Pehredaar Piya Ki 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Diya Accepts Choti Thakurayan’s Challenge

Pehredaar Piya Ki 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayush scolds Diya for scolding electrician and says he has gone on strike with union members and union rules are very strict, all guests have come to corridor and are panicking. Diya requests electrician Veer and team to resume work. Veer says Daata Hukum never spoke loudly to them, they are working loyally here since years, but she alleged him wrongly. Diya says she will apologize him. Another employee says no need for that, she can restricate them and hire new employees tomorrow, but today they will not let any work here. Foreign client comes and shouts that he will check out if power does not come in a few minutes. Ayush tries to convince him. CT enters and in English apologizes for the inconvenience caused and promises to give him complementary service of is choice. Customer gets convinced. She then speaks to Veer and asks how is his wife now. He says better now. CT says they are helping each other since years and when Daata Hukum is not with them, they are needed more, they should forget Diya as she is very young and continue work. Employees say she is right, they got emotional, but will continue work. They restore power and customers return to their rooms. CT angrily looks at Diya and leaves. Jhumki praises CT that she has got immense knowledge and experience and she will learn from her.

Rattan eagerly waits for Diya and thinks he will defeat Diya in game easily. Diya walks towards haveli reminiscing Maan’s words. Ratan asks maid to see where is Diya. Maid returns and says Diya entered haveli. Ratan runs to her and asks why she came so late today. She says she did a mistake at hotel. Ratan says when he used to get tensed, Daata Hukum used to get him ice cream as it cools down mind. He makes her sit on swinger and asks which flavor she likes. She says chocolate. He says it is even his favorite and runs to get ice cream. Diya reminisces Ayush scolding her and rest of incidents. Ratan returns with ice cream and jokes with her with idioms. She laughs and explains meaning. She them reminisces lawyer’s words not to dig old grave and move ahead in life. She thinks he gave her clue and asks servants to dig ground where they buried cat. She then asks them put cat’s skeleton in bag and calls lab to come and pick skeleton for forensic tests. She calls lawyer next and says she sent skeleton to forsensic lab, let us see if it died to due poison or something else, only then they can reach real culprit. He nervously asks which lab did she send. She says even walls have ears, she will not tell, she will bring report to him after 15 days.

Lawyer then meets Jhumki and wants for Hukum/CT or some other lady. Hukum comes and lawyer informs her that Diya used her brain and sent cat’s skeleton to forensic lab, if she finds out truth, they will be in trouble, poison was from diamond and everyone knows she wears that diamond here. He says they have to divert Diya for 15 days and get her busy in Ratan’s care until they get lab report.

CT meets Diya and shows her gold filling in wall crack and says Daata Hukum used to tell gold can beautify any crack, similarly one’s flaws can be filled with goodness. Diya says even she wants to learn and be perfect. CT asks what if she makes mistake like today, today she handled situation but will not present always, kesar group of hotels got best heritage hotel since 10 years and she can’t risk reputation. She says let us make a deal, palace has 12 people and 15 rooms, hotel has 150 rooms and 600 people. She knows why daata hukum named hotel as Kesar Mahal, kesar/saffron’s 2 pods will bring flavor and color to any food and similarly their hotel is famous all over the world. She has to run Kesar Mahal for 15 days and if she wins, she will take over Kesar Mahal and if she fails, she will transfer power of attorney into her name and until Ratan reaches 21, she will handle this estate, if she is ready for it. They both turn and see Ratan hearing their conversation. Ratan is shocked and runs. Diya runs behind him.

Diya searches Ratan in whole palace and thinks where he must have gone, he must have heard CT’s words, he has suffered a lot since some days. She traces him to a dark store room and walks towards cupboard and sees him hiding in it. She laughs. He asks how does she find him. She says her bindi is actually a camera and has superpowers, can record anything, asks why did he come here. He says kaaki maasa was talking to her. She says she made a mistake at hotel, so kaakimaasa want to retest her. Ratan asks if she will give test. Diya says she doe s not know what to do. CT returns to her room. Bhuvan says thakurani is more intelligent than CT and is still thinking. Ratan shows CT and his photo and says whenever he used to do mistake, Kaaki maasa used to make him practice repeatedly, so if she runs house, it will be easy for her to run hotel. Diya says just like her papa fixed small wheels to cycle when she was learning to ride cycle. He says correct and shows her breaking star and asks her to wish, if she passes test, kaaki maasa will speak to him again. He wishes and asks Diya not to worry, they will help each other and asks if she will give this test.

Precap: Diya accepts CT’s challenge to run house for 15 days. Lawyer over phone praises Hukum/CT and says Diya will get distracted and get trapped in 15 days.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Astra

    i didn’t expect this. even lawyer is a bad guy..!! oh no.. everyone is bad around diya. don’t know how she can handle everything just being 18. diya’s works would have been soft if that annoying jumki and ct won’t invovle. i know very well diya will win. what happens next..?? aaaammm may be abhay comes and helps her??? just expecting..

  2. Astra

    thank you for the update MA

  3. Suma123

    I don’t think CT is d one who is against Diya….may be she is helping…I think maan sister ….first dira scenes are cute and her laugh while she found him .was cute…

  4. CT will not that much evil. After the leap may be, she will be the elder person who is running the house and helping diya. I am guessing there is another person other than relatives

  5. Dira scene soo cute
    Nice episode

  6. Sargam

    hi guys,how are you all?i am toh fine
    i had almost thought that i wont be able to watch the show at 10:30 bt thank god i was able to.i am really happy i watched it at its time only.
    diya is still new to all this,she should be given a chance to grasp evrything and act accordingly in a situation,she’s jst ct came and jst made evrything fine……what could i say to that…..
    dira cute scenes are jst not enough for me ,i always wish for more bt still it was so cute,dira’s expressions are soooooooooo cute…….
    this lawyer…..i felt really bad to konw he is also a traitor…bt its a relief diya didnt told him the postmortem address…….
    who was that lady?surely not ct bt then who?wondering….
    diya accepted the challenge and now she should be ready to face evry hurdle that comes across her…….what will happen next?bt i guess its kind of training by ct to get the best out of diya…..thought it might not be her intention…..
    waiting for today’s epi
    love teju and ppk
    acha guys did you signed the petition in favour of ppk on not pls sign it…….

  7. It is stupid as well as annoying. Diya should not accept any “challenge” from CT. It goes against the reason Maan made her marry Ratan so many years younger to her.

    Mann made Diya marry Ratan only so that she can protect him. If Diya makes a bet with CT and loses and signs over all property to CT does it serve Maan’s purpose of his kid getting protected?

    CVs are just making up stories to make it go forward. But even Diya making such bets with CT is against the very purpose of Maan asking her to be Ratan’s wife for his protection.

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