Personal View : Kumkum Bhagya a non-sensical tale of Bhagya streched like a chewing gum

Hey guys,
I’m a just a petty fanfic writer, but after seeing Latika’s article on YRKKH, I felt I should also point out a few words about again one of the most famous shows “KUMKUM BHAGYA”.
This serial was and to a certain extent is still supposed to be one of the best INDIAN SHOWS of the INDIAN TELEVISON. But is it really the BEST according to ALL the viewers????
The PLOT of the show is absolutely null from the time the Season 2 of the Younger generation has been introduced. Let me be frank and ask all my readers, what has actually happened in the show since the latest protagonists Prachi, Rhea and Ranbir have been introduced!!
It is all a roundabout of Kidnaps, Parties with the female lead Prachi constantly getting INTO TROUBLE due to her EVIL TWIN Rhea and the male lead trying to protect the female lead by taking a stand for her always!!!
In the end, the character Prachi starting ANOTHER FIGHT AND AGAIN Ranbir for something or the OTHER!!!
So is there a LOVE STORY which the makers are trying to create ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!
Again, the answer is NOT AT ALL!!!
This is what the Kumkum Bhagya team has been doing since March 2019, CONSTANT FIGHTS OF PRANBIR, CONSTANT EVIL PLOYS BY RHEA AND CONSTANT HITS AND MISSES OF ABHIGYA!!!
So, what is the STORY of Kumkum Bhagya!!
Again NOTHING!!!!
So, what is KUMKUM BHAGYA creators actually doing????
Fool around with the viewers????
It’s absolutely dejecting that a TOP-RATED show has absolutely nothing other than NEGATIVITIES and repetition of storyline OVER AND OVER AGAIN to be shown to its viewers!!!
To make matters worse, even the characters of Season 2 are UNDER-DEVELOPED!!! The characters are just minions of the CHARACTERS of Season 1.
Ranbir of Abhishek, Prachi of Pragya, Rhea of Tanu and Aliyah, Aryan a HALF-MINION of Purab because his character doesn’t have any ROLE other than being a helper to the character of Ranbir and in the same way Shahana also is a HALF-MINION of Bulbul because her only role is being the helper of Prachi.
The other ridiculous side of the characters of Kumkum Bhagya is that they DISAPPEAR and APPEAR from nowhere!!! As the case of Rishi-Priyanka right now and of Ranbir’s sister, Mishti!!!
So, don’t the FANS who still hype Kumkum Bhagya think that this show is just OVER-RATED NON-SENSICAL DRAMA.
What could be reason this show is slowly losing its popularity ???
The repetition of the same story over and over again OR the cast of the new generation!!!
Please put in your opinions in the comments section.

  1. Aleyamma I totally agree with you are even better than the writers of the show. Your fan fiction KKM story of love and war between siblings is so interesting and way better than the real show. They should hurry up and finish the show because it has been running for 6 yrs now with the same stupid story line.

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Cookie!!! I never knew that your were reading my FF too!!!

  2. I agree with you completely.but you forgot to add the mythically vanished son of Disha and Purab. You can understand that he disappeared, but there is no excuse for the fact that both Purab and his Soul do not even remember him! What kind of parents? What’s the moral? Very crude script, not finalized, or wrote an ignoramus. If you changed the screenwriter to add fresh thoughts, the main thing is finished and putting everything in its place. But the main thing is not to lose the Kumkum show at all – this is the worst thing for me.

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey Marina, I didn’t mention Sunny because according to the creators, Sunny was an former character from Season 1 who will no longer seen in the present Season!!!
      However, I agree with you completely that in the series it’s absolutely crude to watch the character of Purab not bothering about his children!!! Be it SUNNY or ARYAN!!!
      I never seen Purab spending time with Aryan nor asking Disha even once about Sunny!!!
      It’s absolutely disgusting to show the PARENTS both Abhigya and Pusha not worried about their children rather the ONLY THING which they seem to be worried about is their LOVE LIVES!!!!
      Purab is constanlty running behind Disha to WIN HER BACK, but till now he has never even ASKED HER ONCE ABOUT SUNNY!!!
      On the other hand he is so worried about Abhigya’s union that he NEVER spends time with his own SON Aryan!!!

  3. True sunny went off Kkb is now quite . But Rhea has a great heart like pragya it’s just the influence of Aaliya that makes her so

    1. Aleyamma

      X, You really think Rhea is good person in heart, in my ff YES, but in the original series, she is just another antagonist who is a mixture of ALIYAH and TANU from SEASON 1.

  4. Hey,Friends,once upon a time I was an ardent viewer of Hindi serials …mostly Zee’s and a regular face on telly updates..but the nonsensical ,never ending and the utterly frustrating small screen serials forced me to turn to you tube Pakistan serials whose quality ,I declare ,is much ,much better than ours….at least they don’t treat the viewers as some sort of dummies and present their themes with a well written script and stick to it all along….most importantly they limit their episodes to well below 35….not like our bunch of jokers who call themselves responsible producers but whose only aim is to make bundles of money by compromising with quality and boring us for years together….not just KKB….take Yeh Teri galiyan or for that matter any serial…they all start on a high note with a beautiful storyline and talented actors doing their job…but in their quest to prolong the episodes to infinity ,everything will be lost within a year ….I don’t know if any of my lovely friends …Naz,Jayashree,,Lisa ,Cathy ,Niharika and many others with whom I had the opportunity to chat with on different forums ,are still around or not but honestly ,for the last year or so ,I have been finding it very difficult to find a decent serial that is worth watching and commenting on…what a shame really! I wonder where is our creativity gone….

    1. @Lakshmi
      We used to have a chat ??? in Kawach Mahashivratri right???
      Good to see you here!!!???
      I really don’t know about Yeh Teri Galliyan??? and other serials but I would say Alyemma is absolutely right about KKB???.
      And you are absolutely right about CREATIVITY???, I think the Indian serial producers ???should be thought what CREATIVITY actually means!!!???
      I really don’t know who are Jayashree and Cathy???, but yeah Naz too like you have stopped completely from commenting.???
      Niharika used to comment then and there for NAZAR but once the show became absolute crap to watch, everyone has stopped completely commenting on it ???.

    2. Aleyamma

      Hello old friends Lakshmi and Lisa, thanks a million for giving in your opinions!!!!

  5. Haha kundali bhagya is worse.. Fans should ban this kinda show and then only writers will get some brain ?

    1. Aleyamma

      That is never going to happen Zoey!!!

  6. Your words are true, of course, I add to him that the new actors have no acceptance of the viewers, no talent, and there is no correlation between the events, just scenes that have no meaning and I stopped watching the show from a while ago

    1. Aleyamma

      Well Sanaa, you too seem to one of those extremely frustrated viewers of KKB like me!!!

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