Pehredaar Piya Ki 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Diya Rescues Ratan

Pehredaar Piya Ki 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

CT gives moral gyaan to Yash and says he has to become like hawk, alert and intelligent. Bhuvan enters and sends Yash out. He tells CT that her vision and intelligence is of hawk, when she told she will go late to meet thakurani/Diya, he did not realize her thinking, now he realized that nanad was standing with them, she wants to speak only for herself. He pampers that he iss fond of her thinking, gives her beetle leaves/paan and asks what is her next move. She smirks and says there is no need to talk, whatever has to happen will happen.

Bua wanders in living room tensely. Bhuvan enters. She asks if he spoke to CT. Bhuvan says she knows CT is adamant and did not deter. Bua asks what next. He asks her not to hurry, everything will be fine. Diya passes by searching Ratan’s toy and hears Bhuvan and Bua’s talks. Bhuvan asks Bua to enjoy drinks, poor 18-year-old girl cannot do anything, she proved many times that she is a fool, she wants to become pehredaar piya ki, let her. Diya gets disheartened hearing that.

Ratan sitting on bed thinks he did play with Diya since a long time, now he will prank her. He tries to hide under table and then hides under trunk. Milk glass falls by mitake. Diya returns to her room reminiscing Bhuvan’s words, thinks she has to calm down and think wisely. She does not find Ratan and thinks where he must have gone. She calls him, he smiles hiding in trunk. She calls Phulwa maid who says daata hukum was here and she gave him milk. Diya sees milk on floor and asks Phulwa to search Ratan. She calls Ratan worriedly and goes out to seach him. Ratan thinks he should not trouble Diya much and tries to get out of trunk, but gets stuck. Diya searches him in whole house and stops hearing sound from trunk. She hears his voice and tries to open trunk with great difficulty. A bit opens and she sees him collapsing. She calls maid and asks Ratan not to worry. She gets knife and breaks hinges and removes upper lid and gets him out of trunk, makes him sleep on bed and serves him water. Ratan sees her worried, serving him and apologizes for frightening her. Diya says she was really worried and asks to pinky promise he will not again. He gives pinky promise. In the morning, Diya wakes up hurriedly at 5:55 a.m. with alarm sound and shower on her face, says she will wake up soon herself and looks at Ratan sleeping.

Mohak comes out of hotel room. Servant asks if he slept whole night here. Mohak says he was doing calculation. Servant gives him accounts book. Mohak says thakurani will see accounts and not Mohak. Mohak calls Sakshi repeatedly while she is having breakfast. She rejects call. Bua comments it is difficult for Mohak to convince her, he cannot buy car or necklace for her without Diya’s sign on cheque. Sakshi asks to worry about herself first as she may not get even a penny. Mohak calls landline and asks Jhumki what is thakurani doing. She sees Diya trying to prepare choc milk for Ratan and says she is trying impossible thing, preparing milk for Ratan, he can relax in hotel. Sakshi peep next. Diya gets milk for Ratan and shows him shade card and says she will prepare whichever shade she likes. He shows shade. She prepares choc milk. He drinks and says wow Pari made same milk like kaki maasa. CT gets jealous. Ratan then feeds her sweet curd, wishes all the best and leaves. Sajjan messages her good luck and enter the battlefield bravely, think about Maan before doing anything.

Precap: Diya tells CT and others that they are elders and she wants their blessing to fulfill Maan’s responsibility by handling hotel. CT stops her.

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  2. IQRA222

    hello there everyone! sorry for not commenting yesterday..
    once again it was a wonderful episode. i am really loving the track now.. now no more diya will be shown weak but will be shown as a tigress and i am really excited about that.
    dira scenes are really nice.. i love the cuteness in them
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  3. Plz tell me ye ayush kon ha CT ka beta??

    1. Suma123

      AYUSH bua(maan Singh sister) ki son

  4. It’s very awesome episode
    Dira scene was soo cute

  5. Angelk1

    Its funny how their underestimate diya, but she’s a very smart girl. Can’t wait for tomorrow EPs. Hi everyone

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