Pehredaar Piya Ki- 12 years later (episode 9)

It just seemed like a very long journey to Ratan. They finally reached the office of Inlook magazine. All the journey, he did all that he could, bribing various media persons, threatening some…in short all that he could do at that time……

He barges in the office while Ayush and Yash run behind him, trying to stop him from getting angry. His bodyguards too rushed inside from the follow car.

He goes to the receptionist and asks,

“Excuse me, I want to meet your correspondent Kristina Martinez urgently.” Ratan says.

“I am so sorry sir, she won’t be able to meet you right now since she is busy in a very important meeting. You can meet her some other day.”
The poor receptionist replied just as she was told to.

“Do you know who I am? I just want to meet her RIGHT NOW damn it..”

“Sir, please try to understand…..she is very busy today. I can fix your appointment for some other day.”

“The hell…will you try and understand ki mera usse milna kitna zaroori hai…” Ratan starts getting angry on her.

Just as he was about to say something else he sees Kristina in the background, talking to someone….

“Oh! So she’s in a meeting!!!” He sarcastically remarks and runs to that place despite of people stopping him.

Kristina does not notice him and was doing her work when she hears someone clapping.

Ratan was clapping in front of her.

“Great work ma’am…so proud of you. Mazak bana ke rakha hain…….HOW DARE YOU WRITE THAT????”

Kristina says…”Security….”

Some guards come in but in no match for his bodyguards. So they stand still. Just as the bodyguards are about to pounce on them he stops them. The whole office is watching them.

“Aapki himmat kese hui hamari office mein is tarah ghusne ki?? I hope aapko pata hain ki media se ulajh ke aaj tak koi shanti se nahi beth paya hain……” Kristina says.

“Ohhhh stop it!! Waise bhi ab aapne baaki rakha hi kya hai shanti se bethne ke liye??? And tumhe jo likhna hain woh likho I don’t really care…but hamare baare mein likho. How dare you write anything about Diya? I mean jo bhi mann mein aaye woh likh diya??…Tumhari himmat kese hui hamari Diya ko pedophilic kehne ki…..Tum jaanti bhi ho ki kin situations mein hamari shaadi hui thi. Kya kya face kiya tha unhone???”

Ratan continues.

“9 saal ke the hum jab humari aakhon ke saamne humare hi kaka ne maar diya humare maa-baap ko……….jo humne dekha tha na us waqt shayad hum use bayan bhi nahi kar sakte….aaj bhi hume woh sapne aate hein….
Just imagine agar tum hamari jagah par hoti aur deathbed par tumhe apne hi papa yeh karne ke liye kehte to tum karti naa………….arrey of course karti… aur tumhari aur humari jagah par koi bhi hota to shayad yahi karta…….”

Kristina watches in horror..

“Aur haa….Diya!! Arrey unhone jitna saha hein naa humare liye…uske liye to shayad hum apni jaan bhi dede naa to bhi kam hein. Humare apne gharwalo ne hume maarne ki koshish ki thi……….aur in situations mein se nikal ke agar abhi hum aapke samne khade hein to woh sirf aur sirf DIYA KI WAJAH SE………..”

To be continued.

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