Peshwa Bajirao 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji practicing sword. Kashi thinks about Kumud’s words asking Kashi to tell Baji to apologize to Mohan Rao. Baji asks her if she thinks he did wrong. Kashi nods no. Baji asks her not to tell for what she has come, as it is difficult to ignore her words and impossible to accept it. Kashi says how do you know why I have come here? Baji says why shall I apologize to Mohan Rao when I haven’t done any mistake. Kashi tells him that she knows that he is right and asks him to apologize to Mohan Rao for her sake and for her parents. She says I know and asks him to forget his values for her. She asks if I don’t have any rights on you. Baji doesn’t answer her and goes. Kashi thinks about Shivbai’s words. Bhiu’s husband comes and taunts her. She says what people will think. He says he don’t care for them. Radha and Chimna come there. Radha welcomes him. He tells her that Bhiu told him wrong date for the function and now trying to cover up. Baji patches up with Mohan Rao and hugs him. Kashi feels happy. Shivbai appreciates Kashi. Kumud says you have learnt how to keep husband listened to you.

Jagatraj tells Rani that today his life is saved, but his respect is gone. He says he would have returned back home, but today he is feeling really bad to be freed by a woman. Mastani says what matters is that he is fine, and says she saved him as he is her brother. Rani taunts Mastani and her mum badly. Suraiyya Begum tells that’s why she tried to stop her. She says her decision was wrong, but she saved her brother. She asks if this is the prize for the bravery. Rani taunts Mastani and says she will get a good alliance even after she is born to a muslim mother. Jagatraj tells that he will search guy for her. Suraiyya begum cries.

Kashi appreciates Baji for his doings. Baji says you are my wife and Mohan Rao is your brother. I have done my duty. He says he didn’t feel bad about his words, but don’t want her to be tensed. He says whatever I have done downstairs, please apologize to me for that. Kashi asks him not to apologize and shows faith on him. Baji smiles and says we shall go.

Bhiu is tensed seeing her husband. Chima ji asks if she has any problem. Bhiu says she complains to God and not to her brother. Chima ji says now you have grown up and hiding things from me. He says I am still your brother. You shall talk to me about your problems. Bhiu says if Baji comes to know anything then don’t know how he will react. Chima ji says I will not tell him, but you can share with me.

Mastani plays the sitar and recalls the insult. Chanda comes there crying and asks why you are silent, why you don’t tell anything. Mastani says pain is their gift and it is precious. Chanda says they will find a bad guy for you. Mastani says I am not unlucky and never be. She says relations are decided by God and I am sure that there will be nobody like him.

Baji tells Radha that they have to be careful and have to be two steps ahead. Kashi tells that he is planning to return. Radha tells that she forgave him seeing whatever he has done for Kashi. She says you started respecting Kashi and says you have time to understand her. She says she needs a heir from him. Kashi gets shy. Baji is shocked.

Chima ji asks Kaka to call Vaid. Baji asks what happened to Baba. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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