Peshwa Bajirao 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some persons coming to Radha Bai’s brother house and tells that Balaji Vishwanath is dead now and asks her to follow widow customs. Radha Bai says this is not true, he is alive. Pant tells that he is missing since 8 months. He asks Radha’s brother to ask her to follow customs and asks Damodar to shave off her hand. Radha says her husband is alive and she is so sure as she is alive and breathing. Pant asks if you are savitri to say this. Radha’s vahini holds her and says he is right. Pant asks Damodar to start the vidhi and shave off her hairs. Radha pushes everyone and picks a firehood. Her brother asks her not to against Dharam. Radha says nobody will come near me else….Radha’s brother and Vahini asks Radha to leave the firewood. A man comes and throws the head shaving knife from Damodar’s hand. Everyone is shocked to see Balaji Vishwanath’s face. Radha is happy and cries emotionally. Balaji Vishwanath says he is alive….Radha cries. Balaji Vishwanath wipes his wife’s tears and says customs should be forgotten if it don’t respect woman. He asks him to let the customs flow with time and says it will protect itself. Pant says we came here to protect our customs and goes.

Radha Bai cries and asks Balaji Vishwanath, why he was away from home for so many months and hugs him. He smiles and takes their son in his lap. He says our son is God’s blessings and nobody can harm him. He tells that death was in his eyes with one face also. Radha asks what? Balaji Vishwanath says they have showed enmity and once I thought I will die. He tells Aurangzeb asked how do he wants to get killed? Sword or if he wants to get thrown in the valley. He says I thought I will die at one go with sword and played a game, he said that he wants to die with sword. Aurangzeb made his men pushed him from the cliff. He fell down the valley and gets unconscious. Few adivasi people saves him. He said that he was unconscious for many months and when he gained consciousness, he reached dhana ji and gave him good news that Shahu ji is alive, but in really bad state. Dhana ji gets impressed and tells that only he can come alive from Mughal’s clutches. Rani tells that she is unsure that Shahu ji is alive. Someone tells her that she can declare her son as the new king, but she can take decisions on his behalf. She asks him to make this thing understand to Shahu ji’s supporters, and says whoever doesn’t come tomorrow, we will named them betrayal.

Balaji vishwanath tells that he was wounded and took many months to recover. He says I never lost hope. Radha says I am proud of you. She asks what you are saying? Balaji Vishwanath says Dhana ji said right that I am not suitable for Munshi job, but I am best being soldier. Radha says I won’t stop you, but you have to come to me every time. Rani and her son are sitting for Raj Tilak in the palace. Pandit does tilak of her son…Jai Bhavani plays…………..Meanwhile Balaji Vishwanath and Radha Bai reach temple to get their son naming ceremony. Radha says today is auspicious day. Pandit asks Balaji if he thought of name for his son. Balaji and his wife says Baji…Pandit says I told you that your son will write the destiny of the marathis and he will win everything.

Rani is happy and makes her son do the rituals. Shahu ji’s supporter tells that who will take Chatrapati Shivaji’s empire forward after Rani. Baji is sitting in the temple. Elephant comes and greets him. Pandit ji does Bhavishya vani/astrology looking at his kundli, and says nobody will be yoddha like him and he will always win the war. He says 2nd Bhavishya Vani….He will take back trick and will challenge all customs and destiny, nobody will be like him…He will be unique. Little Baji goes near the elephant. Pandit ji says 3rd Bhavishya Vani. He says God has played a trick, have kept everything on his feet, but his age will be less…He will die soon. Balaji Vishwanath and Radha Bia get teary eyes. They turn and see Baji going near the elephant. Elephant is about to keep his foot on Baji, but Vishwanath and Radha run to save him. Vishwanath lifts Baji at the right time. Radha cries hugging him. She asks Pandit ji if destiny can change. Pandit ji says if it can be changed then it is not destiny. Vishwanath tells that he will win every war and will be awake for 2.5 day in a day, and says they will give best upbringing to Baji so that he will write a new history after growing up. Ganapati Bappa plays in the back ground.

A voiceover is seen. Balaji Vishwanath and Radha Bia tried to make Baji’s lifespan more and migrated to other city Saswad. Balaji became subedar at Dhana ji’s service. He says after 7 years, He says they have two more kids now, Chimna and Bhim Bai. Radha asks Chimna to have food. Chimna says he will finish paat first. Bhim Bai asks Radha to tell story. Radha tells her story about Chatrapati. Bhim Bai says parrots flew away. Mangi comes and says Parrots is flew away by Baji. He tells that Baji freed all parrots. Radha says now I can understand why you were saying parrots flew. She asks Chimna to bring money box. Mangi says I don’t say anything as Balaji works with Dhana ji. Radha gives him extra money and asks him to respect independence, even if it is of animals. Chimna tells Radha that money box will be empty in some days if Baji continues to do mischief. Radha asks where is your brother. Baji is shown on a hill top. His friends applaud for him. Baji spins the coin and catches it.

Someone challenge Baji. Baji says he believes in doing and not in speaking. He falls with the water in the river. Radha comes and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow,what a episode. Anuja sathe aka radha rocked today.guys can anyone tell me.shahuji kiska beta tha? Mera thoda episode miss hua tha yesterday so I didnt understand.awesome historical series after Mahabharata.

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