Peshwa Bajirao 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Baji hires his step brothers in Shahu ji’s sena

Peshwa Bajirao 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji hoping that God will understand him if not his family. Mastani prays in the holy place and thinks her mum and Chanda are in trouble because of her. She hears a saint motivating her to become mashaal and fight with the evil. She thinks she got an answer. Few people scold the boys and say they will burn their house as their father is dead now. They throw the firewood on the boys house. Baji comes and holds it. He says now your kids will be punished. The men asks why? Baji asks then why you are punishing the boys for their parents mistake and asks them to leave before he forgets his limits. They all leave.

Radha tells Bhatt that although Baji became Peshwa, but she is still ruling in the house and has keys. Just then Kashi comes and asks for storeroom keys. Radha says you never went to bhandar ghar keys. Kashi says Baji asked me to take care of responsibilities and asks for keys. Radha don’t want to give her keys and acts.

Baji gives the property papers to his half brothers. They refuse to take the property and say that even they have same blood in them as him. Baji gets impressed. They plan to leave the village and go to another village with the hope that they will get respect. They tell that they need recognition of Balaji’s sons and not his wealth. They tell that they will give money, but will not take.

Radha pretends to be hurt because of Kashi. Kashi apologizes. Radha asks her to be careful. Bhatt tells that change is necessary. Radha tells that she is happy to see her children growing and says she is proud of Kashi. Bhatt says he have to find yajmaan now, as Baji and Kashi don’t value him. Radha promises that they will listen to him.

Gotiya tells Baji that father’s name is necessary. Baji asks kids to stop and tells that he wants to give life with Swabhimaan. He admits them to Shahu ji’s soldiers team. They agree and asks Baji to have water. Kashi asks maharaj to use the things for one month. He says these ingredients will be used in 15 days. Radha comes and asks him not to argue and asks him Ganesh Chaturthi list. Kashi asks what will be the expenses, Radha says very much. She explains to her that the expenses is necessary. Gotiya tells Baji that he did great thing. Baji hopes that Kashi understands him.

Kashi tells Rakhma that he will organize Ganesh Chaturthi function also, without Aayi Saheb’s help so that Baji can understand that she can do things on her own. Radha hears her and is upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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