Peshwa Bajirao 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aurangzeb asking Tara Rani Bai to leave Burham Pur and tells that he will leave Deccan and shift to Delhi. Tara Rani asks if I don’t agree then…Aurangzeb says then I will release real heir of Marathi empire…Shahu ji. Tara Rani Bai gets doubtful. Tara Rani Bai comes out and tells Dhana ji that she has agreed to Aurangzeb peaceful offer and says he is going to Delhi in exchange. Dhana ji is shocked.

Radha lifts the sword and thinks about Balaji’s decision to dismiss Baji from his sena. Bhiu asks Chimna if Baji and Balaji will come alive. Baji tells that he will become a darshak/viewer to the war. Radha says a father have taken his decision, now a mum have taken a decision. She asks him to fight the war if he wants to become yoddha. She says you will become a true soldier towards Swaraj today. She asks him to go and fight. Baji wears the war’s stuff to fight in war. Baji song plays…..He sees Balaji’s blood soaked cloth and thinks Mughals have to pay for his father’s every drop of blood. Radha does his aarti. Baji, Malhar and others take her blessings. Malhar promises her that he will fight along with Baji in every war. Chimna ji hugs Baji and asks him to win. Dhana ji and Pant Pratinidhi ask Tara Rani Bai, why she agreed to give Burhampur to Aurangzeb. Tara Rani Bai tells Dhana ji that Aurangzeb is thinking that she agreed, but she played a trick. She tells that Aurangzeb will leave for Delhi, but he will not reach there. She shows the map and asks Dhana ji to attack Aurangzeb when he stops at a dargah at Burhampur.

Aurangzeb stops near the dargah. Dhana ji pushes big stone towards him. Aurangzeb says Marathi, betrayal…He asks his men to run. Dhana ji fights with his soldiers and kills Aurangzeb. Real Aurangzeb is shown behind the tree and recalls maulvi telling him about the possibilities. Aurangzeb tells that he has a duplicate who will take his place and can die also if needed. Aurangzeb recalls how his duplicate took his place. Fb ends.

Aurangzeb thinks until Tara Rani Bai comes to know the reality, I will be far away from her reach. Balaji comes on his horse. Radha does his tilak and aarti. He tells his soldiers that time has come to attack. They leave. Radha ask Baji to kill Mughals, but not die. Baji promises her that death will be two steps behind him. He goes with Malhar.

Aurangzeb is on his bed and says enemy should have brought artillery to attack me. Maulvi says your bone is broken. Aurangzeb asks what is the time left for him. Maulvi says it depends on God.

Balaji reminds Baji that he is just a helper in the war and not participating in the war. At war’s place, Qamer Uddin comes with his soldiers. Elephant makes sound. Naser smirks seeing Baji. Balaji says until I sign everyone, you can’t proceed. He goes to talk to Qamer Uddin. Naser tells Qamer Uddin that Marathi got afraid seeing their soldiers. Qamer Uddin says they are weak. He goes to Balaji and says you are doing good for first time, and asks him to apologize to him. Balaji says you have snatched my words and says I told that Marathi can get their head cut, but can’t bend.

Balaji tells that it will be written in the history how 40 marathis have defeated 4000 Mughals. Qamer Uddin says their one attack is enough to kill them. He makes a very large stone fall towards Marathis. Balaji, Baji and others look on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sandeep Singh

    Shame on producers, they do not have courage to show real flag of Mughals- lion on the backdrop of green flag. Instead, they showed plain grey cloth.

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