Perfect Pati 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabeer finds out Vidhita’s truth

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Pushkar throws the pump angrily. You survive every single time Vidhi! Your face has changed but you haven’t! You came between me and mom yet again. Even air takes permission before coming between us. You always take my place! How to kill you! I feel like strangling you with my own hands! He calms himself. I have to first separate her from mom before killing her. Pushkar Rathod will have to arrange for a new way to do Vidhi’s last rites.

Rajshri asks Vidhi why she dint tell this to her before. Kabeer read that letter in front of Pushkar only but he kept mum. He must answer me now! Vidhi tells her against it. I went to him to seek help. I only wrote that letter. I asked him to show me a place where I could hide safely. He dint close the door from outside. I wanted to send Kabeer back to

Delhi as he keeps risking his life for me again and again. Rajshri tells her she has no idea what Kabeer has gone through after reading the letter. He must be looking for you. Vidhi tells her not to call Kabeer. I did all this for him only. He has been thinking about me since I have met him. I have no one. I have lost my memory. I recall nothing. I don’t know where I will go or who I am but Kabeer has a fiancé and friends who are waiting for him. Rajshri says it means you dint tell me the entire truth that day. I consider you my daughter. Tell me everything if you really think me to be as your mother.

Kabeer is showing Vidhi’s photo to every passer-by to find out some clue about her. I scanned entire Jodhpur but this foolish girl is nowhere to be seen! You cheated our friendship. You were yearning to find your real face till yesterday. I have it now but now you are missing! Where should I look for you? He notices a girl in the mirror and gets confused. She has Payal’s old face. How can two people have same face? He turns around but the girl has left from there by then.

Vidhi tells Rajshri everything. I don’t know who my enemy is. The more I try to get closer to my past, the closer I inch to danger. I don’t want Kabeer to fall in any trouble. Would you like to lose the only family that you have in your life? I cannot put his life in risk. Rajshri wonders how two people can think so much about each other without any relation. I am seeing that relation for the first time. She wipes Vidhi’s tears. Vidhi requests her not to tell Kabeer anything. He will get tired and return home. Rajshri reasons that she is right but the same danger is also lurking on Kabeer and Vidhi. I will help you. Vidhi is anxious to know her past. Rajshri tells her she isn’t alone. I am with you. Pushkar and I will help you.

Kabeer finds that girl and looks at the photo. how can there be two people with the same face? She might be Payal’s twin sister! It means Payal’s family has been found? He decides against telling her anything yet. The girls notice him pointing the phone at them and confront them for clicking their photos. Kabeer asks her if she has a twin sister. The girl calls it an old excuse to initiate convo with girls. She threatens to hit him but he shows her the photo. Do you have a twin sister? The girls laugh at it. Someone has fooled you. This is my old photo and it has been edited. They walk away. Kabeer realises that someone is trying to fool him. It is a big game!

Rangeela is looking at the video and is happy thinking that now Pushkar will not be able to avoid his blackmailer. Bela’s mother hits him for making a video. He reasons that they have to have some backup. Do you want to be at Pushkar’s mercy always? Bela’s mother reprimands him for falling so low. We kept quiet when Vidhi begged us for help. We were quiet spectators. We are equally culprits in this crime. We kept mum even when police came to our house for investigation! You want to earn money by blackmailing Pushkar over Vidhi’s death? Rangeela asks her how she changes colours so quickly. Bela’s mother looks tensed.

Rajshri comes to the living room and Sub-Inspector greets her. He shares that he called her earlier to inform about Vidhi but she dint give any response so he sent me here. She is confused. He shares that they found a girl in a coffin in Delhi some months earlier. Our gut feeling says that it might be Vidhi. Sir had told this to Pushkar. Rajshri wonders why Pushkar hid it from her. She tells the Sub-Inspector to go to Delhi and find out if she is indeed Vidhi. He replies that they have to first find out about the girl. She has been discharged from the hospital. This delay wouldn’t have happened if Pushkar had replied to us. She tells him to start his enquiry now on her order. He nods and leaves. She is sure something is wrong. Why did Pushkar hide such a big thing from me? I must talk to him! She sends Badri to call Pushkar.

Kabeer is puzzled as to why Dr. Bose will send him someone else’s photo. He calls her and reprimands her for joking with Payal. Why did you send a wrong photo? She reasons that she sent the photo that she generated from software. She checks her phone and points out that someone has messed with her photo. I think someone has done it intentionally. Kabeer is sure it is the same people who don’t want Payal to know about her past. Send me the correct photo asap. Dr. Bose sends him. Kabeer is stunned to see the photo. He recalls seeing Vidhi’s photo in Rathod House and the suspicions they had on Pushkar since beginning. I understand that Payal’s real enemies are present right in Rathod Villa.

Precap: Bela’s mother confesses Pushkar’s crime before Rajshri. Rangeela shows her the video where Pushkar puts Vidhi in a coffin and throws the coffin in a river.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi Pooja, thanks you for your efforts in speedy updates! 🙂

    Finally, Pushkar truth is revealed. He has got away with alot and mental illness or not, is no excuse for his wicked and evil deeds!

    1. Pooja

      Hey Summer.. thanks a ton 🙂 Glad that you are enjoying it! 🙂

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