Pehredar Piya ki:- Does it deserve this backlash.My views

Hello everyone.This is shrilatha .This time I am not giving any ff or OS.This I want to discuss something.So yes its about ppk Pehredaar piya ki.Does this show deserve this much of hatred and backlash.does it?

Let me talk for a minute like a normal viewer.Many people went to file petition against it but was it really necessary to do so.I mean really I want to ask a question .the people who filed petitions have you watched atleast one episode of ppk where it was actually regressive. I mean I have examples of so many shows which are actually regressive but peoplke enjoy it but whenever someone come with a unique concept people leave all their jobs to file petitions..seriously so jobless you people could be.

Now I will talk about the show.

First when swaragini got over I was missing the entire cast.then came helly and then varun kapoor.Then I got the news of teja’s comeback from one of my reader called Khushi.I was so happy .We teja fans celebrated it.And then next day the so called media which is supposed to make every news come to us and this same media which changed its route and started giving opinions and really biased opinions saying that Tejaswi is romancing a 10 year old kid.I mean really .The funny part was this was the second day that the news of teju’s comeback was made.I mean how could mediua judge a story just based on the news that it stars tejaswi and 10 years old affan.I didnt knew our media was so good to know the story just with the star cast.WOW .They made this news when not even the first promo was made and now after one month journey of the show I am telling you there was not one scene when they actually romanced To add to our frustration some stupid people came bashing teja .But we had full confidence that teja will never go for a show which would be really regressive.So we started supporting it..Finally the show was aired.An it got good response and yes again there were people who came to bash it.I reallly say there were people l who said it was a child marriage concept .I somewhat agree with them you know why they saw the promo where ratan fills diya’s maang and I respect them for atleast making a opinion based on something.

Then came some more people and you might find it funny they came just to bash the show because they hate tejaswi.
How low you can stoop.

SO the first question was how could teja romance affan.
Answer:- not even in one episode the romance was shown.

Child marriage:- yes affan was a kid who got married but it was not because DiRa were in love or diya had s*xual intentions or because the family wanted a heir. This was to protect ratan as both his parents were dead.

Some asked me then why didnt she become a mother or a sister or a pehredar like bodygaurd.The culprit was someone from the family.When they question her who is she to meddle with things what is she going to answer?
No one question a wife why is she meddling with things.that was the reason to get them married.

The stalking scene.People said ratan was stalking diya Don’t be this stupid people .When I was small there was this show called sonpari And I if I see anyone in gold lehenga I used to look at them wherever they go assuming them to be sonpari.Remember everyone buying shakalaka bhoom bhoom pencil..When ever our favourite fantasy stories come true we tend to adore them. Similarly ratan was following diya as she was his pari out of his fairy tale.and so called mature people call it stalking .disgusting.

When diya falls down the only person present at the time was ratan he just held her so that she doesn’t hurt herself .People went to think the extreme things in this case .In this case the show was not disgusting it s the mindset of the [people that was disgusting.

And finally comes the most important suhagraat scene.This actually make me believe how people are actually thinking including mrs Smriti Irani.I really want to snap at them .Because neither did DiRa consummate.leave about it they didnt even had a romantic talk.all they did was sleep on their part of bed and people specially parents were complaining saying that their children will spoil watching such shows .Really? In almost every show a very hot intense romance is shown between the stars and watching them children will grow with good values but will be impacted by ppk. I think you yourself is the worst impact on your children.

And yes our great Karan wahi Posted rubbish about the show saying how can a boy marry a girl who is older to him.If I am not wrong he has done a show called Kuch toh log kahenge in which the girl marries a person of her father’s age and strangely he doesnt feel that wrong.Ohh is it because its the girl who is younger there? Hmm?

And even the actress of that show commented in the same way.but strange thing is that these people forgot to look back before speaking.

And Yeah I forgot about Sharad Malhotra. Was also saying the same thing .In Kasam tanu dies and then she is born again for Rishi(Sharad Malhotra) .Later she grows up and marries the same old rishi.that means he also married a girl who was born when he was around 23 years old.Great

Guys there are many shows which are far more regressive. but its only ppk that was banned and this show was not aggressive at all. There were many people who watched it after looking at the controversy and thought to give it a a chance and liked the show after that .I have met many such people. What is it that people people are so aggressive about .Please Change your mindset .
I have even talked with people who give speeches saying that we should not judge anyone without knowing the truth but when I discussed PPK those same people were judging this show. That means are your words or so called principals just for talking.If you dont like the show just flip the channel. Its not that Sony is the only channel available .Or Ppk is the only show that comes at that time..And people say what will kids learn from this show.I mean from when are we using television to learn something. well when certain shows with superstitions come up or some with Black magic or some like naagins at that time are you not worried about what your kids learn.

People adore Game of thornes,Twilight Jacob imprints on new born Renesmee but people loved it but when it happens in Indian shows people point their fingers.

Well Now I know in spite of saying lakhs of things people will still say things about the show.

People wanted it banned .some saying its regressive ,some because they hate teja .Whatever we are missing one of the best shows. And people be happy. because of you people many are suffering. Cheers to your cold hearts .I really don’t expect this disgusting society to change. And Now I hate it even more specially the people and the government(Smriti Irani).

Also I am happy that this show is coming back with season 2 so haters please get ready .You have to hatch more plans to ban that also. What else can you do except to hurt others.

Teja fans I know guys many have been hurt ,with the ban of the show but guys I salute their spirit .And I respect them more now.

  1. Jasminerahul

    very nice review.I just saw one episode of the show.on the basis of that and my closest friend who is a regular viewer of the show I can say that there was no romance on the show.still people are criticizing the show without watching it.another thing is that the show was going to take leap soon.then why did they end it abruptly?this is what I can’t understand

    1. Asw

      They plugged the show making new story with same cast

    2. Hey guys , just wanted to let u guys knw that PPK is still airing in UK . If any of u want to watch this then u can do so via this App .
      Pak India TV HD V2

  2. Saloni2128

    wow so finally show got stooped great news ! 🙂

    1. Oh please…
      The whole point of this article was to explain why PPK should rationally not be banned

    2. Btw, FYI the show was not “stopped”
      Then second season will come out

  3. Yes..I totally agree with u…what rubbish..when all know that this serial will take a leap…n nothing absurd is being shown..why all this farce..n there is a reson behind d marriage…n my goodness this is a story…afterall we tell children that everything u see in serials or movie does not necessarily happen in God my 12 year son does not have any effect on his mind..he said rather happy n content with his’s kids are far more mature n they know d difference between stories n reality..makers pls take a leap n start telecasting it..

  4. Jiya09

    I totally agree with u. Ppk has not shown any romantic scene whenever I have seen it. I used to watch it sometimes only. I agree with mostly that if the people r having problem with it then don’t watch it. Simple. There are many shows, why they are signing a petition. What if we sign a petition against there fav serial? They will also get hurt. So can’t they just leave it. Tejaswini is doing a great work. Swaragini was my fav serial but in that show also ragini was mostly sidelined. Mine fav was swasan but still teja stole my heart with her acting and cuteness.
    Just wish Ppk season 2 will come and people will not bash it like season 1. Best of luck to DiRa..!!!

  5. Charms22

    I completly agree with you Shriyu, I watched nearly every epi and there wasn’t any rimantic scenes between Diya and Ratan

  6. I totally agree with u di
    Just coz some ppl felt it hurt their so called sentiments and views …..they filed petition , it got accepted , it reached Smriti Irani and yaaa Kudos to them it got banned as well
    Slow claps for their mentality, they call themselves advanced still can’t keep reel and real life apart #irony??

  7. Follybraverl

    Yeah absolutely true….A very good review to put some sense in nonsense people….
    Keep support Teja love teja…

  8. Riana

    People are bullsh*t actually…They think the world will work on there wish…But some of them are the supporters of the show…And i am the supporter actually…I support this show…Teju n the cast n crew…I really dont understand what the hell is wrong with thag so called TRP…Trp is waste….I am sorry i am abit aggresive herebut its natural…Viewers are innumerable…some of them will support some not but it doesnt mean that the show will end without any sense…I watched some of the episodes…and i got a beautiful chemistry between dia and ratan…i found a different age difference frienship between them but no poeple think that ratan and dia got married so now they CONSUMMATE ?????….i mean is this a thought…it shows that how much cheap thoughts do people carries…Most irritating part is the Smriti irani….I mean what does she think about herself….What she thinks huh ??…Half of the india and world still calls her Tulsi…Is she jealous of that…I mean whats wrong with her…she knows that during her period of show…it showed numerous weird things but she agreed to do…and now as she became a political leader she can take any decission….i agree with teju…people always thinks the wrong and forcefully makes it right….Go to hell for these people…Btw Hats off to ur writting…

  9. I accept what shrilatha told. In ppk serial there is nothing to be ban.

  10. Vivian20

    I would say that ppk was misjudged most likely but yes I watched the whole show and I even wrote an ff on it. Even while brainstorming for the ff, I could never think of continuing in the present storyline and so I decided to go 12 years later. I would say some things were overdone by the makers, but overall I feel that this could be 100% avoided by the makers. I studied film and video communication from an institute of national importance and I know how this could be manipulated right from the beginning to avoid this kind of controversies.
    There are pros and cons with everything that comes onto national television. Take ssk for example, a drama turned supernatural soap, I guess that show involved child actors too. But all of us know it made for a particular Audience. Kids wont even turn the channel on when they see it coming cause it’s boring for them. And it comes in the prime time slot!!!

    Though ppk was meant for a different audience, there could be certain changes done in the story right from the beginning

  11. Thank god this show was banned. Such a disgusting show with romance between a child and a older girl. I love tejaswini but never thought that she would fall so low. This show clearly promotes child marriage. By watching this, people may do child marriage and then say that they were trying to protect the child as his/her pehredar. Worst show ever. And also, what was the need for diya to marry ratan to be his pehredaar? She could have also protected him being his elder sister. Yes, being a wife, no one will question her but being a sister also, no one will question her as she was intructed to protect him by his own parents. Anyways thank god it is banned. Im eagerly waiting for season 2. If I see anything wrong like this, ill be ready to ban that one too

  12. Frozengirl16

    Nice review of ppk show shri di…I’m following the show from the first…I had seen all episodes until now…I’m agreeing with u di…there is know romancing scenes in the show…i think the people who hate this show is not a human being or they didnt watch one episode of this show or they ddint understand the concept of this show…after reading this review I hope the one who want to stop this show as some parents,some person’s like saloni or Mrs.Smriti Irani will change their mind…n I’m really waiting for Pehredaar Piya Ki season 2…if they didn’t change their mindset after reading this they r not a human being… I always support ppk n oso the ppk fan like shri di…

  13. Completely agree with you. Younger heroin. But not younger hero.

  14. Actually its time was wrong . Change the time to 11:00 or 10:30 . Then its ok… i think…

  15. Fairy

    Omg Shri u rocked it yaaar!!!!what a review litterelyy!!! Dis show had jst been d pray of misleading articles n clips!!! Who had genuinely watched it wl never say it regressive!! No worries god wl never do bad wid good people n our teja is d bestesttttt!!!!!! She is coming back!!! N I hope n pray dat dis tym she gets what she always deserved!!! My brightest star wl shine more n more!!!N guys congo!!Teja had 900K followers on insta?????? soon to be 1M YIPPEEEE!!!! N Shri once again thnx a lotz for dis article litterelyy!!!
    Wl miss cute DIRA Scenes …our #PARI??d title song????? ….ppk wl always be dere in our heart????!!! Waiting for d nxt show of production house wid same cast n crew specially #Teja???? keep rockng n stay blessed!!!loatz of love .umaah???

  16. Suma123

    why all d ppl are so happy ….there in nothing romantic in ppk …its about how can 18 yr girl takes responsibility and withstand with dat …..why dont people see in positive angle in ppk…by d way der is no negative angle, ppl has it so they feel negativity in dis…happy dat season 2 is coming ….lovely series of ppk is missing……nice review shri…

  17. Aarti32

    See, I don’t want to say anything abt d show, but if Indian government has done something, they might hv thought more than twice..they r much more mature n sensible than calling our ministers as stupid n rubbish is not right!!

    1. Fairy

      Ministers have not banned it dr!! Dey jst changed d time slot!! Bt d directors n producers of show don’t want dat time slot!!dats y dey took it off,n planning some other story !!which can be shown at 8:30 pm or so!!!

    2. Aarti32

      I haven’t mentioned anything in particular..I said if they hv done SOMETHING

  18. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

    What kind of war is going on here? I don’t see that not all those who are abusing this show are doing for the sake of society but it seems like a war between TEJU’S FAN & HELLY’S FAN…….

    Every one of you have the right to tell your views but it seems like a cold war…

    And I agree this show isn’t ethical….. We would have not accepted the show if A 9 yr GIRL had got married to 18 yr BOY, as we would call it as child marriage…. but it applies for both male and female and that way the show is wrong….


    It is UNIQUE…..

    When I saw the promo and read the story line, even I felt ridiculous…. But when I asked my mom about it she said, “IT WAS COMMON THOSE DAYS”

    When serials like Balika Vadhu had portrayed those days child marriage, then Pehredar Piya ki has the full right to portray this part of the society too…..

    Even if you feel it ridiculous, you can just change the channel. The remote is in your hand. No one has forced you to see this show. Its your wish.

    And after all its just a serial. Not a real life story. You can just consider it as a fiction.

    The story didn’t have any flaws as far as I had seen.

    People show about intimating scenes, they show intense KISS scene, which naturally affects a kid’s mind…. But you people claim Diya’s dressing is a disturbance for Ratan….. What bullsh*t is said here???

    It portrays true love…. not the love between a husband and wife…. But between, two friends, a sister and brother, and of all a mother and son….. love that is shared in those relations is only seen between Diya and Ratan….

    I feel injustice has happen to Pehredar Piya ki.

    The show needs to be back WITHOUT ANY LEAP…… It deserves to be watched.

  19. IQRA222

    shri di you totally rock!! genuinely speak i had tears at the end of this analysis. didu you just wrote whatever it was in my mind and i wanted so say to everyone of those bad and cold hearted teju haters who wanted our show to be off aired.. this time you really gave a very well answer to them didu.. i already loved you but now after this i am loving you more and more.. you just closed their mouths. these people who just signed the petition were just after our teju and our ppk . i just want to see all their faces when our princess will return back with season 2!!

  20. Agree with you ?????great job put all answers with emotions.. Let’s wait for PPK 2 to start… It will be really soon September 25 they going to start shooting

  21. Lovely7

    Amazing review

  22. Lovely7

    But one correction dear this show is not banned, pH and channel both are not happy with the time slot

    1. Shrilatha

      I know lovely it was not banned but the petition is the main reason for this I just let it out

    2. Lovely7

      Yes dear, missing Diya?

  23. Its not at all disgusting. I remember watching the first night scene. They both (Tejaswi and Afan) were just pillow fighting. And none of the episodes showed romance or something like that. Just a good friendship and like BFFs.

  24. Pluto

    Hey shrilatha Di hi hope you remember me as I am back after a long time…

    Well even I am not happy that the show is ending and that too in such a abrupt way…..

    Felling really bad as a story remained incomplete…..
    I know that the people judged it too much and didn’t give it a time to settle down but still I have some complaints to the makers of this show as well….

    If you or any other teja fan could answer this I would be really grateful……

    The bccc just advised them to change the time slot then why did they shut the show down….
    It’s clear that they just wanted this show to top in trp charts…. they were just wanting the show to be popular and that’s why they only wanted the prime time slot not any other…..

    Secondly don’t you think that they could still show it in a better way instead of creating many loopholes….

    For eg in the promo of the show they could show diya protecting ratan not showing him filling her maang am sure that would not have mislead people but still they were so much eager to make the show hit that they couldn’t show a better thing…
    They just wanted to raise people’s excitement and so they showed such promos…..

    Thirdly instead of this story they could show diya as ratan’s real elder sister who was protecting her brother… am sure people would have loved it too…… .

    Fourthly why they showed it happening in today’s time not in earlier time….if they showed it happening in older times am sure people would have accepted it easily…. abd if they are showing it in today’s time then why is police taking no action on this marriage as it’s clearly an illegal relationship………

    Next why do you people always keep on saying that it’s helly fans or swasan fans who want this show to be banned….
    I know you people say it in indirect way but still I could easily understand it… and on Twitter they have directly blamed swasanians for this show to be banned……

    I don’t want them to make a different show I still want this show to be continued as I want to know the further story eagerly……

    Please pray for this show to be continued…….

    All the love to you people and to teja too…….

    1. Shrilatha

      Pluto dear any director or maker would definitely go for trp only .it’s obvious don’t u think OK tell me one thing did helly do atleast one show not hoping for trp.common Every one does that and they r not doing charity here OK…second point yes they could have shown anything else but the point of the story is protecting ratan but main theme is that she is doing it by being his wife. And coming to era why do a women has to protect a boy only in those days .and police really why didn’t they react then u tell me why can’t a modern girl do the same sacrifice in this era now I will tell u an example in devanshi if anything happens its village they r bought to so called mayya or devanshi why police r not there in this era ..really

      And coming to helly or swa___________ san fans I myself talked to many of twitter many a girl from Swasan FC mad many comments I replied to her and could u swear and tell me no Swasan fan did that please I want to know ..everyone knows the truth Pluto no need of manipulating anyone here ..OK and u first time u can to this page u said teja fans r shameless and then u said I am a teja fan and a helly fan I am.neutral but ur very word of ur next comment clearly said ur a black sheep and we all answered u ….didn’t u sign it …I am 100% sure u did it…see Pluto the world knows the enormity of heltej fandom so don’t act…of u r that worried about society and shows if u have dare go raise ur voice on that show as well which is portraying extra marital affair, superstitions, ,black Magic, and now a god coming to earth wall show u know who h show I mean

    2. Pluto

      Can you please tell me when did I say that teja fans are shameless…. I can’t remember it….

      And please see another thing too I said that am neither a teja fan nor helly fan……..

      And yeah I know that there will be a FEW SWASAN fans bashing her or telling some wrong things about the show but not ALL and I SWEAR on that……
      And those things about haters are equal from both sides am I right or am I right……..

      And well they definitely do make shows for trp but not completely based on that….

      And yeah I can definitely say that helly doesn’t work for trp only.. otherwise she would never have taken a low budget show that too at such time slot……

      And yeah I know that you will definitely think am bad and double sided but those are clearly your views which you can’t change and even I know that you somewhere agree to the points I said above in your heart you don’t need to voice it out to me Di I understand you……..

      Much love to you

    3. Pluto

      He he Di… you Devanshi show is really not in its original storyline and that it sucks now.. even helly fans have stopped seeing it and are praying for it to go off air but I still will answer you question…

      You know there are still those blind superstitions in many parts of India and they are showing what is a fact and a reality… even I today’s world this takes place and I think you know it better then me….

      And in these places police ka kuch bhi nahi chalta hai boss…. and I know that you know that too…..

      And ppk has a complete relationship which is illegal so you got where the actual difference is…..

      And I know that you agree to all my points too…..
      Love you Di keep smiling

  25. One word: No. It didn’t deserve this kind of ending. Maybe the season 2 is coming, but it DIDN’T deserve this ending. Period.

  26. Jhansi ki Rani (which aired on zee TV ) Manu was 14 when she got married to maharaja of Jhansi and this is true incident but nobody had problems with that, same for balika vadhu. But if a girl marries a younger boy then it is against of culture. What’s wrong with you people??? PPK it’s a such a nice show with high talented cast atleast respect their efforts. If you think your children’s will have bad impact because of this show don’t let them watch. I don’t know which 10 year boy is interested on Indian serials…

    1. Pluto

      Yaar why are you people continuously saying the same thing… the problem is not age difference the problem is it’s taking place in which era…
      I hope you know in which time period Jhansi kind Rani was there….

    2. Jhansi ki Rani happened long time ago but still most of the Indian’s don’t want to move on from that era. In this era girl got married to a dog, not only this lot of other weird practices happening in India in the name of culture or belief. Nobody wants to protest against those real problems, but just want to get ban an entertaining show…

  27. I completely agree with Vivian & Pluto here.

    There was nothing vulgar in the show but certain scenes were disturbing. Like the much discussed scene of Diya falling on Ratan. There was nothing wrong when Ratan hold her but there was no need to show that scene for almost 10seconds with background music. Then again when he hold her lahenga or filled her maang with sindoor. Obviously in a house full of enemy, Ratan was Diya’s only support & she was bound to get amused at his behavior. But unnecessary background music didn’t really help & gave a scope to haters for questioning their relation.

    As far as the story is concerned, I had watched the press conference where Shashi ma’am said it was a story she had read in her childhood. If only they had shown the story in the time frame when there was such practice, I think people wouldn’t have reacted the same.

    Frankly, if Maan had appointed Diya as Ratan’s Godmother or Godsister legally even then she would get all the rights to protect Ratan. If anyone had actually complained against Diya for child marriage, she was sure to go to jail. And about Maan dying, if he had the time to transfer POA, I guess they could do this also.

    Diya protecting Ratan would make a lot more sense then & if later the boy had fallen for her that would be an interesting twist. Like the Thai movie My First Kiss where a highschool boy fall for a much older girl & stood by his choice.

    Frankly over & unnecessary romanticization is as much responsible as fake articles.

    Still I enjoyed the show & am hoping to see their comeback. Can’t wait to see a matured Diya & her changed relationship with a grown up Ratan.

    1. Pluto

      Thanks for agreeing to my views dear.. and I agree to all the points you said as well… there was no need for these unnecessary scenes

    2. You are welcome dear 🙂 Frankly, the story had a lot of potential & both the leads were perfect in their respective role. The marriage was unnecessary but I could give it a chance. Ratan’s fascination towards Diya was as natural as Diya’s affection towards him. But the writer herself had messed it up when she said it was about friendship but used the background music addressing Ratan as BELOVED. This one error has helped the bashers like anything. I hope in 2nd season, they portray their relation in a better way. 🙂

    3. Neha chandra

      I don’t think second season is will be a new story

    4. Vivian20

      Yaa niharika agree with you. Certain things could be avoided…..

  28. Such a unique and gd show got an abrupt and sad ending bcoz of the hypocrites in the society.Feeling very bad fr the cast and crew and especially makers.Ppl can enjoy ichhadari nagin,Human turning into a fly,multiple marriages,illicit relationships but not a story in which an 18 yr old girl marries a 9yr old boy just to become his protector.Why would kids get affected with this show.Why are you even watching serials in front of them.In that matter not only PPK any other daily soap would affect them in the same way. Television shows are meant fr entertainment nt fr preaching.Can’t ppl make out the difference between the reality and a fantasy?By the way now a days kids are smarter than their parents.They are mature enough to differentiate the things.Anyways Hope fr the best and wish that ppk will be back soon with a new story at the prime time slot..Love ppk and teja

  29. people could show young bride but not husband masochastic society

  30. Aastha_Reddy

    Shrilatha…The main problem is Indian Audience who says they want freshness in story, new concept amd when some one introduces a fresh new idea away from the typical love hate..comedy..forced marriage saas bahu drama they takes a complete “U-turn” at that particular point. We watched show just for taking stress away, why getting emotionally too much attached with a show or its character which is a major draw back of audience. PPK was an exception, far away from normal drama show, Love can happen at anytime right!! then why the hell did they bashed the show looking at age of hero as compared to heroine!!?? We make a tradition that hero should be elder to heroine bla bla bla… when some one tried to change the trend the team is being bashed. They closed the show in such a hurry that, the writer is not given a chance to say, what they planned to show us, I saw in SBS segment and was shocked. They just judge PPK book from its cover with out trying to read in between two lines. So sad for sony to close the show in such a hurry…We could have wait to see unfolding the story more.
    I know this show have more bashers then lovers still I am being positive. Hope Tejasvi Prakash will be back to small screen soon.

    1. Aasthu

      Hey!!! I didn’t know you were watching it…

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Aasthu…I was not watching it.just feel like writing truth here . I am pretty much happy watching IB and ipkknd. I am totally a 4-lion person.

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