Pehredaar Piya Ki 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Jhumki Locks Diya in a Store Room

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Pehredaar Piya Ki 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhumki brings new sandals for Diya and says she is looking dull. Diya says she is fine and is going for a meeting. Jhumki says all the best and smirks going aside. Diya calls servant and asks if daata hukum/Ratan reached school. Servant says yes. She asks him to stay there and bring Ratan back home after school hours. She then looks at Maan’s photo and thinks what did he see in her that he gave Ratan’s responsibility to her. He then sees Ratan’s Switzerland photo with his parents and thinks he lied for her. At school, Yash asks Ratan if he is going to Switzerland again. Ratan says he wants to keep Diya happy. School scolds them that they did not attend maths class and punishes them to stand out. Ratan scolds Yash that he got scolded because of him.

Diya gets a call that board meeting is starting in 10 minutes. She says she will reach, walks out and sees board meeting’s direction and walks towards it. Jhumki changes direction silently. Diya reaches store room instead of board room. Jhumki switches off lights and locks door. Diya gets afraid and shouts for help. Jhumki opens another door and asks lawyer if Diya did not doubt him. He says she trusts him instead and he misguided her. She says Hukum/CT or Bhuvan and says he/she will be happy. She calls Hukum and gives phone to lawyer. Lawyer says Diya had come to his office and wants to reach culprit, they should have killed her before she took police protection.

Yash searches chocolates in Ratan’s bag. Ratan says he gave all his chocs to other class students and exchanged them with pencils, he will prepare some good gift from pencils for Diya. At house, CT passes by and hears Sakshi shouting in pain. Sakshi says nothing sharp inside was written on parcel and injured her fingers trying to open it. CT says she should use her brain. Mohak calls her and informs that everyone is waiting for Diya in board room and she is nowhere.

Diya uses her mobile torch and tries to seek help. She sees no signal in mobile and thinks she should have realized this room is not board room. She sees window, pulls chair from above cupboard. Dirt falls on her. She gets out of window. Board members wait for Diya and says this did not happen in Maan’s period. Mohak says she must be busy in some work and he will bring her. Ayush says he is buttering Diya after she became Thakurani, he will bring Diya instead. Diya runs towards board room and sees dirt on her face in mirror. Priya sees her and asks what happened. Diya tells her whole incident. Diya takes her to hotel salon and gets her ready. Ayush calls her and asks where is she. She says in salon and runs out. Ayush scolds her that she is irresponsible, department heads are waiting for her since 2 hours and she is busy getting ready. Diya says he told first impression is last impression. Ayush yells it does not mean on someone’s precious time.

Ratan decorates beautiful vase with pencil dust. Yash praises him. Ratan says today is Diya’s first day at hotel and he wants to surprise her.

Jhumki sees Diya walking with Ayush and smirks that Diya does not know in which trap she is in. Diya reaches board meeting and apologizes employees for coming late and says she would not have come even if she had to and promises she will not let them wait again in future.

Precap: Diya scolds employee for smoking during working hours near power box. Ayush says employees have gone on a strike and Diya’s mistake will shut their hotel.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. IQRA222

    hello there everyone!! how r u all? i hope all fine and really happy after knowing that our show is not going off air..i knew it that our show will not have to face anything bad. well i am happy that our time slot is 10 but still. its late
    the episode was a nice one.. but i feel really sad for my princess. she has to face soo soo much problems which are caused by the evil family.. i so want to see DiRa scenes.. wish they will come soon..
    sorry for not commenting yesterday
    @Geethi di – yes we really need DiRa scenes
    @Fairy di- didu you are back!!!!!!! i am so happy. first of all a bear hug!! and didu pls do ask teju about it!!
    @Asthu di – didu totally right .our princess has to struggle so much. i really hate this evil family.
    @lovely di- didu pls do think positive . nothing will happen to the TRP ..
    anyways waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    love you all

    1. But i cant watch it on tv..bcz my sis is a diehard fan of shivika and i also love ishqbazz and dil se dil tak..i m 101% sure my sis nt let me to watch ppk..
      Soo i m gng to miss dis show

    2. Fairy

      Iqu baccha???? bear hug to u too sweety??? umaaah!!! Howz u sweetheart ??? N yap leap is coming bt I donno about d tym slot!! All r saying dat it’s 10p.m bt still not confirmed? let’s wait n watch dr

      1. IQRA222

        fairy didu.. did you ask teju di about it????

  2. I guess it is to be expected that Diya,will be very meek. Well, she needs to learn quickly, it’s annoying how naive she is. Where’s Diya servant, she disappears when she supposed to be there. As for the lawyer, dada Maan was right, servants can be bought but not a wife.

  3. Fairy

    Loved d uodate!!!! N dat vase ws sooo cute?????? …..ppk rocks?

  4. They will keep this show with that old hard face fat cant act ugly teju but take ouy yeh moh daage

    1. Fairy

      Aww!!feeling bad dat ur serial is going off air!!
      N dr believe me U r obsessed wid TEJA?? bt it’s not ur fault!!actually teja is like dis nly!!people can hate her coz dey r jealous of her!! Can love her??? bt jst can’t ignore her? ..yeah yeah!! I know she is d bestest??? Tc!!

  5. Why cmmnts r soo less???
    No one intrstd any more???
    What happend to every one der was a time whn more dan 100 not even 10 cmmnts???

    1. Because we aren’t idiots like you, and stalking and child marriage shown in this show isn’t supposed to be advertised.

    2. Fairy

      Might be dey r bSy dear!!Bt don’t wry…all wl b back soon? as we all love our PPK????

  6. What the hell is this?? This show is normalising child marriage and stalking. Stupid viewers, take it seriously. Sign the petition. We can’t spoil our country further. Child marriage and stalking isn’t normal. #PPKOffAir

    1. Fairy

      Oh so u r doing it for country!!good good!! Den u should ask govt. To banned all d serials movies ..I think almost all!!??? Wen serial shows dirty things dat doesn’t spoil our country,wen reality series n movies shows vulgar things dat doesn’t harm our country???? Wen dey show useless things in serials,dat doesn’t spoil our country repo??? Dude!! Jst think wisely!! Its jst for entertainment!! If u like it den watch orelse jst change ur channel… body is forcing u!!! N mark my words EVEN BCCC CONFIRMED DAT DIS SERIAL IS NOT PROMOTING CHILD MARRIAGE!!N FROM WHERE STALKING COMES FROM uff!! Dats a limit yaar!!! Frst watch dis show n den say nything!!! D grl married d child not coz of some PRATHA or RITUALS or her WISH,she married jst to protect d child!!
      D father of d child requested her to marry n save his child after his death!! She obeys n consider dat man as her father!! She can’t deny or hurt him on his deathbed!! Dats y she agreed!!!! In serial dey jst show friendship bonding btween DIRA!! even d family is criticising dat grl so much!! Bt still she is adamant jst to save d child!!
      N v r not fools to watch dis show!! It got d highest trp in Sony channel since starting !!
      Don’t get influenced by rumors !! Or some edited clips!!
      Dis show is something new n unique!!
      N if u really wanna do something for COUNTRY den mark my words dear dere r so many other things u can do to serve our nation rather den arguing for dis serial!!!
      God bless!!!

  7. From tmrw onwards ppk wll telecast at 10.30 pm and beyhad at 8.30..
    Earlier i heard its 10.00 pm but nw its 10.30..
    I gt dis news frm fb…is it true??

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