Peshwa Bajirao 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Baji sort out Bhiu and Bhao ji’s differences

Peshwa Bajirao 10th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chima ji telling Rakhma that Bhao didn’t see Kashi’s efforts and scolded her. Kashi says she is not against Bhiu and thinks about her betterment. She says Bhiu is a child. Chima ji says everyone is like understanding like you. Kashi says yes it is difficult. Rakhma asks Kashi to forgive her. Kashi says she has forgiven her and asks her not to cry. She says if he will forgive me and says if he do something angrily. Baji comes home and calls Bhiu. Bhiu comes. He asks Bhiu and her husband to talk about their problems infront of each other. Her husband says do you really want to hear and tells that Bhiu always used to compare their family members and haven’t given him heir even after many years of marriage, then also he is staying with her, but she has many complaints. Baji says you are insulting a woman and your wife infront of everyone.

He says my sister is comparing her sasural and mayka then what wrong she is doing. He asks him to prove that they have high standard than them. Bhiu asks what you are saying. Baji says he will take care of his sister. Bhiu says that’s why I was not telling him. Chima ji tells Bhiu that they shall separate. Radha says Rao.

Baji says let him handle this and tells that there is no love, respect or anything between them. He asks Bhiu to throw away her mangalsutra. Bhiu’s husband tells what you are saying? Baji says you said that she can’t give you heir. Kashi tells that Bhiu never said that she wants to separate. Baji asks Bhiu’s husband to take her mangalsutra out. Bhiu’s husband goes near her, but stops. Baji says it shows that there is still something left and asks them to give sometime to each other. Bhiu and her husband promise Baji to start afresh. Baji wishes them best. Radha blesses them. Bhiu leaves with her husband.

Radha says she has seen Baji as Peshwa now and tells that she is sure that he will be a good Peshwa. Chima ji tells Rakhma that they can’t have a baby until Baji starts his family. She asks if he will love kids more than her. He says yes. She gets upset. Kashi asks Radha if she is still angry with her. Radha says no and asks her to assure her that she will take care of Baji after she is gone. Kashi asks her not to tell that. Radha asks her to win Baji’s love. Kashi promises her and goes.

Chima ji comes to Baji and says you have solved Bhiu and Bhao ji’s problems but forgets your problem. He says you asked them to spend time with each other, but you don’t give time to kashi. Baji thinks about Chima ji and Anu bai’s words.

Baji tells Kashi that he is Peshwa now and she is his Peshwin Bai and says he wants to spend time with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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