Perfectly flawed – One shot

Perfectly flawed

(Note- Guys, this one shot has s*x scenes. Because as I had mentioned earlier, it’s related to 50 shades but in my own way. So, if you are uncomfortable, skip the parts where I have typed this “?” plus, it’s long, extremely long. I might bore you with it ?thank you)

Lust would take the body and discard the soul

Love deeply desires the soul , and gladly receives whatever body accompanies it❤


“Her voice sang in his ear ,
Drummed to his heartbeat ,
The touch of her whisper
Send shivers up his spine.
He placed his lips on her cheek ,
Kissed her softy.
Time lapse , they would never be more
than this detached ,
body yearning ,
body aching moment.
But neither of them were going
home tonight.”

“Perfect!” Mahi beamed , wrapping her arms around me. I pulled back, smiling back at her satisfied that I finished writing this last piece of work.

“How do you always get the right words?” She questions eyeing the paper and smiling at me.

“I don’t really have to work hard on them” I replied and she chuckled at my cockiness. “I know. That’s why I love you” She winked and I smiled grabbing my cup.

“Are you nervous?” Her question caught my attention and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “Nervous ? About what?” I asked and she sighed smacking her forehead lightly.

“The two most important things you are going to do” She placed her hands on her hips and frowned. “Come on Mahi! You are unbelievable” I sighed and sank back in the couch.

She blew out her dark black hair from her face dramatically. Mahi Taneja , well, no one believed we actually are sisters. 20 years is what she is , well according to her but to me she’s still a child

She’s studying literature and still being a university student , I complete her work. How awesome, ain’t I?

Everyone has their own story. Story of what they call it the ‘story of my life’

I also have one. Trust me I won’t bore you guys with it. Because without any beginnings, climax and happily ever after’s, my story has a single point.

The ending.

With a plain, simple and boring story I live my life.

Basically , my pictures would be in the newspapers. You bet?

I’m neither a celebrity nor someone popular. Just a personal assistant of Raghav Mehra , the second leading business tycoon but I guess my point of being in a newspaper is justified to you now.

Keeping my thoughts aside , I gazed at myself in the mirror with infinite thoughts pondering over my head.

Why did Mahi asked if I was nervous?

Two reasons.

First , today is the announcement whether the wish project is handed to Raghav Mehra or Kunj Sarna.

Kunj Sarna. Talking about him at every point or level , in my opinion is useless. Because he’s a man with secrets and personally my heart doesn’t go for people who are unfathomable and mysterious.


Shut up , conscience.

Mostly because I haven’t met him. And according to everyone , he’s a man full of cruelty but evenness and fairplay.

That doesn’t make any sense.

Coming to second thing , Raghav Mehra asked me out. On a date.

At first , I just laughed at him because apart from our professional lives , we are friends.

But actually he was serious. Dead serious.

“Don’t think so hard. Give your mind a break” Kristen comes , placing the book down on the table. “Pick up those wrappers” She smacked Mahi right on her head.

“Ow! Fine! Cleanliness freak” Mahi muttered back rolling her eyes, picking up the wrappers and I laughed at them. “Twinkle..” she snapped her fingers in front of me and I blinked.

“Yeah..” I let out a faint laugh and she smiled. “Everything would be okay” She placed her hand on my shoulder giving it a light squeeze.

Kristen Bell , someone I can’t imagine my life without. People would know her as my best friend but to me she’s a sister , a family and someone with whom I can share anything.

And she would be there. There to listen and get my words , my feelings and emotions. She may look the toughest person but inside, deep down there is a girl , full of love , emotions and a heart everyone would crave for.

“You don’t say” I muttered taking a sip of my coffee “It would be such an awkward situation, Kris” I held my head and she laughed.

“Come on! I’m just an employee in Sarna Industry not the owner” I looked at her with a smile and nodded. “Then I guess it wouldn’t be that much awkward”

Yes , Kristen works in Kunj Sarna’s office while I work at Mehra’s.

“I have always got my eyes on your boss” She winked at me and I chuckled. “Because my one is really really really hard to prey on”

“Never mind , he’s got many to pop their cherries.” She sighed mumbling and I shook my head at her.

“You have a boyfriend” I pointed out smirking and she rolled her eyes smiling. “Get ready, fat asses. It’s like 5 pm” Mahi yells from the kitchen.


“s*xyyy!” Kris murmured whistling eyeing me from head to toe and I gave her a small graceful smile in return. “Is it tonight?” Mahi ask coming out of her room

“What?!” I questioned back blankly and she scoffed. “Your first time” She replied back and I laughed grabbing the throw pillow that hits her right on her head. “Have a great night” I heard her faint voice as me and Kris left the apartment.

“Don’t panic. It would be okay” Kris squeezed my hand and I nodding beaming. “Everything would be okay” I nodded back and she smiled before driving us both to the conference hall.

“How many times have you been here?” I asked Kris , awestruck eyeing the ravishing and elegant conference hall. “Nah! 3rd time actually” She gestured her hand and I nodded.

We paced towards the entrance as Kris was checking in our names at the side. “Twinkle Taneja” I replied as he was checking in our names.

My nervousness is on the pinnacle along with the fear of what if Raghav cancels the plan if he’s not able to get project?

My chain of thoughts came to and end as a huge crowd of people and media reporters surrounded a car entered a few seconds ago. The flash just blinded me to death.

“What’s this fuss for?” I nudged Kris who got the entrance cards and she narrowed her gaze before mumbling , “Kunj Sarna”

My gaze locked on him as he came out of his car , immediately surrounded by two guards. No smile. Not even a single twitch of his lips.


Is all I could see right now. He paced towards the entrance as the media and others were blocked by the gate and I sighed audibly.

Finally, a bit of calmness.

Kunj stopped right near the entrance a few steps away from me as he glared his guards. “Do you guys mind?” He snapped and the guards stepped back.

An involuntary laugh escaped my mouth but I clasped my hands tightly on my mouth. Oh God! No. His head snapped towards my side and my eyes widened.

“I’m..sorry” I chocked out but he never said anything. I shifted slightly holding the hem of my shirt , my palms sweating. “You should be” He spat giving me final glance before swiftly motioning inside.

My breath hitched in my throat and I stood there shocked . How rude! Yes , I’m crazy enough that I laughed but there wasn’t the need to be this mean.

“Asshole!” I mutter under my breath and Kris laughed. “It’s okay. He’s pain in the ass” She scoffed tugging my arm and I sighed making my way inside.

We were greeted inside by our co workers and I smiled instantly eyeing Raghav. “There he is” kris whispered and I blushed deeply. I took two steps towards him but stopped immediately as Kunj and Raghav shook hands with one another.

George Mendel, the head of the wish project came over to them as the three stood in the center surrounded by office employees and businessmen. “Good evening ladies and gentleman”

A chorus of replies was heard next before George Mendel continued, “Wish project. Something I started 18 years ago and something that is still continued. After every 2 years , the head of it is changed.

Because according to me and others , the project does need new ideologies and innovations. I’m thankful to you all for joining us this evening.

Moreover, it was a really difficult decision to whom this project should be handed over to. After analyzing and viewing both Raghav Mehra and Kunj Sarna , the heads have decided”

I crossed my fingers and kept looking at him to speak. Come on.

“Kunj Sarna!” a gigantic round of applause came next making my audible sigh inaudible obviously. I glanced at Raghav who had a tight forced smile on his face.

“Thank you” Kunj spoke and continued with his thank you speech but I chose to make it inaudible for me and I went around sighing gazing at everything and nothing.

Fifteen minutes later , as the contract and procedures were over I spotted Raghav talking to some colleagues and smiled pacing towards him. “Raghav…” I called out and he nodded at the others before they went the other way.

“Raghav I’m sorry…” I mumbled giving him a small smile. “Shut it Twinkle” he snapped whispering and I looked on surprised. “What’s…wrong?” I mutter and he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t need your sympathy” He spat and I gulped nervously. “I wasn’t…” I mumble but words weren’t there to leave my mouth. “Raghav..” I sighed.

“Let me get this straight. I don’t need you near me. And oh about that ridiculous date , get this through your thick head that we were never a thing neither we will be” He gritted through his clamped teeth.

“W-what…” He gave me a stare before going the other way but stopped abruptly, “Don’t you dare leave the party. You have something to give me later on” He smirked and walked away leaving me bewildered.

My eyes watered along the way and I turned walking towards the restroom. “Twinkle..” I heard Kris faint voice calling me but I ignored it and locked the door behind me.

And I did what every girl does. I cried.

Because I was mad enough. Mad enough to think that Raghav was serious. He was a Casanova, Twinkle. Why did you let yourself fall. From your childhood to teenage years and till now , why did you loved this man. Why was I always so blind to see the fact that he’s an a*sh*le.

My chain of thoughts came to an end just as there was a knock on the door. “Just go away Kris” I sobbed but no response instead the knocking got louder and louder.

“Go away” I shouted but Kris wouldn’t stop. I stood up , wiping my tears furiously and opened the door only to find Kunj Sarna standing there.

I gulped stepping back a bit as he stepped inside. He brought his hand in front and looked at with a small smile, “I thought you might need these”

He said handing me a couple of tissues and I had an unbelievable look on my face. “Excuse me?” is all I could utter and he sighed stepping closer. “Listen…” He begins.

“No! You listen. It’s a female washroom and just because you are Kunj Sarna doesn’t mean you can step in here. ” I snapped cutting him in the middle and he gave me a good long minute stare before his lips twitched into a smile. “Spunky… I kinda like it” He smirked and I rolled my eyes.

I just gave him a bullshit rant and he is smiling?

“Are you flirting with me?” I questioned , a small smile spreading on my lips and he sighed dramatically. “I don’t really know”

“Is that so? Means you aren’t flirting?” I asked and he smirked before stepping closer , his mouth a few inches away from my ear , “I never said I didn’t”

He stepped back winking at me and I frowned. I looked on at him for a while before he chuckled. “What? Are you drooling over me Twinkle?”

“You know my name?” I question amazed and he watched me smiling a bit. “You are quite a thing” He commented and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He let’s out a small breath at my question. “Well , girls normally would answer that ‘No! I wasn’t drooling but you did the opposite”

I just stood there awkwardly, watching him watch me awkwardly. Is it awkward to me or am I making it awkward for us.

Oh God!

“Do I take it as a compliment?” I fold my arms and he rubbed his thumb and forefinger in a circular motion around his chin and spoke finally, “Women die for this” He gestures his hand between us and I chuckled.

“What? Standing in a women’s restroom?” I ask with a laugh and he grinned shaking his head. “A small talk with Kunj Sarna” He smirks again before Kris comes running in.

“Oh thank goodness! You are okay bu…” Her words are left in the middle and she clasps her hand over her mouth , her eyes widening in realization. “Oh! Hello there , Kristen”

Kunj speaks out and her jaw hits the floor. “ do name?” She whisper yells , shocked and looks over at me but I gave her a shrug. “Of course I do”

Of course, you dumbass. You work in his company.

“I am aware of every person’s name in my company. And specially yours” He responded and walked away before giving me a brief glance . “What’s that supposed to mean?” Kris asks shaking her head.

“He’s…” I trailed but Kris speaks , “Weird , right?” She asks still gazing at the door and I laughed. “No! He’s quite different from what everybody says. I think he’s fun”

Kris scoffs at my words and I rolled my eyes. “You have got to be kidding me…” I could hear her mutter. She shook her head , “You tell me. What did that a*sh*le say?”

“Not right now. I’ll tell you once we go back ? Alright ?” I placed a hand on her forearm and she looked unsure but I smiled at her.

She sighed giving me a hug , “He’s an ass , anyway.” I chuckled and she pulled back as we both walked out of the restroom.

“Hey Kris!”

Someone called her and I nodded at her to go. I walked over at the bar in the corner and sat there drinking water. I felt someone’s presence beside me and looked up but groaned heavily.

“Get lost shitwit” I growled looking at the other side and he just laughed. “You never fail to amuse me , love ” anger rushed up in me hearing him call me that. “Don’t call me that” I snapped eyeing him .

“Dumped again?” He smirked asking and I gave him an unbelievable look. “For once and all , I dumped you” I gritted my teeth at him and he gave me a faint laugh, “Satisfy your little heart with that”

“And sweetheart, no one’s that stupid to go for you. I mean come on look at you. You are nothing but a piece of trash everyone kick every time” He laughed coldly at my face and I fisted my hand ready to punch him but something shocking stops me.

“Hey babe” someone wrapped his arms around my waist , his nose nuzzling in the back of my neck and my breath hitched in my throat. “You could have asked me to bring a drink for you” I heard a familiar voice speak and I tilted my head eyeing him.


“Oh! Hello Anil” Kunj greets him and Anil gazed at me in awe. “Heard you had a baby. Congratulations. Now shouldn’t you stop shoving your ass around girls” Kunj spoke in a sickening sweet tone and I tried my best not to laugh.

“My next dance is supposed to be with this beautiful lady , excuse us” Kunj pats his shoulder and walks with me holding my hand.

What the hell just happened.

“Where are we going?” I ask puzzled and he gives me a look and I chose to zip up. “I have to inform Kris” He sighed and took out his phone sending a quick text to someone. “She would know you are safe. Happy?” He asks and I nodded still in a daze.

Why am I still going with this man?

Just as we stepped outside , I felt the cold wind and shivered slightly . “You should have worn something to keep you warm” He mutters before tugging on my hand and making me sit inside the limousine. “What’s with rich people and limousines?”

I asked smiling and he raised an eyebrow amused. “I see. You are happy now” He commented leaning back, opposite to my seat.

“Really happy” I corrected and he nodded smiling. “And wouldn’t you acknowledge me with the reason?” I pretended to think and was about to speak up but stopped as words dried up in my mouth.

Kunj pulled me from my seat holding my hand , so swiftly and in a daze that I couldn’t think. My eyes widened making him chuckle.

I was trapped in between his arms , my legs parted on either side of his. His smile never left his lips just as his thumb grazed my lower lip and there I was , totally driven crazy. I convulsed feeling his lips on my left jaw.

Stop what he’s doing , Twinkle.

My hand touched his shoulders and his lips moved to the other jaw and they stayed there for a while before he lightly brushed his lips with mine , his gaze never leaving mine.

He leaned in more closer and I couldn’t stop myself either. I don’t know why , I just couldn’t.

What do you mean you don’t know?

He’s a complete stranger. Push him away.

Sporadically , you regret your decisions at some moments because the car stopped with an abrupt halt and a long honk. My eyes widened in realization and I jumped back on my seat breathing hard.

Kunj gave me a final look before moving out of the car. I sighed , settling my hair and went after him. “What’s wrong?” I heard Kunj ask the driver but my breath hitched in my throat as I gazed the scenario in front of me.

The limousine was hit by a porsche and not only a porsche , a familiar white one. And I know who it was.

“Raghav..” I grumbled and shook my head. Raghav stormed out of the car moving towards us and I rushed forward instantly , “Raghav what a- Oww!”

My words were cut in short , just as he punched me and I trembled back in awe. “The f**k” I could hear one of them curse heavily. “Crap, Twinkle. I didn’t meant to hurt you. I was about to him”

Raghav spoke , “But you rushed forward. Are you okay?” He moved forward but Kunj blocked him , holding me as my back was close to his chest. “No she’s f**king not okay. Get lost before you realize that you won’t exist”

Kunj yelled and my eyes watered , holding my jaw. “I-m..I’m okay..” I murmured holding him by his shoulder. “You are not” He reasoned and I winced touching my jaw

“Twinkle just..” Raghav again stepped forward. “Step back” Kunj shouted and Raghav gritted his teeth before giving a hard punch across Kunj’s face. “Wrong aim”

Kunj growled before loosening my hold on his arm and punched him back. “What’s wrong with you both” I yelled on top of my lungs as Kunj kept on punching him. “Kunj stop!” I yelled trying to pull him back.

“Don’t!” I cried out pulling him but he wouldn’t stop. “Please don’t” I yelled but none of them listened. “f**kING RETARDS STOP!” I yelled , somehow I never have.

They immediately stopped eyeing me wide eyed. “Are you both out of your mind?” I asked as they stepped aside. “Why..are you here Raghav?”

I tried to keep my voice strong but failed and he sighed stepping forward. “I said don’t go near her , don’t..” Kunj spoke again but I looked at him , passing a long glare. “I was worried about you. I was upset about the contract and I poured my anger on you but I’m sorry Twinkle. I never wanted to hurt you but then I saw you both going outside.

And I did tried finding you but you weren’t there. I checked on the bar corner after you left talking to me , even the restroom but you weren’t there”

He ranted and I gave him a faint laugh. “Bullshit!” Kunj taunted and leaned back on his car. “What’s with him and you?” Raghav crossed his arms and I laughed coldly.

“I don’t care. Leave me alone and that’s none of your concern with whom I’m” I snapped. “You don’t know the real him” Raghav smirked and I smiled bitterly , “At least he is real”

His smirk is replaced with a frown. “But don’t forget you still work for me” He snapped and I smirked. “I did. I quit , Raghav” he fumed listening to this and I crossed my arms smirking as he stormed towards his car.

I blew out a breath and gazed at Kunj who gave me a sheepish grin. I rolled my eyes and began walking towards the other side. “Twinkii” I stopped deadly on my tracks , my heart beating widely inside.

I gave him a shocked look and he walked over at my side. “Pardon?” I am surprised , never have I ever been so shocked in my life. “Twinkle I said , Twinkle. Your name”

He says and I nodded , reluctantly. “Something wrong?” He asks and I shook my head. “Remembered something” I said and he nods smiling. “You are hurt” I mumbled frowning and he sighed.

“Since forever” He mumbled and I gulped hard. “Sorry?..” I asked with a faint laugh and he shook his head . “Nah! Nothing. Let me drop you home”

“You are hurt too. You aren’t okay. I’m calling the doctor. Mind going to my home?” He asks and I pursed my lips. “I..don’t know..I am okay , really”

“Trust issues?” He asks smiling and I smiled , “Nah! Let’s go then” he gives me a small smile before going towards the car.


“I did told him , Doctor. Vinston” I smiled and he chuckled patting my head. “Kunj’s always conscious about what he cares” that totally left me speechless.

“Nothing much to worry about. Just take the pain killers and you would be fine. But young man , you need some serious help” doctor pointed his finger at Kunj who raised his hands in defense.

“What kind of help exactly , doctor? Can you mend my heart , or give the cure to my heart?” He kept a hand on his heart speaking dramatically and I laughed . “Dramatic since born”

“You didn’t told me how do you know doctor Vinston?” Kunj asks as doctor applied some medicine on his bruised hand. “My Mom’s a doctor and doctor Vinston and she worked on a project for 5 years , so yeah”

“Speaking of which, how’s Leela?” He asks and I sighed. “Good I guess” He nodded. “You should visit her” He speaks and I nodded reluctantly.

“Never have I come across a stubborn but strong girl as you” He commented smiling and I sighed. “Guess she broke , years ago” I replied honestly.

“How?” this time Kunj speaks eyeing me. “Some other time , Kunj. Give the girl a break” Doctor Vinston laughed patting his back and I smiled. “Speaking of which, I’m damn hungry”

“Kunj on your service. What would you both like to have?” He asks doing a quick bow and I giggled. “I would love to have dinner with you both….but m’lady wouldn’t be pleased”

“Sure thing” we replied simultaneously. “say hello to her from my side” I told him as he walked outside waving.

“fancy a fancy dinner or something cozy” Kunj asks tugging his hands in his pockets. But I continued to stare at him for a good long minute. “Everyone’s so wrong”

I mumbled eyeing him and he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “So wrong about you. They think of you as in a cold hearted , stone hearted , mean , straight forward , snappy , arrogant, cocky, handsome , devilishly s*xy, a body that should be worshipped ….”

I ranted but stopped realizing what I was blabbering and Kunj looked on amused. I clasped my hand over my mouth cursing mentally. He chuckled moving around in a slow circular motion.

“So you think…” He trailed , his fingers slightly brushing my arm , “That I’m devilishly s*xy…” his fingers trailed down my arm to my wrist as he raised it , kissing the inside of my hand , “ A body to be worshipped…” He pulled me closer and I convulsed.

“Would you regret…on what I would do next now?” I ask , biting my lower lip and he shook his head smiling. “Never…” closing the gap between us , I stroked his lower jaw for a while and I could hear the sharp intake of breath taken by him.

Either do it or not!

I ranted in my mind.

And I did it.

I captured his lips with mine and I could see him smile through the kiss.

He pulled back grinning and I frowned but he pulled me closer , attaching our lips. Neither of us noticing how close we both have got since the project announcement until we both were close enough to feel the warmth of each other’s lips.

Lost in each other’s gaze with no extent of moving an direction but closer with his hand creeping slowly down , cupping my waist gently and enticing a low moan from me. He slowly pulled his lips from mine , making me whimper at the loss of touch.

I gasped at the unexpected assault on my neck by his lips. He left soft kisses around my neck , trying to find my sweet spot and he sucks it harder , and his name slips out of my mouth as I tugged tighter on his shoulder.

And with his hand moving up and down my now exposed waist , I wondered what would happen next. Luckily , Kunj chose to pull back gazing at me.

Words didn’t left my mouth and I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. “I guess I’m not hungry now”

He smirked up at me and I blushed deeply looking at the other side. “Come on. Let’s get you something to eat” He grabbed my hand and I nodded going with him.


So I was a at business party.

And now out of nowhere, I am at his house.

Kissing him.



“Woah! I never expected this from you” I am amazed by this. “I though businessmen were supposed to always have food at some fancy restaurants” I spoke and he laughed.

“Nah! McDonald’s is life” He responded and I nodded. “I loveee McDonald’s. What’s your favorite?” I ask rubbing my hands together as we both stood in the line. “Grand Chicken spicy”

My jaw hits the floor and I grinned. “That’s my favorite too”

“Really?” He asks amused and I nodded. “Definitely going for that today again” I tell him and he nodded. “You are never gonna change…” I think I heard him murmur .

I chose to say something but then decided to keep my mouth shut. Maybe I was just hallucinating. I sighed moving further to order but my phone rang. “Answer that. I’ll order”

I nodded moving out of the line. “Where are you?” is the first thing I hear from Mahi as I pick up. “In the toilet. Flushing out the waste. Mind joining?” I asked and she laughed on the other side.

“No seriously where are you?” She asks again and I sighed. “As if Kris didn’t fed you with the information” I chuckled and she blew out a breath. “Nope! She said you are with Kunj”

“and I guess that does explain” I responded. “I need DETAILS!” She spoke louder and I grimaced. “I would do that once I’m home and-“

My words dried in my mouth as my gazed stayed on something. “Where are you Mahi?” I ask and she didn’t spoke. “h-home..Obviously” She lets out a nervous laugh.

“Really? How come I hear cars honking?” I smirk and she sighed. “It’s the TV” was her lame response. “Really? Now you are dressed up all fancy , black beanie , sparkly muffler…hmm and your new favorite coat whilst at home?”

I asked smirking to myself. “ do you know that?” I laughed , and rushed outside to the parking lot. I canceled the call tugging my phone in my pocket.

“Welcome to McDonald’s!” I cheered and Mahi turned around wide eyed. “Twinkle..” I nodded pursing my lips in a thin line. “Yup! It’s me your sister” I nodded again.

“Hey! Finally, glad to meet you at last Twinkle” I looked up to see a guy , someone a bit familiar. Someone I think I have seen before. “Twinkle di…this is Yuvraj”

“Hi. Yuvraj and obviously Twinkle Taneja you are” He smiled and I shook his hand. “You seem to be surprised seeing me” He speaks and I smiled “Yeah! Mahi actually didn’t told me about you”

“Ah! Let me enhance you with who I’m…” but before Yuvraj could complete Mahi jumped in. “Long story short , same university and we are friends”

I nodded suspiciously as Yuvraj looked at Mahi. “Yuvi! A familiar voice speaks from behind and I turned back to see Kunj smiling. “Hey Kunj! You here?”

“McDonald’s for food eh?” Kunj asks laughing and I smiled. “You two know each other?” I question.

“He’s my younger brother , Yuvraj Sarna” my mouth fell open but I quickly covered my shock expression and I nodded. “And this is my younger sister, mahi”

She smiled at him shaking his head and I could totally see hearts forming in her eyes.

“So…where are you guys going?”

“Er..we were just going back home” Yuvraj replied and I gave him a small nod. “Great then. It was nice meeting you , Yuvraj” I smiled . “Same here.”

We went inside taking a seat on our table.

I looked over at Kunj who had a smile on his face. “What?..” I asked with a nervous laugh and he laughed softly shaking his head instantly. “Come on tell me” I tugged on his arm as we walked inside.

“Nothing! It’s stupid” He chuckled and I took a seat opposite to his inside McDonald’s. “I love stupid. Now spill” I smiled and he smirked.

“Sure?” I nodded my head in confirmation and he took a deep breath before continuing, “Well…it’s been a few hours since we met…but do you notice it?”

I gulped nervously, my mind buzzing with million of thoughts and I shook my head side to side. “You never did” I think I heard him mumble before he gives me a small , uneasy smile and goes to get the food.

Kunj came back after a whilst with our food and we began eating awkwardly. Well, I was the one feeling out. What to notice?

Freaking idiot Twinkle!

You both just kissed at his apartment.


Did that kiss meant anything to me?

Scratch that!

Did that meant anything to him?



“Damn! It’s past midnight” Twinkle mumbled eyeing her phone and I chuckled looking at her. Her eyes snapped over to me and I fisted my hands against my mouth trying not to laugh. “What?!”

I shook my head smiling and she narrowed her gaze at me. “Spill!” She spoke slowly and I rolled my eyes. “Live a little Twinkle. The real fun begins now” I pinch her cheeks and she slapped my hand away.

I gave her a small pout to with she laughed. “Good! So what’s next then?” She asks and I gave her a knowing smirk. “Something wild?” She mumbles asking and I gave her a shrug before starting the car.


“ A Pub?” Her query began and I groaned closing the door to her side. “Would you shut up yourself or your want me to do it?” I blocked her way and her eyes widened as I stepped closer. “I would do it”

“Good” I replied and grabbed her hand waking inside with her. “I guess we should just head back” Twinkle shouted over the loud music and I laughed. “Come on love! Relax”

“But-“ I cut her off and held her hand bringing it closer to my mouth , leaving a small kiss behind. “You would be fine” I assured her and she nodded.

“I’m thirsty” She speaks and I lead her towards the bar asking for some water as the bartender gave me a weird look. “Yes! Water. Do you mind?” I snapped and Twinkle shook her head.

We sat there for a whilst talking about just nothing and everything. “ This song is perfect. Let’s dance” Twinkle chirped ushering me. “I don’t dance” I replied

“Its freestyle you do anything. Pretty please?” She questioned and I shook my head. “Nope!” I heard her grumble something before she placed her hands on her hips. “You just said live a little and now look at you” She pointed out and I smirked.

“That’s different babe” I whispered and she sighed. “Fine! I’m going to look for someone then” She snapped a bit and disappeared onto the dance floor. “Girlfriend giving a hard time?” the bartender asks laughing and I shook my head.

“She’s not my girlfriend” my response made him raise an eyebrow at me , “One sided love?” He asks and I glared at him for his query before sighing. I gathered up the courage to go to the dance floor.

Relax Kunj! It’s just dance.

Yeah just dance.

I scoffed mentally at my own reassurance and looked for Twinkle on the gigantic dance floor. “Uh there she is” It was easy to find her as her clothes were all formal despite everyone else’s , glittery and well what girls normally would wear.

I stopped on my tracks just as some random person held her by her waist tugging her closer to his body. She visibly flinched and her eyes searched the dance floor as they landed on me. I glared at both of them and was about to pace forward but stopped as she pulled him closer wrapping her arms around his neck.

I watched them both as she laughed on something he told her. Clenching my fists just as he kissed her neck and I felt the inside of me explode with anger and annoyance. With in a second, he smashed his lips against hers kissing her.

Something twitched inside of me and I rushed out of the club, breathing unevenly. What the f**k is wrong with her?

I smashed the bin against the wall and hearing the door open again. Her heels clicked the floor just as she approached towards me. I glared at her and she stopped there.

“I didn’t knew he was going to kiss me” I hear her mumble and scoffed loudly. “You let him kiss you” I snarled and she shook her head a tear flowing down her cheek. “He did. I pushed him away…I feel disgusted..” she wiped her mouth furiously as she cried.

“Hey..Hey its okay…Twinkle listen” She quickly wrapped her arms around me and I hugged her back. “I should agreed to dance with you but why did you even dance with him?” I questioned teasing her and she pulled back looking away.

“You felt uncomfortable the moment he touched you and when you saw me..” I trailed and she looked at me with a sheepish grin. “I might have…” She muttered as I stepped forward with her taking one back. “You might have?”

“Tried to make…you..a tiny…just this much…just this much..jealous” She gestured her hand , showing me a small gap between her forefinger and thumb and I chuckled. “And why is that?” I asked stepping further.

She shrugged and then rolled her eyes , “You question a lot” I gave her a long look before grinning , “And as if you answer” She laughed at that but that died as she looked at ground. “He was a bad kisser thou…ugh! That was so gross” She laughed and looked at me.

“Why don’t I show you?” I smirked and she was about to speak as I took her waist and pulled her in. I smashed my lips to her and cradled her head in my hands. I had no idea what I was going to face ahead or the thoughts that we were outside a club kissing each other.

I groaned as her hands came in contact with my neck and I pulled her closer earning a few whistles from the people walking around. Twinkle pulled back and I rested my forehead on hers smiling at her and she did back. “Let’s go inside” I muttered and she nodded.


“Kunjjj! I don’t have legs anymore” Twinkle gasped with tears flowing down her cheeks and I laughed out loud and drove faster. “NOOO!” She screamed loudly crying and I stopped the car. “Twinkle Twinkle little star…” I sang and she glared at me still crying.

“How am I going to walk??” She shouted her head falling back and I chuckled. “You have your legs. It’s dark and you just…can’t see them..look” I placed a hand on her thigh and she turned red. “You shouldn’t be driving…” I hear her mutter and leaned in closer.

“Why?” I whispered slowly near her ear and she closed her eyes. “Because you are drunk” She muttered and I kissed her neck breathing in her scent. “We are drunk” I corrected her but stopped , “No…you intoxicate me” I whispered leaving small kisses down her collarbone.

Yes , I was drunk. We both were. After the kiss we went inside and danced like there was no tomorrow till we were completely wasted and here we are in the car and I’m completely breaking the rules. Who cares.

“A crocodile!” Twinkle suddenly yelled and I pulled back confused. “What??!” I gasped as she ran out of the car standing in front of my house porch. “Look look! It’s freaking gonna eat us” She jumped up and down and I looked around. “Reallyyy ?” She nodded.

She screamed suddenly and I screamed along. “What’s wrong?!!” I cried out and she stopped back leaning on the wall. “It’s a walking crocodile” She cried out and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. “I..I’ll protect ..Y-you” I stuttered and she narrowed her gaze.

“You will! You are the man here” She hissed and I nodded reluctantly. “Go!” She scowled and I gave her a small nod stepping forward but saw the walking crocodile coming closer. “Oh My god! Oh my god! Twinkle it’s coming” I ran back to the wall she was so leaning against near my house door and she looked at it.

“Why don’t you have the f**king key to your house!” She yelled shaking me by my shoulder and I pouted and sat crossed legs on the ground. “Sir! Are you alright?” I looked up to me Akbar and sighed. “It was you? The walking crocodile?”

He looked at me boggled and Twinkle laughed , “It was you…the walking crocodile. But you are toooo slow shouldn’t you be running fast as you are the security” I shook my head at her rant and eyed akbar who was smiling.

“You smile! You are my best friend” Twinkle jumped excitedly and akbar laughed hurriedly saving Twinkle who was about to fall. “Sir… the door is already open” I nodded because again I forgot that yes , I live in a mansion with hundred of security roaming around.

Why would I lock the door?

I walked inside and akbar held Twinkle helping her to sit on the couch. “Hey wait! Your name tag says akbar” Twinkle called out and suddenly her eyes widened. “OH MY GOODNESS! YOUR HIGHNESS”

In a matter of seconds, she was on the ground bowing down and I couldn’t help but laugh at her. “Kunj! King akbar is alive! Omg! You have a museum in your home? Of awesome people from the past?”

I looked on boggled but nodded. “Yeah! Even I didn’t knew that” I replied. “yassss! I want to meet Alexander too! And oh his Dhanno” I fell on the floor laughing my heart out at her words and eyed akbar who had his hand fisted against his mouth trying not too hard to laugh.

“Akbar…you can go now” He nodded and left closing the door. “Crap! It’s 3 am. Let’s go to bed” Twinkle nodded and tried standing up but failed. I sighed and helped her up as we both walked on the stairs her head leaning on my shoulder.

We both entered my room and Twinkle jumped on the bed letting out a deep breath. “You have any spare clothes?” She asks smirking and I rolled my eyes at her dumb question. “The wardrobe is there. Go and change” I pointed and she frowned.

“You are not a gentlemen” She looked at me again but groaned as I didn’t went to get her clothes. She lazily walked inside the wardrobe and I counted till three and heard her scream , “KUNJJJ!”

I laughed and paced towards the wardrobe entering inside and crossed my arms leaning against the door frame. “Yes babe?”

“This is so huge! Where do I find your comfy clothes?” She crossed her arms and sat down on the floor. “Fine!” I rolled my eyes at her tantrums and opened a drawer taking out a large grey t shirt and tossing it to her.

“Pants?” She grumbled and I nodded passing her a new pair of sweat pants and she grinned happily but that died soon as I paced closer towards her and she stood up eyeing me. My hand reached out to unzip her shirt from the back while her eyes stayed on me the whole time.

The top fell onto the floor and I unzipped her jeans and she was left in her undergarments but my eyes never leaving hers. I pick up the shirt and made her wear that.

My fingers didn’t touch her body and she closed her eyes with a frown. “Don’t be a tease” I hear her mumble and smirked up to myself moving closer and I could hear her uneven breathing. “What do you mean?”

I whispered and she opened her eyes , “Touch me” Her voice was low and I smiled before closing the distance between us and wrapped my arms around her waist. I deepened the kiss earning a slow moan from her because I knew I was being rough.

I bit her lower lip and I know she was teasing me. My heart raced faster as she allowed me with her tongue moving in sync with mine. I groaned lowly as she pulled back grinning and her lips kissed my neck nibbling on it for a whilst. I swiftly scooped her in my arms , her legs parted on either side on my torso.

I pushed her back on the wall , and I kissed her earlobe moving down to her neck but damn I couldn’t find her sweet spot. She chuckled because she knew and I laughed lightly. “Tell me where it is..” My voice came out raspy and she shook her head biting her lower lip.

“f**k Twinkle don’t do that” I mumbled and attacked her lips again as I moved outside the wardrobe and placed her on the bed. She giggled as I took my shirt off and went beside her. “What’s so funny?” I ask kissing her collarbone and she smiled.

Her fingers traced my jawbone and she turned around her body now on top of mine. Her eyes lingered on my bare chest before placing a small kiss down my ribcage and moved up to kiss my neck. I convulsed just as her lips moved there and she smirked. “I know yours” damn she knew where I love it the most.

Her fingers struggled to unbuckle my belt and I know she was nervous. I tossed my pants on the floor only to be left in my boxers and removed her shirt too.

I unclasped her bra and my hands immediately cupped her sides and she let’s out a moan as I gently massaged her and now again I was on top of her. I kissed her right br*ast and she tugged on my hair breathing slowly.

I moved towards her underwear and took it off and I smiled moving back to kiss her again. My hands moved down to touch her thigh and just as my hand crept down to her inner thigh she convulsed hardly. I smirked upto myself finding it and she chuckled.

I slowly began to stroke her inner thigh and kept kissing her and moved down kissing her belly. I grazed the skin near her waist and slowly left a small kiss on her inner thigh. She moaned out clutching on to the sheets and kissed her other thigh.

“You want me to stop?” I asked her slowly moving back to kiss her cheek and she shook head shyly. “Say it” I whispered. “No..I don’t want you to stop” I smiled kissing her forehead and my hand gently cupped her core and she closed her eyes.

I looked at her as her eyes were closed just as I inserted a finger inside of her. I kept my pace examining her changing expression and added another finger. Her frown disappeared and she eased in delight and I had a small smile.

“Shall I stop?” I mumbled kissing her neck. “N-No..” she muttered and kissed me as I quickly pulled out. She gasped and grumbled eyeing me and I chuckled. “Wouldn’t want you to reach your high right now” She rolled her eyes at me and I quickly tossed my boxers.

“I’m not a Virgin…anil” She mumbled hesitantly and I kissed the top of her head. “I know..” I breathed out and her eyes widened in awe. “Not now…” She nodded and I smiled.

I entered her and took a deep breath just feeling how tight she was.



“I’m sorry” He whispers as he looks at me with concern and I gave him a small smile. “It’s okay. Keep going” He smiles softly and kisses me roughly on the lips earning a moan from me.

He sucks and harshly bites on my neck surely leaving marks behind. I moan as I felt something in my stomach, whatever he did felt good as Kunj’s head shoots up and I blushed deeply.

He smugly looks at me and thrusts again as I moan and dig my nails on his back , finding the urge to squeeze something badly. “Again?” He asks and I nodded. He’s teasing me and I want to slap that beautiful face of his but damn!

He picks up his speed and I wrap my legs around him as I accepted those feelings and he thrusts harder making me gasp in pleasure. He kisses me again taking in my moans and I ran my fingers in his hair earning a groan from him.

My toes curl around his torso and I know I’m closer to my high as I eye Kunj as his eyebrows were furrowed together making him look more gorgeous.

He kisses me hard and I felt my inside explode with pleasure as we both released together moaning each other’s name in delight. I panted and so did he as he locked his gaze with mine. I sighed and Kunj moved next to me.

I smiled closing my eyes.

I placed my head on his chest quietly listening to his heartbeat against my ear and I smiled tangling our legs together and he rubbed my arm kissing the top of my head.



I groaned heavily rubbing my eyes and rubbed my temples sighing. What’s this annoying thing? My thoughts stopped as I remembered last night . I was with Kunj, kissing him outside a club and after that we were drunk.

Kunj was driving, the walking crocodile and then akbar and then his shirt and after that …OH MY GOODNESS! I eyed my naked body covered with the duvet and lying by my side is…Kunj freaking Sarna!

I gasped remembering we had s*x last night and my head hurts with all the thoughts. My thoughts came to an end as my phone rang again and I eyed the shirt on the floor quickly wearing it and searching for my bag.

The screen flashed with Kris number and I groaned. I’m so gone today. “Hello?..” My voice came out low and that was it. A real mad best friend. Scratch that! I’m terrified.

“Did you use protection?” I gasped boggled because she wasn’t angry neither she was mad infact she freaking asked me a calm question. f**k! How did she knew we had s*x?

“What?..” I whispered yelled and she laughed. “I’m sure Kunj must have been in a hurry last night. Don’t be surprised babe..I’m not worried. Because we know you are in safe hands…nah! s*xy hands” I could actually imagine her smirking.

“Shut up! What am I going to do now? I was freaking drunk , Kris! Now what’s gonna happen?” I whined and she laughed. “Morning kisses?” I chuckled at her Lame response and she sighed. “Hey Kris. I think he’s up…byee” I quickly canceled the call eyeing Kunj who stretched his arms smirking at me.

“Hi..” I awkwardly waved at him and he chuckled breathing out. “Good morning love” I squeaked as he got out of the covers and I immediately turned around. “blo*dy hell! Cover up” He laughed at my reaction.

“As if you didn’t saw me” I snorted at his comments and covered my eyes with my hands. “Come on…you were moaning my name last night” I gasped as his arms encircled my waist and he whispered.

“Last night didn’t meant anything” I mustered up the courage and he sighed. “I know what’s bothering you…you weren’t my one night stand” I smiled turning around and stood on my tip toes kissing his forehead and he dramatically sighed.

“I loved it..” I mutter blushing as I hugged him and he laughed. “Every girl does” I smacked his arm and his chest vibrated due to his laughter. “I’m hungry”

“When are you not?” He scoffed and I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go and grab something from the near by café then” I grabbed his hand and he stopped. “Cover up! I wouldn’t want those dicks to stare at what’s mine”

He grumbled and I pursed my lips in a thin line trying hard not to smile but my heart skipped a beat at his last word.



“Tell me about yourself” I ask Kunj as we both walked back towards his house. Yeah , despite the fact that he has a thousand cars he still wanted to walk and make me walk for like 15 minutes .

“Hi! I’m Kunj” I laughed at his respond and he rolled his eyes. “Your family?” I ask and he nodded, “My mother is on a business trip with my father. Some fashion show. And I have a brother as you might know” I nodded as he kept on telling me different things about his life.

“I have a pretty decent family. Since my parents are always on emergency duties, me and Mahi , my sister just moved out of their house and we are living with my best friend, Kristen as you may know.

And I’m all happy with my life except the fact that my boyfriend of 2 years left me thinking I was a worthless shit and my boss , the person I crazily liked ditches me last night but still he wanted to f**k me” I let out a faint laugh and looked at Kunj who just stared at the signs.

“Quite pathetic” I mumbled laughing faintly and he shifted his gaze to mine. “Nah! The best part I got you” I bet that made me blush so deep that I didn’t even needed a blush.

What the heck am I saying?


One weeks later….

“Damn!” I shoved all the papers on the ground rubbing my temples as my head ached with all the thoughts…thoughts about Kunj. Last time we talked was a week ago when he dropped me home after we had breakfast. And then after that , we didn’t even saw each other.

He didn’t call and neither did I. I didn’t wanted to be desperate , really. But I miss him , quite strange but I miss his touch. His kisses. And I just miss him.

I eyed myself in the mirror and sighed. I am eating like I would. I can’t live without food of course but damn I can’t get any sleep. “Just call him” Kris laughed from the kitchen counter and I groaned shaking my head.

“You both have ego problem” I glared at her and she raised her hands in defense, “Truth hurts , babe” I rolled my eyes and sank back into the couch. “He may have left some messages” She shrugged and I scoffed. “Nothing!” I responded to her.

The door bell rings and I grumbled cursing under my breath. Don’t mind but that’s me in a shitty mood. “Mahi!!! Go and check who’s on…” my words dried in my mouth as Mahi came running and stood in front of the mirror setting her hair.

She smiled at herself and I looked boggled before she opened the door revealing a beaming Yuvraj. Kris passed me a smirk and I rolled my eyes.. Yuvi has been coming over for the past week and we both got along really well.

But I didn’t asked him anything about Kunj. I just couldn’t gather up the courage and whenever he would try saying something I would just quickly divert the topic. He greeted Mahi and Kris and plopped down on the couch with me and I gave him a small smile.

“Where’s my Twinkle ?” He asks and I rolled my eyes. “Thickhead..” I mutter and he laughs , “There she is” I chuckled and hugged him. “Wait Where did he go?”

Yuvi looks at her door and I looked on boggled. My breath hitched in my throat as I saw Kunj coming inside. His gaze locked with mine before they traveled down my body and he frowned but quickly covered it as he greeted Kris and Mahi.

I looked at the other way as he paced closer to me and I gulped hardly. Damn! This is so awkward but I stood up and faced him. “Hey..” My voice came out low and he nodded , “Hello Twinkle. How have you been?”

His voice held no emotions and I cringed at how much coldness his voice held. “I’m good..” He nodded and I sighed looking the other way. “Me and Mahi decided to hang out…so why don’t you guys get ready and we both would wait here” Yuvi gestured his hand between me and Kunj.

I nodded turning around to go to my room and closed the door shut breathing out. I moved towards my wardrobe and sat crossed legged down there eyeing my shoes for just nothing. My eyes watered and I closed them allowing the tears to flow down this time.

The door opened and I sat there crying for nothing. “Leave me alone…” I sniffed and that someone came closer. “Why are you here” I squeezed my shut because I knew it was him. “I missed you…” I mumbled and he stopped right behind me.

“I missed you..” I ranted sobbing and I felt his hands going in between my arm pits as he held me and I stood up facing him. I hugged him and sighed as my muscles relaxed. “I missed you so much..” I mumbled tightening my arms around him.

“And you…you just look looked at me like they all did” wow that’s a moment of realization and I pulled back harshly. “That sulking expression of yours the moment you saw me now” I muttered wiping my tears.

“Because you f**king can’t take care of yourself” I stepped back at his sudden outburst and my back crashed the wall as his chest collided with mine. “Look what you did to yourself” I bit my lower lip ashamed because I knew he was right.

“f**k Twinkle don’t do that” His voice came out low and I gasped at the memory. A small smile played on his lips as he leaned in closer, “You remember?” I nodded at his question and he smiled, “I missed you so f**king much”

And with those words of his , I leaned in capturing his lips with mine and ran my fingers in his hair and I couldn’t care less about the fact that Kris might come in and tease me for life.

We panted as our breath mingled together and I blushed looking the other way. “You blush a lot” He kissed my cheek and I rolled my eyes. “What now?” I asked.

“What do you want?” He asks smiling and I sighed. “You! That’s obvious..” I chuckled and he laughed. Oh God! I missed his glorious laugh. “Friends with benefits?” He said pretending to think and I laughed smacking his shoulder. “Fifty shades of Kunj?”

“I need you Kunj,” I breathed out “I don’t know how this happened. Just a day…. for now we just go with the flow…later wherever this takes us” He nodded pecking my lips and I smiled. “You need to change. Else they are gonna barge in” He smiled and I nodded.


“I would have the chocomint ice cream” I ordered for the desert and leaned back in the booth sighing. The rest ordered for the food a I checked my phone and grumbled mentally eyeing the messages from Raghav.

I resigned the moment after the project announcement day and after that I didn’t try to come across him. Neither he did and the reason is Kunj. It’s been a month since we both have gotten together.

Not the together together relationship kind but after we had s*x whilst we were drunk something clicked between us. Sometimes Kris would be telling me that we do look like a couple. We have those cliché moments and dates along with that we are the people that have s*x together ?

Yeah , something like that.

And it’s not a healthy relationship.

You need to admit it that you have started liking him. A lot.

My breath hitched in my throat as I eyed the message sent by Raghav a minute ago.

Come and meet me. I’m standing near the exit of la se gale. I know you are there.


I sighed moving out and earned a questioning look from Kunj. “I’ll be back in 10 minutes. A friend on mine wants to see me” I rushed out saying that and waited for the elevator. Why did I had to convince Kunj to come to La se gale?

This small restaurant was obviously my favorite but the fact that it was located in a place where you hardly see people never scared me but now when I’m going to meet Raghav scared me a bit.

Don’t be an idiot, Twinkle. Don’t go alone and take someone with you.

It would be alright

I shivered feeling the cold and waited for while at the corner a few minutes away for the restaurant finally as Raghav came. “Hi” He breathed out with a stupid smirk that I so wanted to remove. “What now?” I snapped and he sighed.

“I am sorry for what happened back then. I wasn’t thinking straight. I am seriously in love with you and I need you” He mumbled coming close and I didn’t move. “Did you hook up with every women and am I now the only one left?” I spat and he chuckled deeply. “That’s what I like about you…” He traced his fingers on my collarbone and I pushed him back.

“But I don’t… so shove your ass on someone else” I grunted and turned around but I was harshly pulled back as he twisted my arm his lips finding his way down my neck. “J-just…get your..hands” I struggled getting out of his hold and his lips met my collar bone as he harshly bit me there.

I gasped as pain engulfed me and I kicked him hard in the balls and he growled. I was about to go inside but he pulled me back his hand fisting my hair and he attacked my lips kissing me and I cried out.

He bit my lip hurriedly and I punched him in the face but again he got a hold of me but before he could kiss me he was pulled back by Kunj.

I leaned back against the wall with tears rolling down. I couldn’t stop them both as Kunj punched him. It took me about 5 minutes as I composed myself running towards them and pulled Kunj back who couldn’t stop glaring at me.

Raghav was breathing heavily and without any second glance he ran off the other side. Kunj was again going to run after him but I pulled him by his arm. “Don’t!” he snapped and I sighed leaving his arm. “Leave him. I’m alright”

He scoffed at my question and I wrapped my arms around his back. He pulled me closer sighing. “Show me..” He pulled back eyeing my lips and then down my body as his gaze stopped on my collarbone.
“f**king a*sh*le. Raghav Mehra you are so gonna pay for touching my girl”

My girl.

My girl….

He cursed heavily before tracing his finger down my collarbone. “Does it hurt?” He softly asks and I shook my head , “Not now”

He rolled his eyes smiling a bit but I knew that did help to lighten the situation a bit. “And now?” He kissed my lips softly and I shook my head. “Better” I murmured and kissed him again as my back touched the wall in the street.


There was no one around as the lights were off all around the streets. Only the restaurant at the back of the street was open.

Kunj left meager kisses down my neck and kissed my collar bone lightly. His left hand cupped my br*ast and I moaned softly. His other hand moved inside my Sunday dress and I convulsed as his cold hand touched my skin.

He moved his knee near my sensitive part and I closed my eyes finding the need to squeeze something badly. I tugged on his hair kissing him hard. “Do you feel it?”

I nodded moaning as he kept his pace. I couldn’t think of anything else expect the pleasure he was giving me. “ me..” I breathed out and he chuckled.

I moaned out loud enough feeling good and he kept his hand on my mouth laughing lightly. I slapped his arm and he glared at me making me giggle. But that stopped as he pushed in a finger inside of me.

He looked at me smugly before picking up his pace. I placed my head on his chest, tightly holding on to him as I knew I was near. I covered my mouth digging my nails into his arm as I climaxed.


“Why are we here again?” I ask Kunj as we stepped inside his house. After our little heated up moment , Kunj informed the others that we were going back.

he hurriedly leaded me inside as we went his room. I stopped inside the room and turned around facing him.

He smirked and pushed me onto the bed . Weird that is. He moves closer and removed my dress and walked back to a dresser. Pulling out a tie , he walked towards and tied my hands with the bed side. Once he was above me, he cupped my sides. With my right one in his mouth and my left between his index finger and thumb , I moaned loudly.

The fact that his erection was rubbing against my heat , made it even worse , causing me to grind against him. He smirked and kisses my lips , “Not yet”

Crawling down , he touches my bundle of nerves against the thin material and plays with it teasingly. “Kunj please..” He kisses me there and moves up to my navel. The material between his teeth , he pulls it down my ankles and throws it away.

Moving up to kiss the inside of my thigh and I struggled breathing heavily trying to untie my hands. “Untie me. I need to touch you a- oh shit” I cussed as he kissed me there.

He gets over me and positions himself along my entrance. He thrusts inside of me and slowed down a bit kissing my forehead. I moaned as he moved fast and surprisingly he untied my hands still moving and grabbed me by my hips turning me around.

Pain engulfed me due to the changed position and I arched my back moaning slightly. “Kunj..I can’t..” I cried out and he pulled me closer kissing me , “’ll be alright..”

Our moans filled the room and I sighed when I climaxed breathing slwoly. he pulled the duvet over me and I snuggled closer.

Are you going to be like this always ? Are we just fulfilling each other’s desires? Do I love him or its just s*xual attraction? Or am I using him as a rebound against Raghav?

No , I do like Kunj maybe I love him but does he? Or maybe he just never took it that way.


“Yeah…I’ll be there in thirty minutes” I responded to Kris and sighed eyeing the empty bed. It’s been 10 minutes since I woke up but Kunj isn’t here. Akbar said he’s gone for same paper work.

I quickly grabbed my phone and ran towards the gate. “Akbar…can you drop me to Kunj’s office , please? If I’m not bothering you” He nodded smiling.


“Would they let me in?” I chewed on my finger nails and akbar gestured me to follow him. He walked inside heading towards the receptionist. A girl probably around my age, dressed up in a blue pencil skirt and a white button up shirt stood there, her eyes flickering on me.

I could see her expression change and she eyed me from head to toe with a disgusted look. I had my leggings on that once I left at Kunj’s apartment and had one of Kunj’s sweatshirt. My hair was a mess itself.

Yeah, I looked bad enough entering a building full of professional workers.

“Akbar..” she gave him a small nod and a small sickening smile. “Hello layla. This is Twinkle, a friend of Kunj and she’s here to meet Kunj. It’s urgent”

She raised an eyebrow at me before nodding and asked me to follow her. “Can’t you accompany me? I’m sure she’s planning to break every single bone in my body” I whispered to akbar who just smiled.

“I’m sure nothing would happen. Good luck” He whispered back and rushed out of the building. I sighed and followed layla who kept on glaring at me after each minute.

We entered the elevator and it stopped at the last floor. I followed her examining everything. “Uh huh” She snapped her fingers in front of me and I jumped a bit. “Mr.sarna is busy in a meeting I guess. You can go in after 15 minutes. Take a seat here” She pointed at the couches in the corner and I nodded.

After some time, three men came outside the room with Kunj Sarna written in bold. But he didn’t came out so I waited for some more time. After waiting for another 15 minutes, I debated weather I should be going in or not.

And now I’m standing in front the door and take a deep breath. Relax Twinkle, it’s just Kunj. With a huge smile I entered the room and there was no one on the chair.

My eyes snapped towards the couch where Kunj was sitting and a girl hovering over him. Her legs were parted on each side of his and Kunj’s eyes were shut showing as if he wasn’t interested. She kissed him on the lips and I didn’t knew when I had began crying.

I chocked out a sob and my eyes widened when their head snapped towards me. Kunj pushed the girl away and marched towards me but I turned on my heels. I was pulled back by Kunj clashing his chest.

“What!?” I screamed trying to get out of this grip. “Listen Twinkle…” He hissed but I shook my head. “Kunj sweetheart. Is this your new submissive?” I took a sharp intake of breath and looked at Kunj who closed his eyes , “Stop your nonsense and just leave Kaira”

I looked back at her and she had a smirk on her face as she walks towards me. She walked past me but stopped again facing , “Listen hun, don’t fall in love with this man. He knows how to f**k people and hearts. Well , he just wants to f**k women to get to get rid of the memories in need of some childhood sweetheart he has”

Childhood sweetheart?

She sighed and then turned on her heels walking and I pushed myself far from Kunj leaning against the wall. “Childhood sweetheart?” I whispered looking boggled.

“Twinkle….” He stepped ahead and I eyed him before punching him. “What the heck did you think? I was somewhat playing a submissive role for you?” I hissed at him and he stumbled back rubbing his jaw.

He looked at layla who was standing there stunned and she turned around in an instant with a few workers following her out of the floor.

“You should be the one answering me Twinkle” he pushed me back in rage and I looked on startled, “Answer to what?!” I spat and he breathed out a faint laugh. “Answers to every single time you broke my heart” He shouts.

“Answer to that when you didn’t showed up” He breathed hard and my mind raced with hundreds thoughts. “Because you are naive. You were just surrounded by the thoughts of Raghav.”

“Elementary school to high school then to college you kept on bragging that you love Raghav. University comes and you are spellbound by him. You are his PA and Woah he ditches you but the truth was that he never f**king loved you when I had loved you all my life.

Since the moment when we met at the lake side when I was 7 and you were 6. Since the moment when you never knew my name till I was 11 and you 10.

Since the moment when you made we wait for like hours on your 10 birthday which we promised you would be celebrating with me. But you went to Raghav and he insulted you but you still loved him.

And after that you never bothered seeing me. You never visited the lake side. You never met me , but why would you. You didn’t even knew my name in those four years. And you don’t even remember what you used to call me..”

“Batman..” I muttered and everything buzzed in my mind. “Batman…the person I had as my first friend. The one I told random stories to. The 7 years old boy I met on the river side with a batman costume on because he didn’t got a white forest cake on his birthday and he was hiding from his parents.

The one to call me Twinki. Because he said that that I twinkle brighter than the stars and I was his Twinki because I would twinkle for him…”

I whispered covering my mouth and cried remembering the time when I had ditched all the plans for what me and batman made and went to Raghav’s house at my 10th birthday with my parents and after that I never went to the lake side.

“Kunj…You are my batman” I muttered and heard his scoffed, “I was…as if you ever even remember me” everything makes sense.

“You know that I only like Grand chicken from McDonald’s. You are aware of the fact that in allergic to peanuts and I never mentioned it to anyone in school too. You know the places where I like and where I visit.

That means you have been stalking me?” my eyes widened and he convulsed looking the other way. “I wasn’t stalking. I was just watching after you” He mumbled and turned around , “But just the like the time you left me. I think you’ll go now too”

He started walking and I raced towards him keeping my hand on his chest preventing him to go. “No! I had no choice that day. Mom and dad got to know that I visit the lake when they asked me not to. And I know I didn’t came that day. Because I loved Raghav but it wasn’t love.

I was just fascinated by him and that was just attraction. Because he was popular in school and I wanted his attention. I was stupid and maybe till now before I met you. I’m sorry Kunj..” I bit my lower lip trying not to cry harder and he pushed my hand away and walked towards his office.

And he walked out of by life too and that too the moment when I realize that I love him.


A few days later ….

“Twinkle you stink! Take a bath” Kris knocked on the door louder and I rolled my eyes. She’s just being a drama queen.

I have been spending my time in room blocking every human being .

I sighed and went outside my room plopping down on the sofa and blew out a breath. What a mess I’m.

“YES! YOU ARE A MESS” Kris voice surrounds me and did I said that too loud? “Yeah!” I looked at her and she sat on the floor legs crossed as Mahi joined her too copying her style. “I’m in a need to hear your voice and stories Twinkle” Kris mutters eyeing the ground.

“You just can’t be like this. You didn’t step out of the house and you toss yourself here and there daily. Stop with this shit” Mahi snapped and I hung my head low gazing at the ground. “Rest your mind and buck up. Go and tell him that you love him”

My head snapped up and I looked at her startled, “I..I c-cant ..” I need to cry. Till now I have been standing in front of the mirror to cry but I couldn’t. And I need to cry and to take out my frustration.

“Are you telling him that or you want me to do that?” Kris crossed her arms raising an eyebrow and I looked on totally dumbfounded. “I’ll do it” my voice came out firm and low and I could see them smile. “Yassss!” they both ran towards me hugging me tightly.

“Now I’ll again have someone to fight over for ice cream” Mahi squealed and I chuckled deeply. Yes , they did make me feel better but right now I need courage to go and meet Kunj.


You can do it! Come on Twinkle…

Just a few steps ahead and you’ll face the huge gates. Yeah! Just one more step.

“Twinkle..” I jumped back as someone called my name and held my heart breathing heavily. “Akbar you scared me” I breathed out and he chuckled shaking his head. “It’s been so long. And you haven’t been visiting”

I sighed as I eyed the house, “Reasons , akbar. I’m..actually..uh to see Kunj” I mumbled. “I’m sorry. He’s on a business trip” He gave me an apologetic look.

“Will he be back any time soon?” He thought for a while before answering, “Yes. He would be back in a few hours” I nodded. “You can wait inside the house” He offered and I looked on surprised, “You trust me with that?”

“Of course” He smiled giving me a slight nod.

“Thanks akbar. But I don’t think Kunj would like that. I’ll wait outside” He nodded reluctantly and went towards his small office inside near the gates as I stood outside the house near the main gates.


It’s been three hours and Kunj didn’t showed up. The weather turned extremely cold and yes I had the feeling it’s gonna rain. And well I wasn’t wrong. In seconds , water started splashing right on me and I groaned.

I heard footsteps and turned eyeing akbar. “It’s raining and it’s late. I think you should go or come inside my office. I shook my head , “I’m alright” I shout over the splashing rain and he rolled his eyes. “I’ll be fine akbar. You should go inside”

“I like the rain anyway” I shrugged giving him a convincing smile and he looked at me reluctantly. “I’ll be fine”

He nodded turning around because he knew how stubborn I was. If I go inside the car I’ll probably miss Kunj’s car and then I can’t wait for another day.

After a while as the rain didn’t stopped , I checked the time and it was 11 : 23 pm. Damn! It’s so late. And just that moment , an audi R8 appeared in the way making its way towards the gates.

I hurriedly raced towards the gates as the car stopped for the gates to open. I moved closer an inch away from the window of the back seats and I could see Kunj inside as I knocked on the window. He didn’t even move not even a blink.

“Kunj..” I yelled my hand on the window but his gaze stayed firm on the front. The driver looked at me and he didn’t. It means he saw me but he…

I stepped back as the car moved and went inside closing the gates behind. I moved towards the gate but my phone rang. “Twinkle where are you??” Kris scolded on the other side and I sighed.

“Hey Kris..don’t worry I’m with Kunj. I’ll call you back and don’t worry okay? Take care” I told her and she asked me to take care before I hung up.

“Akbar..” I called out loudly and he marches towards me. “I’m sorry. Sir asked me not to let you in” it felt as someone slashed me right across my heart and I bit my lower lip trying to control my on going urge to cry. “It’s okay..can you do me a favor?” He nodded slightly.

“Tell him that I won’t leave until he let’s me speak to him” He nods and rushed inside and came back after a while. “What did he say?” I asked and he shook his head before giving me a small sympathetic smile and rushing inside his office.

I leaned against the gates sighing and shivered as the cold breeze hits my skin. Well I have been splashed with cold water too.

Yeah! When reality hits ….


Love makes you wait like nothing else.

Since when have you been saying corny lines.

I feel a bit mad because right now it’s 10 in the morning and I’m waiting here in akbar’s small office which is pretty cool with their huge glass windows. Except I was uncomfortably wet because it rained madly last night.

I hope Kunj comes out soon. My eyes snapped towards the gate as they opened and Akbar looked at me smiling, “That’s your cue”

I quickly stood in front of the gates when akbar opened them and the car stopped when I stood in front of it. I crossed my arms and pursed my lips in a thin line trying to look intimidating.

Key word- trying.

The driver came out instead of Kunj and I grumbled. “Don’t ask me to move. Else you find a donor for your balls” I pointed my forefinger at him and his eyes widened. “And find one for your boss too. He may need them after this”

His eyes widened and he stepped aside making me smile in victory.

You still have to do a lot.

I walked past him and opened the door to the back seat eyeing as Kunj casually sat in his seat typing something on his phone. I gritted my teeth and grumbled mentally.

The nerve of this man.

In a matter of seconds, I grabbed his phone and threw it forcefully on the gates. I could hear the guards gasp loudly too. But got no response from him. My gaze fell on the rod near akbar’s office and grabbed it running towards the car.

I hit the car’s front window without any second thoughts and the driver stepped back. I went on breaking the head lights and then the mirror. Then next going towards all the windows leaving the in which Kunj sat next to.

He may get hurt.

I blew out a breath and kept hitting the rod on every part of the car. Until I was out of breath and satisfied I stopped. It was Kunj’s favorite car.


I groaned rubbing two fingers harshly on my left eyebrow.

Nothing affected him. Not even the fact that I did this to his favorite car. I sat on the ground crossed legged and dropped my head to my hands and allowed myself to cry. The thing I avoided and I did it.

I just allowed the tears out because this time I couldn’t stop them. Because I couldn’t gather up the courage to tell him that I love him.

A moment later , I felt two arms wrapped around my waist and I was scooped into someone’s arms. I looked up to see Kunj as he walked inside the house with me in his arms. He looked at the front while my gaze just stayed at him.

I wanted to cry more because it felt good to see him after so many days. Became it felt good to be with him.

He opened the door and took a few steps before placing me on the couch. I sniffed and wiped my tears looking at him as he took a seat right across me.

He didn’t say anything but he faced towards me and I looked the other way. There was an uncomfortable silence between us and I gulped nervously as my hand begin to sweat but I rubbed them on my jeans.

Damn. My clothes are still wet and sticky.

My chain of thoughts came to an end as he paced towards me and I took a deep breath. He leaned in closer resting his hands on each side of the couch. “Take off your shades?” I managed to choke out. It looked morr like an order rather than a question.

He leaned in more closer , so close that I could feel his breath fanning the side of my neck. I shivered slowly as his thumb touched my cold skin. But he moved back eyeing me for while before rushing up the stairs.

I looked on startled as he left but came but after 5 minutes. I could see something in his hands , clothes that were folded. He stood in front of me , “Take them off”

“Your shades?” I questioned and he sighed, “Your clothes” my eyes widened at his response and he again leaned closer. “As if I have never seen you before” I could feel the heat rise up to my cheeks.

I took a sharp intake of breath as his warm hands touched my cold skin. His hands tugged on the hem of shirt before he took it off. I looked on as he grabbed a large sweater which I guess was what he bought from his room.

He made me wear them and all the way along his hand touched my skin and I pursed my lips in a thin line not wanting to show how much he affects me. Just then his hands went to the button of my jeans but he stopped as he placed his hand on my stomach rubbing his thumb on the exposed area.

I so wanted to kiss him but the thought of being pushed away scared me. Just a single touch by him and I get so much affected. “Breathe..” his voice was low and I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath the whole time. He unzipped my jeans and took them off as I quickly grabbed the sweatpants from him and started wearing them.

I moved away from the couch and stood up facing him as he crossed his arms. I opened my mouth to speak but damn I need courage. “You are cold” He spoke slowly and stepped further. The moment when he was right in front of me I quickly took off his shades and I literally felt everything collapse.

“You have been crying..” I chocked out a sob covering my mouth. The warmth in his eyes was gone. The gleeful and the joyful eyes that would make my day had turned dull. His eyes were red and puffy. Yes , he had been crying and just like me…he couldn’t sleep.

He blew out a sarcastic laugh looking up at the ceiling and my heart broke because he’s in pain. “I have hurt you , right?” I mumbled my hand creeping up to his jaw and he squeezed his eyes shut as I touched him.

“Punish me then” I muttered and just as his eyes met mine I felt a strong pain shoot inside of me.

He’s hurt . And I’m the reason.

Before I could say anything else , his hand gripped my hair and he pushed me towards his body clashing his lips onto mine. He sighed as I touched him and I tried to pull back but he wrapped his one arm around me and the other still gripping onto my hair.

He kissed me hardly his hand going to down to my waist and just then his fingers touched me down there and I moaned out at the need of him. He slowly touched me through the thick fabric of his sweatpants and I couldn’t help but kiss his neck.

I wrapped my legs around his torso as my back touched the wall.

His hand crept inside he sweatshirt , his fingers roaming around my waist. “Why are you still here?” He asks kissing my temple.

“And don’t even try to lie. I have been watching you. Are you mad?” He questioned kissing my cheek. “Why would you stay all the time outside waiting for me? I didn’t even try coming towards you ” His voice was low and broken.

He kept his gaze on me watching my movements because he knew what he was doing to me right now. “I walked away that day. Never tried coming back to you. Then why would you wait outside when it was raining like hell and heck you hurt yourself too”

“Because I love you” I whispered locking my gaze with him and his hand stopped the same time. He loosened his grip on me and slowly made me stand on my feet with my back still touching the wall as his hands rested on either side of mine.

“And that’s why I love you more” He whispered leaning his forehead touching mine and I looked on startled , “Y-you do..?” I stuttered surprised and he chuckled kissing my earlobe and whispered, “As much as I love every single thing about you”

I smiled biting my lower lip and he laughed lightly. “Feeling better?” He asks and I nodded , “Better than ever” He smiled widely before stepping back. He narrowed his gaze at me and rubbed his thumb and forefinger around his chin. I titled my head to side , “What?..” I spoke chuckling and he sighed.

“Umm…thinking whether I would be able to carry your tantrums or you after marriage?” He crossed his arms and I chuckled , “I think you’ll manage…wait what?!” and the moment of realization hits me. “Marry me” He stepped ahead interlinking my hand with his.

His eyes said it all. I could see a wave of hope passing through them , “Yes” I breathed out and his expression took a turn as he beamed at me.

“Well, before that” he smirked pulling me closer, “let’s continue”


Eight years later

“Mehek. Mehek” The crowd cheered loudly and I smiled joining them. “And Mehek Sarna crosses the finishing line first”

Mehek’s classmates cheered loudly standing up and they ran towards Mehek surrounding her. She had a huge grin on her face as her friends hugged her.

Just then I saw Kunj scooping up our seven year old daughter in his arms and coming towards us. “Mama! Look I won” She shook her trophy in the air grinning and I hugged her tightly.

“I’m so proud of you , love” I kissed her cheek and she smiled. She turned eyeing her brother and chuckled crouching down next to him.
“Arun is happpyyy” he giggled obviously missing the j in his name. “I’m only thwee” he showed his four little fingers to Mehek and I chuckled putting down one of his fingers.

“Yes. Arjun is a big boy. Now come on” Kunj lifted Arjun in his arms kissing his cheek and I smiled holding Mehek’s hand.

“Hey love” Kunj encircled his arms around me kissing my temple and I smiled turning around. “Finalllyy” I chuckled kissing him and he laughed pulling me closer.

Not even a second before I head my annoying best friends voice , “Tsk..tsk..poor Kunj and Twinkle. Two s*x craved creatures”

I rolled my eyes pulling back and leaning my head against Kunj’s shoulder with his arm around my waist. “Shut up, Kris. You are still annoying”

“I know right. And right now her mood swings are killing me” Nikhil entered grabbing an apple from the fruit basket making me laugh.

I looked at my best friend smiling widely. Kris and Nikhil married three years after our marriage and they are soon gonna be blessed with two twins.

And well, I fell in love with a man who was perfectly flawed?



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