Perfect Pati 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushkar learns Payal’s truth

Perfect Pati 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushkar saying Kabeer you are very smart, you should have not slapped me, you did wrong. He throws the things angrily. He says let the blackmailer’s message come, then I will show you what I m. Vidhi wakes up. Kabeer apologizes. He tells her everything about Pushkar. Vidhi says I feel that person is involved, you went to fight him alone, you don’t worry for yourself. He says I got a way to reach your past and now I have lost that way. Pushkar works out. He checks some sim. Kabeer asks how did Pushkar get this man’s address. Vidhi says he didn’t get that man’s name. Kabeer says we have to talk to Pushkar. Pushkar sees Vidhi’s pic and calls Kabeer. He says you think just you can reach me. Kabeer asks who are you.

Pushkar says lets come to the point, give me

that girl and tell me your price. Vidhi worries. Kabeer says we will agree to him so that we can reach him. He says you can get the girl and take money, you wasted much money. Pushkar says fine, get her at the same place, you will get money, don’t try to play game with me, I have my eyes on you, I know you are at Rajshri’s house, your mistake can be dangerous for you and you wife Payal. He ends call and says now my game begins. Vidhi says he knows everything about us. Kabeer says he thinks I want money, he said our mistake will be proved costly, we have to take a chance. Vidhi says you have to promise me, you won’t leave me alone. Kabeer says fine, but things will be planned according to me, he wants to harm you, I don’t want this to happen. He calls someone.

Kabeer and Vidhi come to the same place. She worries. He says I will deal with any problem, let that fraud man come. Some men come there. She says he has sent his goons, we got trapped. Kabeer shakes hands with bouncers. He says I knew that man is clever, I hired them for our safety. He recalls taking help from Rangeela. He asks his men to catch the fraudster. The men hides. Dr. Bose calls Vidhi and says I have got a way to find out your old face. Kabeer says disconnect the call, that man is here. Vidhi says I will call you later. Police comes there and catches Kabeer and Vidhi. Inspector scolds Kabeer and slaps him. He shows the proof.

Kabeer says its wrong, we are not blackmailer, we have come to catch that murderer. Vidhi says yes, we are innocent. Constable asks did you lose your mind, you both are together. She says someone tried to kill me, I m here to find my culprit. Inspector says I know this already, I have come to take this girl. Constables beat Kabeer. Vidhi asks them to leave Kabeer. Police takes Vidhi. Kabeer fights with the constables. Inspector says it was nice idea to go there dressed as police. He shows Vidhi tied up. Pushkar thinks I will be meeting Vidhi now. Vidhi shouts to Kabeer for help. He scolds the man and says you got the wrong girl. The man says she told me that someone tried to kill me. Pushkar says they fooled you. The man says no, she told the truth to me, she didn’t know that I m fake inspector.

Pushkar gets Vidhi’s phone. He gets Dr. Bose’s call and answers. Dr. Bose says maybe you were busy, we can make your old face by a new software, I m sending you the pic, tell me if you remember anything seeing it. She sends Vidhi’s pic. Pushkar gets shocked. He says it means Payal is Vidhita.

Vidhi says she lost her memory and remembered me and my house, she came to trap me. He tries to kill her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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