Peshwa Bajirao 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji telling Pihu that he has got something in him. Pihu asks what? Chimna and Pihu looks at him. Baji proudly says that I got Swabhimaan in me. Pihu says I have just started my Paath and asks what is this? Seems like it is a big word. Baji says even I don’t know, but I am sure it is a good thing. He asks Chimna what he learnt in books, when he didn’t know its meaning. Balaji tells Radha that it doesn’t take time to make Swabhimaan change into Abhimaan, and asks her to be careful. Radha says okay and asks him to be careful when he meets Qamar Uddin. She says don’t let him hit at your back.

Qamar Uddin talks to his son and asks him to make their enemies bend down on him, and then cunning hit him at his weak point. His son tells that enemy will get angry now. He asks him to learn today’s lesson and says don’t be tiger, but Chameleon. A messenger comes and says Aurangzeb is calling you. Qamar Uddin’s son asks if he is going to do the same thing with Marathis. Qamar Uddin comes to Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb asks if he thought about any plan. Qamar Uddin says he will win war not by fighting but by knowing enemies weakness. He says he will know their weakness and break them from inside. Aurangzeb gets glad hearing his plans and kisses on his forehead. He says I have more truth on you than on my sons. He asks him to go and break Mughals’ ego which will digest their honesty from inside.

Baji tells Gotiya and his friends that his Baba was telling that he got Swabhimaan. Chimna thinks he heard and thought it is a good word. Gotiya says we all should have it. Balu says it is called Swayam ka abhimaan, don’t make it fall. Baji thanks him and says I won’t let Swabhimaan fall. Guru ji comes and says you all have made my teeth bitter. He asks did you all have mangoes? Gotiya nods. Guru ji asks Baji to get beaten by him. Baji apologizes to him and says his aayi scolded them all, and made them learn the paath. He asks his friends to say the paath. They tell the Paath together. Guru ji says you have broken the rules and you all have to bear the punishment. Baji asks him to punish him only as he is the one who took his friends out. Guru ji beats Baji with scale and asks everyone to go out and learn the paath from the person with whom they have learnt yesterday’s paath.

Baji and his friends are walking in the fields. Baji tells that Guru ji is scared of him and that’s why made them leave. Gotiya says Radha will scold them. Baji says lets go and take bath in the river.

Balaji comes to welcome Qamar Uddin. Qamar Uddin gets irked seeing him and tells that even though Marathis have forgotten to welcome me properly, I walk with my people to welcome myself. They play the band. Balaji thinks this man is very clever.

Tara Rani comes to Rani Rajasvi to tell her about Mughals. Rani Rajasvi tells that you have kept me and my son in this caravas since 7 years. Tara Rani tells that whatever she did was to protect them and her kingdom. Tara Rani hears the drum playing and thinks Mughals have arrived. Baji and his friends come to the river to take bath. A soldier stops them in Urdu. Baji thinks he is doing poetry and says wah wah. Soldier stops him and says Qamar Uddin’s son Naser is resting there, and you can’t go. Baji says he has so many names and asks him to make him big or short cut his name. Qamar Uddin tells Balaji that his son is coming through Sasvad. Balaji says it is my village, they will not have to face any trouble there. Naser comes to Balaji and says I am Mughal and we rule here.

Baji says you must not have read history and says this place belongs to us. Qamar Uddin taunts Marathis and tells that Mughals know how to treat their guest, but sadly Marathis don’t know and sent small soldier like you to welcome me. He asks about his opinion. Naser asks his soldier to let them go and says we will shift our tent somewhere. Baji challenges him and says I will go to our river, but you have to leave from here. Naser asks if you are challenging me and showing ego. Baji says he is having Swabhimaan which he will never let fall. Naser thinks about Qamar Uddin teaching to bend infront of enemies and then pierce nail in between his two fingers of feet. He asks Baji to play a game.

Balaji asks Qamar Uddin to tell what he wants and says Rani Tara and Dhana ji asked him to obey his wishes. Qamar Uddin thinks for a while and says every wish. He asks him to bring his shoes. Balaji is taken back and asks what did you say? Qamar Uddin says shoes. Naser explains the game to Baji. Qamar Uddin asks Balaji to bring his shoes. Balaji recalls what Dhana ji told him that he has to insult Mughals and that too with love. Qamar Uddin asks what you are thinking? Balaji walks near his shoes.
Baji’s friends praises Baji and asks him to say yes.. Baji says we are 4 and they are 2. We will win surely. He asks him to call his 3 year old friend. Naser calls elephant. Baji and his friends are stunned. They are scared. Naser smiles and greets Yakut.

Naser asks Baji and his friends to pull elephant towards them. Baji and his friends try hard. Later Balaji tells Radha that Qamar Uddin is very cunning and he couldn’t figure out what is going on in his mind. Qamar Uddin asks Naser to handle young Marathis and says he will handle older ones.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vishakha

    Baji and the soldier scene was hilarious ???? may be guruji is angry because he thinks baji insulted him the previous day..was feeling bad seeing him getting punished ?? waiting for tomorrow…

  2. Sanswa

    Loved it..?

  3. woww episode…. totally loved it

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