    Hello morusya51, there is a little bit of difficult in understanding some telugu sentences,as the words were jumbled , like konni sarlu nene boss evarani ardamchesukovadam lo viphalam avutunnanu.its too lengthy.
    so you can use konni sarlu nene na boss ani naku sandeham kalugutundi which means ( some times i feel and get a doubt that Am I the boss here.
    I hope you dont mind.
    thank you.

    1. Morusya51

      arey no..actually thank you for pointing out. i have told you guys to correct me so why should I feel bad . i am happy you thought to correct me and didn’t just read and ignore… means a lot ♥♥

  7. Why can’t u write like conversation.Because it’s confusing like this.But it’s ok.I can understand.But just think about my advice.

    1. Morusya51

      i feel the nok jhonk is cute when they don’t understand what the other one is saying … that’s all. but I appreciate your advice, thanks dear♥

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