Peshwa Bajirao 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Baji gets upset with Kashi

Peshwa Bajirao 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakhma asking Kashi if the expenses are necessary. Kashi says Aayi Saheb said and this means it is necessary.. She says she shall take up all the responsibilities. Rakhma says your relation started with Baji now and asks her to ask Baji before doing anything. Kashi says thinks what to do.

Jagatraj tells Suraiya that Mastani gave poison to Chhatrasal. Suraiya says Mastani can’t do this and tells that she has saved Jagatraj risking her life then why she will poison Maharaj. Mantri ji says Suraiya is right. Rani blames Mastani for poisoning Maharaj, bribing Vaid ji and making Chanda sit on her place, says they can’t keep the singhasan alone. Mastani comes and says Bundelkhand daughters haven’t learnt to elope and says someone gave her strength. Rani says she will give her punishment. Mastani says she is not scared of anything. Rakhma brings Kashi to Baji. Kashi says he seems to be angry and says she will not talk to him now. Rakhma motivates her to go and talk to Baji, says you are his tigress. Kashi goes to Baji. Baji calls her and says he wants to talk to her about something important and tells that he met Baba’s other family. He says he didn’t know that how he feels before meeting them. Kashi gets upset. Baji says I didn’t tell that Baba did right, I forgave him as it was his last wish. It was a sin to do wrong with Aayi, but I can’t punish those boys and gave them place in sena and returned their place. Kashi is shocked.

Jagatraj says Mastani gave poison to Chhatrasal and then acting to be innocent. He asks sainik to arrest her. Mastani says she is standing there and that means she is innocent. She says I was silent as I was not having proofs. She says Jagatraj gave poison to Maharaj so that he can sit on the singhasan. She says Jagatraj gave him poison and asks why they didn’t inform Chhatrasal’s other son about him. She tells that until her father gets fine, don’t let any of them go near him. She says I am ready and they shall not refuse if they are not wrong. Someone says that maharaj got consciousness.

Kashi asks if he thought about Aayi Saheb and asks him to give them some money. Baji says they are very Swabhimaani and tells that you didn’t meet or know them. Kashi says you cares for everyone, but I care for my family. She says Aayi kept them far so that Baba’s reputation don’t get spoiled. She says your reputation can be spoiled now. Baji says he didn’t do anything wrong. Kashi says she will do what she thinks right.

Chimna asks Baji why is he going? Baji says he is going to give some info. Chimna says I will come with you. Baji says no and tells that Gotiya is coming with me. Gotiya says I will inform Namrata and come. Radha tells Baji that she has no grudges against Balaji’s other sons. Baji sits on horse and goes.

Next day, Jagatraj tells Chhatrasal that Mastani gave him poison and then blaming him for the same. Chhatrasal asks if she wants to say something. Mastani takes out the sword and tells that she has always followed the right path and asks him to kill her with sword if he thinks her wrong. Chhatrasal takes sword from her hand.

Kashi tells Rakhma that Baji is habituated to break all customs, and says she will do whatever she think is right. She says if Baji can’t understand the society rules, but she will handle it. She says she will make the aayogan well without Aayi Saheb’s help.

Baji and Gotiya are in the way. Baji stops. Gotiya says he understands that he is not going to Shahu ji. Baji says Aayi Saheb knows why I came. Gotiya asks if he is upset with Kashi, and asks him never to leave his wife crying at home. Baji says he will not leave crying. Baji says he will not leave her crying. Kashi gives money to someone and thinks she will fulfill responsibilities of Peshwin Bai.

Baji apologizes to Shahu ji and all others. Gangadhar asks him to leave Peshwa position.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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