Peshwa Bajirao 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhana ji finding Balaji Vishwanath and tells that he came to know that he lost his home and work. Balaji Vishwanath tells that he can do any work. Dhana ji says he came to take back Shivay, and says you can’t change your destiny. Only I know that you can only throw stone high on the stone and gives money as advance. Balaji Vishwanath says that he can’t say yes without taking approval of someone. Dhana ji says I am giving you a chance to make history and you want to seek your wife’s approval and questions on his manhood. Balaji Vishwanath praises his wife and tells that’s he has equal right on his decisions. Dhana ji says okay, if she don’t agree then I will go back. Radha Bai tells that land asks blood from its son and sacrifice from its daughters. She gives him tea. He drinks it. Radha bai says I won’t let you stop making history and shouts….says even their son gave approval with a kick. She asks when you have to go? Balaji Vishwanath says now…at the earliest. Radha Bai gets teary eyes and permits him to go. Balaji Vishwanath gets emotional too. Radha Bai hugs him and asks him to promise that he will return. Balaji Vishwanath promises her that even his head is cut then also he will come back to her holding his head in his hand. Jai Dev Shri Ganesha plays……….

Dhana ji and Balaji Vishwanath sit on the horses. Balaji Vishwanath looks at his wife and leaves. He thinks his child’s future depends on his present and promises to return home.

Pant Pratinidhi questions Rani if Shahuji returns, if she will make him king. She says she is dismissing him from the job and asks him to go. Ram Chandra tells Rani that whatever she did was wrong and he don’t agree with her. Rani tells Pashuram to let him talk and says few people think that they can rule well than me. Ram Chandra tells that Dhana ji have chosen someone to bring back Shahuji and says we shall wait for sometime. Shankar tells that we shall wait. Rani tells that Aurangzeb will not wait seeing nobody sitting on the singhasan. She says even Shahuji must be changed under Aurangzeb’s influence, and says she can’t let singhasan empty and whoever doesn’t agrees with her can leave.

Dhana ji tells Balaji Vishwanath to figure out if Shahuji is alive or not, and says if he is alive then he shall find out if he is real or not. Balaji Vishwanath asks why nobody tried to know until now. Dhana ji says someone is working with Mughals and will help you enter there. He says you will be alone there. Balaji Vishwanath is shocked and asks what is this planning. Dhana ji says I have chosen you because of your intelligence and says are you scared that you will be alone in this fight. Balaji Vishwanath says he is getting a bit scared, but that doesn’t mean that he is not having courage. He says victory is embrace when one is alive and not by death, smiles…..

Shahu ji is shown. A person tells him that today is 13th day of your uncle Chatrapati Maharaj, and tells that Aurangzeb called you. Shahu ji is shocked. He walks in to Aurangzeb’s rest room and asks why did you call me. Aurangzeb tells that he is feeling bad about his Chacha Chatrapati Maharaj and says I am permitting you to have its 13th death day. Shahuji says I will eat plain food even today. Aurangzeb says you are angry with me…I have taken care of you and your mum and asks what he don’t have? Shahuji says he needs freedom.

Shahu ji tells Aurangzeb that they have only one relation between them, and that is of hatred. Aurangzeb listens to him silently and asks him to drink apple juice. He says I have kept you safely here since 11 years, so why I will kill you now. He asks him to drink. Shahu ji drinks and coughs. Aurangzeb tells that it has datura seed in it, and you will be unconscious for sometime. He says if you will be in this condition then you can’t elope, as Marathis are attempting to make you elope from here and sent someone. He thinks he will see the dareness of Marathis to step in Mughals. Balaji Vishwanath steps in Mughals’ emperor as one of its soldier. He talks to his aide and tells that he is sure that Shahu ji is in one of the tent. His aide tells that it might be Aurangzeb’s trick to make us fool. He says I have to step in and see. He peeps in the tent and sees Shahu ji’s mum taking care of him, and says I will bring medicine for you. Balaji Vishwanath looks on. He is caught by Qamaruddin and falls in the water. Radha Bai gets labor pains.

Qamar uddin presents Balaji Vishwanath to Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb says you have shown courage and I respect courageous people. He gives him liberty to choose his death…and asks if he wants to get killed by sword, or if he wants to get pushed from the cliff. Balaji Vishwanath recalls the promise made to his wife, and tells Aurangzeb that he prefers to die with sword and is afraid of falling off cliff. Aurangzeb betrays him. Qamar Uddin brings him near the cliff and signs his men to push him. Balaji Vishwanath falls down in the valley and shouts. Qamar Uddin says don’t know what will be the destiny of Marathis. At the other end, Radha Bhai is seen giving birth to a baby boy who will be called as Peshwa Baji Rao. Baby is shown.

Someone tells that Radha Bai have become widow and asks her to follow the customs. She refuses and screams. Later Little Bajirao is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Awsome episode with awsome graphics… best show of 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm now a days to watch…
    And shocking precap…. ??????

  2. Nice episode

  3. Sanswa

    Wow cutiee baby gave approval 2 his poppy thru kick signal…? sad dat vishwnth bhat hd 2 go away from his pregnant wifey..?
    Huhh dis arngzeb..??..want 2 break his all tooth by cricket bat..den throw him in washing machine..want 2 fractured him badly wid beating by pillows..???
    But its so glad wid baby boy’s birth..alas d tym came..n bajirao hz born wid welcoming by beauty of all nature..??

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