Peshwa Bajirao 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Mastani forgives Jagatraj and Rani

Peshwa Bajirao 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chhatrasal telling everyone that Jagatraj tried to poisoned him and Rani was with him. He says he was unconscious, but heard everything. He got well with Mastani’s service. He gives dead sentence to them. Mastani looks on. Gangadhar and pant are in Baji’s house, and says he has spent so much in the function where is he? Baji comes home with Gotiya and see the grand celebration. Gotiya says you said that there will be small function. Baji recalls his words that the wealth is for people and not for his own luxuries. Kashi looks tensed looking at baji.

Chhatrasal asks Rani and Jagatraj to tell him if they have any last wish. Rani apologizes to him. He says he can forgive them, but he can’t forgive them for conspiring against Bundelkhand. Mastani comes and asks him to leave them and give them a chance to do penance and become good. He leaves decision on her.

Pant and Gangadhar question Baji for making 56 bhogs, golden utensils etc. Pant says nation is in financial crisis now. Gangadhar asks from where did this money come, from your personal pocket or nation’s wealth. Baji says even I am upset with the celebration and says he will not use wealth for his own expenses. Kashi whispers in Radha’s ears that wealth is there, and it doesn’t matter whose wealth is that. Radha is shocked. Pant asks if the wealth is of nation and asks Baji to show the locker.

Radha tells Kashi you told me that Baji explained you everything. Didn’t he tell you that we have two lockers for personal and nation’s wealth. She says Baji may have to leave Peshwa position.

Mastani tells Chhatrasal to give a responsibility to jagatraj and send him far from Bundel khand. She asks him to forgive Rani. Chhatrasal is proud of him. Pant and Gangadhar ask Baji to show the locker. Radha and Kashi return. Pant says your silence is speaking that you are guilty.

Mastani is aiming arrow and says she couldn’t aim right. Chhatrasal aims the arrow. He says when I was unconscious, everyone was against you, but you didn’t accept defeat and asks from where did you get the courage. Mastani tells him that one point, she got weak but heard someone singing song about Baji Rao’s greatness. Kashi tells that Baji didn’t know from which locker the money is taken from and says he didn’t do anything. Baji says it is a crime, I couldn’t keep up my responsibility and that’s why I am apologizing to Shahu ji maharaj and everyone. Gangadhar says this is not enough and says today it is proved that you was never competent for this position and shall leave the peshwa position. Everyone is shocked.

Baji tells that he and his family will return the money now itself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mastani tells Chhatrasal to give a responsibility to jagatraj and send him far from Bundel khand. She asks him to forgive Rani. Chhatrasal is proud of him??? (u mean her, right!)

  2. Ramesh Pandurang Thatte

    August 2017
    I req ref book Pratapee Baajeerao book written by Late Shree M S Dixit a teacher from N M V High school Pune.The book contains a cronological list of events for period 1700-1740 year .This will help you to get episode in correct sequence.
    This book is available at book depo Rasik sahitya at appa Balwant Chowk Pune.Tel no-02024451129 & mb-9225627145 email [email protected]

    I can quote events during year 1725 Dasseara—1729 june period is most important
    for getting peshava marathas establised financially & military way got safe posision
    1.Year 1725-27–Peshawa compaigned in Karnatak state reached upto Mysore Dynasty in aoril 1727.
    2.Nizam angered by above attacked peshawas .Baajeerao .Bajeerao skill fully managed to get Nizam traped at Palkhed & made Nizam to go back
    3-Year 1728-29 .Bajeerao helped Chhatrasaal & got one third of his kindom territory at Jhaanshee. During same period Chimaajee appa Malharrao holkar Udaajee Pawar killed Girijabahaddar governor of Delhi for Malwa & gujaraat at amzera near indore.Holkars & Sciendia got subhedaaree of indore & Ujjain
    Other important achievement is campaign of Delhi during 1736-37-38.
    Other events are minor one.
    I would like to see your script writer & event sequence of further episodes

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