Peshwa Bajirao 18th August 2017 Written Episode *Maha Episode* Update: Conspiracy forces Baji to propose marriage to Mastani

Peshwa Bajirao 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji coming home. Baji asks how did you know that I am coming. Radha says she is a mum and comes to know. He touches her feet and asks where is Peshwin Bai. Radha says she went for some society function. Baji hears the baby and smiles. He goes to room and asks baby to become like her father. He asks where is your father. Chima ji comes looking sad. Baji says Rakhma left a big responsibility on you and asks him to be strong. Chima ji hugs him and cries. Chattrasal tells Mastani that water is ending. Mastani tells that she is hopeful that Baji Rao will come and help them after reading her letter. Kashi tells the Servants that some respected people are coming to meet her and asks to make food. Radha informs her that Baji came. Kashi says she will get food made for him. Radha asks if she will not meet him. Kashi says her wait is over. Chima ji, Baji and Gotiya sit to have food.

A messenger comes and tells that Bundelkhand raja have sent him a message. Chima ji says Peshwa ji is having food, and asks him to wait. Baji says message might be important and reads the letter. Mastani seeks his help to fight with Mughals and hopes that they need help. Baji asks Gotiya to prepare sena to go to Bundellkhand and gets up from having food. Kashi asks him to have food. Baji asks her to tell what she wants. Kashi tells that Bundelkhand is not in their territory and asks him to go. Baji tells that he will go surely to help their people and asks her to feel the pain of people rather than worrying about their taunts. Radha blesses him. He leaves.

Mantri tells Chhatrasal that Baji rao attacked Bankash and will save them now. Chhatrasal gets happy. Suraiyya says Mastani is praying since much time, holding Veena. Swaraj hai plays as Baji is shown in the battle field.

Gotiya comes to Baji and asks him why he is not ready, and says Maharaj Chhatrasal have kept a utsav in his honor. Baji says he don’t want to go as many Soldiers died in the fight. He hears the same song and tells Gotiya that he heard this voice before and wants to know who is singing this. He comes to Mastani hearing the voice. Mastani sings the song…She turns and see Baji. Yeh aasman ka noor song plays as Baji sees her. He says you? Chhatrasal comes and says she is my daughter Mastani. Gotiya says your voice have done wonders, and had pain and peace too. Mastani says I am happy that my voice gave you peace. Chhatrasal says he has organized a feast in his honor. Chhatrasal tells Suraiya that he got fine as Bundelkhand is freed, but is worried for Mastani. Rani comes and says there is a good idea. She says Mughals can attack Bundelkhand again, and asks him to get Mastani married to Peshwa Baji rao to strengthen their relation. Suraiyya says Baji rao is already married. Rani says royal people marries many times, and tells him that Mastani will not refuse, and Baji likes her song and will agree too. Chhatrasal gets thinking.

Chhatrasal calls Baji and says he wants to give him small gift, if he wants to accept, he wants to give his precious diamond.. Baji says he don’t want to have anything. Chhatrasal says he wants to give him Mastani. Baji is shocked and says how can you say this. Chhatrasal says I know you are married. Baji says even if I was unmarried then I wouldn’t have agreed to take her in gift. He says he respects woman, and says you are doing this to safeguard your nation, and tells that if Mughals attacked again then also I will come and save you. He holds his hand and says friendship is what matters to him a lot. An attacker makes Gotiya unconscious. Servant informs Mastani that some attacker went to Baji’s room. Mastani asks Sevika to bring her sena there. Attacker comes to Baji and makes him smell chloroform. Mastani comes and stops attacker from stabbing him. He pushes her on Baji and runs. Baji is drowsy and looks at Mastani. Mastani saves him and fights with the attacker. Attacker escapes. Mastani lifts Baji’s kataar and gives in his hand. He takes it and says for the first time, somebody saved me. He thanks her.

Mastani apologizes and promises that the attacker will not be spared. Baji says you saved my life and that’s why I want to gift you something. Rani asks Baji what is happening and asks did you give kataar to Mastani with your hand. She tells Mastani that if she wanted to marry him then would have told everyone. She says this is akhand vivah. Mastani says she was about to return it. Rani says nobody will believe her and asks where is the attacker. Baji says Mastani is right. Other ranis ask if he did this intentionally. Mastani asks Rani not to blame him. Rani tells Mastani that she is like her mum and can go to any length to get married to rich man. Mastani asks her to tell him anything. They blame Mastani and Baji. Mastani and Baji look at each other.

Chhatrasal tells Baji that he is guilty of him and apologizes on behalf of rani. He says we are rajput and is associated with our rituals. He says truth is that, you gave your kataar to Mastani. He says your khand marriage happened, and now she can’t marry a rajput. He says Mastani was found in your room at night, and says now he has no option than to make Mastani go from his live, palace and Bundelkhand. Suraiyya cries. Chhatrasal asks them to take Mastani to palace in desert. She says she will not be princess now. Mastani agrees to leave the palace now itself. Rani smiles as it was her conspiracy to get Mastani marry Baji. She folds her hands infront of Baji. Baji recalls how Mastani protected him. He asks her to wait and tells that a woman was insulted in mahabharat. He says I have taken oath to protect the women. He says he gave that kataar unknowingly to her and says he wants to give her one more gift. He gives his sword to her. Suraiyya smiles.

Radha appreciates Baji for protecting Bundelkhand. Baji tells Kashi that he won the battle, but lost her trust. He says he got married to Bundelkhand s princess in khand vivah.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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