Pehla Nasha…The First Intoxication…RagLak,Zain Ada,MayRa FS Part5(Last part)

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Pehla Nasha…The first intoxication…Part 5
Flash back…

Ramesh pointed the gun at Akashi.Yuvraj tried hard to remove the ropes.

Suddenly he heard a gun shot.

Yuvraj screamed:Akashiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Maya came before Akashi and she got shot.

Maya fell down.Ramesh was also shocked as he never expected Maya to get shot instead of Akashi.

Akashi and Yuvraj screamed due to shock:Mayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Laksh,Ragini and Rudra came there with the cops.

They were shocked to see Maya on the floor with blood on her.


Rudra placed her on his lap:Maya…

Rudra could not speak anymore.He was crying.Ragini burst into tears:Maya!

Akashi:Maya…you tried to save me by letting him take away your life.No should not have done it.

Maya nodded ‘no’.

Yuvraj was crying like anything.

Ramesh took the gun to shoot Akashi.Suddenly a Police shot him.He fell down dead.

The other cops untied Yuvraj.Yuvraj ran towards Maya.

Yuvraj caressed Maya:Maya!

Maya blinked her eyes at Yuvraj and Rudra.Then she looked at Ragini,Akashi and Laksh.

Rudra:Maya..please don’t leave me and go.

Maya’s lips shivered:Rudra….

Then she closed her eyes forever.

Everyone screamed:Mayaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rudra cried hugging Maya’s body.All were crying.

Yuvraj cried bitterly:Maya…

Maya’s cremation was going on.

Yuvraj was hugging Maya’s body and crying.Laksh and Ragini were in tears.Jhanvi’s tears had no limit.

Ragini:Yuvi is shattered.He is broken completely.

Laksh:He lost the girl he loved the most.Nobody should face what Yuvi faced.

Ragini nodded painfully.

Rudra was numb.But when Maya’s body was taken away Rudra scremed Maya’s name and ran after them.

The others pulled him away.Rudra cried like a baby.


All were in tears while the others were shocked.

Ragini:Now also that day scares us.

Laksh:Ragini….please don’t think of that day and hurt yourself more.

Somebody asked:If Maya had died that day who is standing with Rudra now?

They pointed their finger at Maya who was standing near Rudra.

Maya’s face became dull.

Rudra held her closer:This is also my Maya.But she is Maya Jaisingh.Not Maya Mehrotra who was my beloved though she is also Maya Mehrotra in real.

All were confused.

Rudra:I shifted to London to forget all the pain.But there in the flower shop I was surprised to see a girl.

Flash back…

Rudra could not believe his eyes as the girl he saw in the flower shop looked exactly like Maya.

She:Sir…you take these flowers.These are very beautiful.

Rudra was still in shock.

Rudra:What’s your name?

She:Maya Jaisingh.

Rudra was again shocked:Maya?

Rudra walked out in shock.

Maya:What happened to this guy?He did’nt even buy flowers.


Rudra:I was not able to understand how it is possible.I contacted Jhanvi Maa and told her everything.Then she revealed that after Maya was having a twin sister.After Yuvi and Maya’s dad left them they were in financial crisis.So after Maya and her twin were born,her twin was given to a NRI couple for adoption.They shifted to London.The coincidence was that she was also named Maya.

All were surprised.

Rudra:I was craving to see Maya though i knew that she was not my Maya.So I kept visiting the flower shop to see her.Thus Maya and developed a close friendship.

Flash back…

Rudra-Maya started feeling for each other. look sweet like the flowers you are holding.

Maya could’nt stop blushing.She blushed innocently.

The Days passed…

Rudra shared his past to Maya.Maya was in tears.

Rudra:I started adoring you for your face.But later I started loving you as you are.

Maya was silent.

Rudra:Maya..what’s your reply?

Maya looked at him emotionally:I also love you Rudra.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

They embraced each other emotionally.


Yuvraj:Mom and I flew to London to see our Maya.We were very happy to get our Maya back.

Maya:Even I was happy to know that I have one more mother and a lovely brother.

Yuvraj caressed her head.

Flash back…

Rudra took flowers from Maya’s shop.

Maya:Where are you taking these flowers to?

Rudra:To give my girl friend.

Maya was shocked:What?

Rudra:Foolish girl friend is none other than you.Right?

She smiled with relief.

He gave her the flowers and asked:Will you marry me?

She smiled nodding:Yes.

Rudra was very happy.

Rudra-Maya got married.

Maya was standing near the window.Rudra came from behind and stood close to her holding her hand which was placed on the window.

They looked at each other.They came closer passionately.

They forgot themselves locking their lips.


Yuvraj:Rudra’s love story was complicated with 2 Mayas.But he united with his Maya and is happy too.

Rudra looked at Maya:Yes,it was complicated.But I am with my Maya now.

He cupped Maya’s face romantically making her smile.

Somebody asked:Where is your wife Akashi Yuvraj?

Yuvraj:Akashi has gone to Delhi for an important meeting.I am really missing her.

Ragini:We all are missing her.

Suddenly they heard a voice:No need of missing me as I am back.

They turned back and saw Akashi with something in her hand.Everyone became very happy.

Yuvraj embraced her.

Yuvraj:I missed you sweety.

Akashi:Me too.

Laksh:Finally your Akashi has reached Yuvi.Akashi..he was behaving like Devdas even though you both were separated only for a short period.

Akashi smiled at Yuvraj.

Yuvraj:You know that without you even a few minutes are tough for me.

Akashi caressed his face.

Ragini hugged Akashi.

Ragini:You know without you,I did’nt even feel like celebrating our wedding anniversary.

Akashi smiled:Everyone except you knew that I will make a surprise entry.


Laksh:Yes.That’s why even though you refused to party without Akashi I insisted that we will celebrate.


Laksh:What to do Ragini?I wanted to surprise you.Infact we all wanted to surprise you.

Akashi:And we have brought a gift for you and Laksh.

Laksh-Ragini were surprised.

Akashi uncovered what she was holding.

Yuvraj and Akashi held it together

and gave it to Laksh-Ragini.

They were surprised as it was a big framed photograph of Laksh-Ragini. beautiful.

Laksh:It’s lovely.We will always cherish this.

Yuvraj-Akashi smiled.

Akashi:Such a lovely party.I need to dress up properly and come.

Everyone laughed.

Rudra:As usual you are too beauty conscious.

Akashi pouted.

Akashi:Yuvi…is this you are wearing for such a grand party?Wear a proper party wear.

Everyone laughed.

Yuvraj:I am a police officer who scares the thieves.But here my wife is scaring me.

Everyone laughed.

Yuvraj wore a grand shirt.Akashi wore a black saree.She was struggling hard to tie the dori of her blouse.Yuvraj tied the thread of her blouse.She blushed as his fingers gave a magical sensation to her skin.

Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya

Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya

Chun liya

Maine Sun liya

He turned her facing him.

Yuvraj:You look gorgeous.

She smiled.

Akashi:Now you don’t look like a Police officer,but a handsome film m actor.

He smiled.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar

They broke the eye lock and went to attend the party.

Laksh-Ragini went to Bangalore for an official trip.

Holi celebration was going on there.

Laksh-Ragini too joined them.

Laksh-Ragini coloured each other passionately.

Udta hi firoon in hawaon mein kahin
Ya main jhool jaoon in ghataon mein kahin

They shared a passionate eye lock.

Udta hi firoon in hawaon mein kahin
Ya main jhool jaoon in ghataon mein kahin
Ek kar doon aasmaan zameen
Kaho yaaron kya karoon kya nahin

All were dancing.

Laksh:Come Ragini..we will also dance.We will drink bhaang too.

Ragini:No Laksh.I can’t dance nor I can drink bhaang.

Laksh:Why all of a sudden you became decent?Usually you only make me drink bhaang.Now what happened?

Ragini:Because it’s not good for our baby.

Laksh got confused:Baby?Which baby?I have only one baby and that’s you.

Ragini:You call me a kid,but now you are a tube light like a kid.Can’t you understand what I meant?

Suddenly Laksh’s mind clicked.

Laksh:It means that you are….

Laksh touched her belly.

Ragini nodded shyly.Laksh became very happy.

Laksh pulled his own ears and said:I am sorry.

Ragini felt like laughing.

Ragini faked seriousness:Ok.Sorry is accepted.

He smiled.

Laksh:Now onwards I will not call you bacha.I will call only our baby ‘bacha’,

Ragini:No.I should be your bacha first.You should call only me bacha.

Laksh was surprised.

Laksh:Usually you say that you don’t want me to call you bacha.

Ragini:Ya.But I used to enjoy you call me bacha.So don’t stop calling me bacha.I have more rights than our baby to be called as bacha.

Laksh giggled:So possessive.

Ragini pouted.

He cupped her face saying:You are my bacha and you will be always my bacha.

Ragini smiled.

They had a sweet embrace.

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata(Jo jeeta wohi sikandar)

Years passed….

Laksh-Ragini were attending a small puja in their own house with their daughter Mishka.

Ragini:Mishka…God has blessed you on this sweet birthday of yours.



Laksh:Now shall we party?

Mishka:Yes papa.

Rudra-Maya and Yuvraj-Akashi came there with their children.

Yuvraj-Akashi have a son named Aarush and Rudra-Maya have a son named Mayur

They all screamed:Happy Birthday Mishka…

Mishka was excited to see them.They covered Mishka with hugs,kisses and gifts.

Ragini:Mishka is lucky to have so many people to love her.

Laksh:We are each other’s first and last intoxication.Mishka is the result of that.So she will also get lots of love.

Ragini smiled.

Laksh-Ragini held Mishka’s hand and cut the birthday cake.They both fed the cake to Mishka and hugged her.

The others also joined their hug.

The end

  1. Nicks

    Nice ending with an unexpected twist…..

  2. Adhu

    This episode was surprising. Oho my god! Akashi didn’t die😃. But felt bad for Maya. As she lost her life. I felt bad for Rudra as he lost his love and felt bad for Yuvi as he lost his sister.
    Maya’s twin sister was another twist that surprised me. Finally Rudra got another love who was Maya’s twin. But they became couple after knowing eachother.
    Others were right that Yuvi was behaving like Devdas just for separation for sometime. I loved whole episode. The end was really nice with Mishti’s birthday celebration.
    My favorite character is of Laksh and Ragini, I loved their chemistry. Love story between Bodyguard and school girl was really cute. My favorite scenes were Akashi and Ragini danced with Rudra to make their partners jealous. It was quite nice. I loved the scene where Laksh didn’t allowed Ragini to kiss him before marriage by saying that he is a sanskari type was funny.
    I loved each and every episode of this FF. It was really lovely. I didn’t expected that it will be wrapped soon. It was small but still was awesome. 😍👌🏻❤️

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank u so much.loved ur comment

  3. Shesha485

    This episode is surprisingly awesome. Glad that Aakashi is alive and she went Delhi. The pics are beautiful. Liked the every part of this FF as it is an awesome one. Its funny that Yuvraj behaves like Devdas when Aakashi is not there for some minutes. Surprising that Rudra’s MM is dead and hopefully he found her long lost sister MJ and unites with her.
    My favorite part in the fiction is Akashi, Rudra and Ragini dance to make their loves jealous, Ragini’s flirty behavior towards Laksh, Laksh saving Ragini, Yuvi-Aakashi pics and scenes and importantly the secret behind Yuvi’s devdas nature. Almost all the characters are my favorite. Ragini and Aakashi because of their craziness, Laksh for his maturity. MayRa is always on top notch. Yuvi for his scenes with Akashi and especially his devdas nature. Waiting for the AvNeil and Samaina ff

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank u so much

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