Pehredaar Piya Ki 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhuvan and Family Get Jealous of Diya

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Pehredaar Piya Ki 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lawyer tells Diya that she is Daata Hukum of this place now and leaves greeting her. Bhuvan shouts at Diya that she played a big drama and got all property, now she should stop her drama. Diya pleads to trust her, she did not know about all this. Bhuvan shouts lie, like father like daughter, father alleged him of his brother’s murder, she played a big game and took over all properties. Mohak comments that she planned it well beforehand. Sakshi comments next. Bua comments she played a big game at 18 years of age. Diya runs towards her room Ayush stops her and says she cannot run away and acting as giving property papers drops them. Papers fall all over. Diya goes to store room and reminisces Bhuvan and his family’s taunts. She addresses Maan why did he give such a big responsibility, how will she carry it. Bhuvan picks papers and shouts an 18-year-od girl cannot handle papers, how will she handle responsibility. Bua also continues yelling.

Courier boys delivers game station. Priya asks price. He says 5700 rs. She sees no money in her wallet. Ayush pays. Priya says she will repay after monthly pocket money comes. Bua says even her pocket money is finishing, now Diya may kick them out, they misbehaved with Diya so much. Sakshi packs her bags and tells Mohak that they have to leave palace if Diya kicks them out, she cannot stay without AC. Mohak asks her to shut up. She kicks him out of room and asks him to stay in a hotel room.

Ratan tells Yash that he was worried when Shivani dragged Diya till door, but lawyer uncle handled situation and gave all property to Diya. His and Yash’s discussion continues.

Bhuvan asks CT to stop being silent and speak to Diya, she is Diya’s saas and cannot keep silent, she has to take control from her. Bua also comments that Bhuvan is right, she has to control Diya. CT says she will not do anything as Daata Hukum gave her rights. Priya laughs. Heir drama continues.

Diya continues crying, calls Sajjan and says how can Daata Hukum trust her so much and transfer his proper in her name. Ratan searches Diyya and does not find her in room. He acts as falling and shouting. Diya runs out of store room towards him and asks if he is fine. He asks what was she doing in store room. He takes her to room and says he has gift for her. She helps him climb. He drops decoration on her and says she is looking very beautiful in it. Diya gets happy. Their bonding continues.

Precap: Diya does not find Ratan and gets worried. Ratan is locked in a trunk.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks so much for great effort @MA. Dear author a humble request, please update full conversation, then like me non Hindi language Indians also enjoy full meaning of this fabulous show.

    1. You can ask any teju fan holic can write update,bcoz MA will never write full conversation.after ur wish guys,otherwise you will never find full concentration updates except 1 r 2 times per year.

  2. Astra

    Thank you for the update MA

  3. Astra

    Hi all, I have missed commenting yesterday due to internet issues.

    Previous episode was superb. now diya is the whole controller of huge property. I guess all got some answet why diya married ratan only to protect him. bcz, we saw how diya was illtreated and his family was untrusty. that’s why mann was left with no choice of saving ratan.

    now no one can taunt or misbehave with diya. I’m happy. now she has to become storng and handle everything. i hope these family members won’t create any priblems again. CT might be good according to me. somebody kill this bhuvan plz.. hate him. and also that mohak.

  4. God's own country

    I too agree the above comment kindly plz update the whole Hindi dialogues as such so that will be more entertaining as I don’t know a single sentence in Hindi am from kerala

    1. You can ask any teju fan holic can write update,bcoz MA will never write full conversation.after ur wish guy,otherwise you will never find full concentration updates except 1 r 2 times per year.

  5. Hello friends
    Thanks for the uploads in English translation. I love this show !

    Diya and ratan are so cute , for a little boy , he is very romantic ?

    Oh I hate shivani ?? Now let’s see how she reacts towards diya..

  6. Now Diya has control over kesar mahal then y she is afraid of arguing with da family .
    In every Drama Girls r shown weak bt I diya should realize that she hv nt get afraid of any memb. of family She should rule over them

  7. Nice i’m happy that they changed time slot instead of banning. I like teju very much

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