Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 8)

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Scene 1
It’s morning in yuv’s room

Yuv opened his eyes and saw suhani her hair was wet she was coming from bathroom , she kept the towel in bed
Yuv: chee disgusting
Suh: whta happened.
Yuv: oh no, u have done such a stupid thing and u R asking me what happened
Suh: oh Mr hdbb, say clearly
Yuv: u kept a wet towel in bed
Suh: so what
Yuv: oh my god can’t believe it u R so crazy
Suh: now font start fight ing from morning I will take it the. U will be happy right?
Yuv: ok
Suh took that one , yuv stood up and opened his cupboard
Yuv: SUHANI iiii
Suh: now what happened
Yuv : how dare u touch my cupboard
Suh: excuse me, now thats my cupboard and I will keep my things
She turned by saying this her wet hair touched yuv’s fand he hold her hand and make closer to him
Yuvsuh eyelock khwahioson PE likhi plays…
Suh : leave me sadu , she pushed him he was about to fall he catched her hands she fall on him , while falling her sindoor spread on his face eyelock khwahioson PE likhi plays…
Bhavnà knocked the door both of them stood up
Bha: u both come and have break fast, she saw sindoor in yuv’s face she smiled
Yuv: what happened to this bhvna???

Both of them came to have break fast everyone saw sindoor mark on yuv’s face
Menka: oh no I think u guys were in a romantic mood
All laughed yuvani didn’t understand what they mean
Suddenly suh SAw sindoor mark in yuv’s face and signed him but he couldn’t understand
Rags: Suhani now rub that sindoor with this tissue
Then yuv git to know about that both of them felt awkward suh was about to rub sindoor she was about to fall yuv holded her waist eyelock
She rubed sindoor

Dadi: yuv beta fill her maang with sindoor
Yuv took sindoor and filled suhani’s maang
Pra: today we have reception so go and get ready

Suh entered the room and she forgot to lock the door she removed her pallu suddenly yuv entered in the room
Suh: oh noooooooooo
Both of them turned
Bhavnà came and saw this : oh sry
Suh: cant u just knock and come
Yuv: y can’t u lock the door
Suh forgot to take her pallu , she started her talking but yuv was staring at her
Suh: sadu don’t u feel shame for ur behavior
Yuv: suh let me say
Suh: u just shut up , u R crazy
Yuv: Jr saree
Suh: what happened to my saree, hey u I no to wear saree very nicely
Then she remembered how she is standing she tried to cover her self , yuv came closer to her , her heart beat was so fast
Yuv came near her and kissed her neck , and he touched waist slowly he came down and kissed her waist and he saw thay mark which was happened when he broke her waist jewellary , she closed her eyes then he took tmher pallu and covered her with it he went form the room
Yuv pov
Oh no what have I done I hate her right but still oh no

Suh pov
I hate him I married him just for my parents but when he kissed me y I didn’t stop him how can I allow someone to touched me ??? Oh no I can’t understand anything

Precap: yuvani became friends

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