Pain and past ???
The Episode starts with Kunj reaching sarna mansion along with Arohi who was just blabbering about what all they did in the past 3 days …

And then we went to have ice cream you know papa Twinkie also like mango Arohi said while Kunj smiled at her painfully ..

Acha we reached baaki baate badme Kunj said as he come out of car and lifted Arohi in his arms both went inside …

While bebe Usha Manohar was sitting in the hall talking with Meera and her kids when kurohi entered ..

So Jaan of our house is back Manohar said while Arohi nodded she hugged her grandparents ..

You don’t even have idea baby doll how much we missed you Usha said kissing her cheeks ..while she went to bebe ..
Usha sees Kunj face and went to him ..

What happen Kunj ? She asked while he nodded in no nothing maa and please don’t send Arohi to my room today let her sleep with you Kunj said ..

Everything fine ? How’s your trip ? She asked ..
Yeah all good maa Kunj replied not meeting his eyes with her while she felt fishy but let it go …

Arohi come let’s get freshen up then we will have dinner Usha said ..and today my princess will sleep with me she said ..
But papa Arohi said how he will sleep alone she added with a pout …

Acha bachu papa will not sleep alone or Its you Manohar asked while she giggled ..
Arohi just loves papa not dadi na Usha said sadly ..

No no dadi I love you too she went to Usha okay I’ll sleep with you she said while everyone smiled …

You all have your dinner I am not hungry Kunj said and left for his room before anyone could say anything …
@ Taneja Mansion :::
Twinkle and Yuvi was still shocked finding about Arohi left while mehbeer was cooking dinner for her so that her mood will not be upset …they came out and sees her ..

Chalo twinkle is also here come today chef Abeer prepared his all favourite butter chicken Abeer said removing his Apron ..

And yes I prepared parathas as well Meher added Avni too came from her room Yuvi sees her she too looked back at him while he turned his gaze …
Where is Ishani ? Rt asked ..

Papa she slept played alottt na Abeer said while Ishani comes there rubbing her eyes ..

Lo she is also here Meher added …come na twinkle you love na butter chicken Meher said taking her all sat on the dinning table …she didn’t said anything which was making everyone worry alottt for her …

Today I’ll feed twinklee and here we brought pizza as well Yuvi said while Ishani jumped with happiness ..

He tore the paratha and ask twinkle to have it while she nodded in no at Yuvi ..
Please twinkle have some atleast he said while she had some with heavy heart while the rest as well they started missing Arohi …

I am tired I’ll go and sleep twinkle said…
But twinkle you didn’t had your dinner properly Leela said ..

No maa I am done twinkle said and left to her room ..Yuvi too left behind her
Why this has to happen Avni said while all looked on ..

Arohi was here and she filled our house with happiness morever twinkle life ..Abeer said
But at the end of the day she had to go back to Kunj only leela said ..

You always take his side rt added ..
Arey Leela said ..have your dinner don’t tell anything about my son she added while rt makes faces and have his dinner ..

Mehbeer and Avni kept quiet seeing Ishani looking at them confused ..

Twinkle ran to her room she was breathing heavily she hold her head which was paining badly she started searching for her medicines scattering everything in her room finally she found her medicines box …

She was going to take it when Yuvi held her hand stopping her …
Don’t Yuvi said …

Yuvi let me take its paining alottt today twinkle said going crazy …while Yuvi hugged her tightly she cried badlyyy letting out her pain and Yuvi consoled her …

I stopped you from taking these medicines so that you don’t get dependent in all those things for your survival Yuvi said …

But today I am feeling much pain feeling as if my …my twinkle couldn’t complete her words as well with the pain…

Shhhhh I know if you are feeling that much pain than only take it Yuvi said giving her tablets and water while she gulped in quickly ..

Have a good sleep don’t try to pressurize yourself for anything while she nodded moving towards the bed …Yuvi looked at her with tears in his eyes as well …

He turned on the ac covered her with duvet and left her room he closed the door and felt Avni presence behind him he turned around and wiped his tears quickly …

What happened ? Avni asked ..
Nothing Yuvi replied ..

Okay let me see twinkle she added ..
No don’t go she needs alone time Yuvi said ..
But Avni started to say ..

Atleast listen to me once I know twinkle better than anyone else Yuvi said while Avni kept quiet ..

But asusual you will do what your heart says he added and left from there while Avni looked at him

and went back to her room … mehbeer stood far seeing them ..
@ Kunj room :::
His condition was not less each n every thing was going in his mind he too scattered everything in his room …and went towards his wardrobe taking out his that shirt which still had reddish brown blood stains he cried alottt seeing it …

It shouldn’t have happen that day ? he cried hugging it …

I felt myself really alone after your accident there was no one with me to share my pain there was no one to listen what I wanted to say it was really getting difficult for me to stay without you yaar only I know how I survived alone here but I had to because Arohi was with me many times I went to TM to see you once but I never had the courage to go inside I couldn’t have seen you like that lifeless connected to Machines I took everyone back to London … slowly slowly Arohi started coping up as well but then I had to return back when I got to know there is hell lot of improvement in you and then again I knew about your partial memory loss I wasn’t sure when we met at the camp if you remember me or not but you did remember me by your crush ..but not by your husband I wanted to hug you tightly and cry my heart out but I was so helpless ….Kunj said he got up and moved towards the study table where Arohi handmade card was place he caressed the words “Mumma I miss you”
She really misses you alottt twinkle please get fine sooner Kunj said crying ..
On the other side :::
Twinkle laid on the bed not getting any sleep she moved towards the study table and there in silence and opened her diary backk..she started writing it tears still flowing from her eyes ….she closed the diary and opened Arohi pictures in her phone ..

{Oh Dil Se Dil Ka Rishta Judaa
Pal Do Pal Mein Mit Ta Nahi
Bandhan Dilo Ka Tut Ta Nahi
Bandhan Dilo Ka Tut Ta Nahi
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain ???}
I am missing her so much ? I got attached with her so so much I knew she was going today she didn’t met me once before going back twinkle said caressing her pictures she closed her eyes in silence and again laid on bed her back facing the ceiling ..
@ Kunj room :::
Kunj too lay on the bed his whole face turned red he closed his eyes and remembers twinkle again …

Shit I brought Arohi here but didn’t thought once how she will react Kunj said worriedly I hope she is fine he added …trying to find his phone …he got it from the side table and laid in bed calling twinkle …

While twinkle phone rings she took it and saw Arohi picture which saved on Kunj caller ID ..she smiled seeing it and picked up the call …

He…l.lo twinkle said
Are you fine ????? Kunj asked
immediately when he heard her voice ..

Ye..ah I how are you she asked….
Uhmm I am fine as well Kunj replied ..both stayed in silence ..

Twinkle say something Kunj said finally break-ing their silence …
What ??? Should I say twinkle said with low voice ..

You are missing Arohi na Kunj replied…while twinkle hummed in response ..

How do you know ? she asked …
{Teri Bechaini Ka Teri Tanhaee Ka
Ehsaas Hain Mujhko Sun
Main Jo Saath Tere Hu Phir
Tujhe Hain Kaisa Gham
Dard Baat Lenge Hum Sun….}

I know that’s why I called sorry yaar I had to take her Kunj said ..but I promise you can meet her anytime you wants he added …

I am missing her twinklee said while Kunj smiled…
Then you must be missing your crush as well Kunj teased her …

Ayivi don’t fly so much twinkle added ..
I’ll darling now sleep it’s late waise did you had something ? Kunj asked ..

Yes twinkle replied ..
When you can’t lie why are you even trying he added while she stayed quiet ..

Go and have something before you sleep Kunj said while she hummed ..
Bye she added ..

Bye he said ending the call with a painful smile ..
Ye kya hogaya babaji meri twinkle Ko ??Kunj said….
Mount Verna college of business management ❣
Sarna family shifted to India after Meera wedding Kunj wanted to complete his studies in London only but he couldn’t as he had to come India upon his father insistence he joined the college and had all the fun for their 1 year ..

Start of 2 year …
Kunj and his friends Kris , samar,Joe ,kriyan,Kiara was standing together planning something for their lovely juniors who had their first day all smirked at each other ..

No matter how much faculty members try to save them but they can’t get save from us what say guys Kris (the hotest girl of their class spoke while the rest nodded …

No worries kris we will have a lott of fun Kunj winked at her they were the most spoilt brats of their class …teasing partying drinking making fun they were all into bad activites they felt proud of themselves …

But plan kya hai ??? Kriyan asked while Kiara smirked ..

So plan ye hai guys we will tease our juniors in different different ways okay near the canteen corridors but specially near the swimming pool which had colour water ..

And we will.just throw them in the pool that would be fun Kunj said smirking ..all smiled …

There were waiting for their junior but they didn’t came but then their juniors didn’t heard their faculty and went out of the cave …

The juniors who can stop their excitement of enjoying their MBA first day they ignored their faculty warning and went out and was enjoying the college ambience …

Twinkle too with her newly friends was enjoying roaming in the corridor she reached near their college pool …while she was pushed in the pool which was turned pink due to the gulal added in it …

Twinkle screamed as she didn’t knew swimming and was struggling in the pool ..

Hey you idiot her frnd told the gang who pushed twinkle …
Respect we are your seniors a kris spoke with attitude ..

She didn’t knew swimming twinkle frnd pari told them while one boy was shocked in their hand who only pushed twinkle ..he jumped quickly ..kunjjjjj his friends shouted ..

Come give me your hand Nothing will happen to you kunj said ..

I’ll die twinkle said while he held her closely to him lifting her …I am here don’t worry Kunj said and bring her out of the pool ..he made twinkle lay on the nearby bench …she went unconscious …everyone went shocked Seeing her while Kunj stands ..

Somebody please call the doctor Kunj said before he could continue more he was pushed into the pool …while the rest were shocked ..

Kunj wiped his face and looked at twinkle who had a smirk on her face ..tch tch mr senior you have been put into your own grave twinkle said while Kunj looked at her angrily the more angrily was his demons …

Hey how dare you pushed him Kiara and Kris came forward ..

The way he pushed me tit for tat and before planning anything for us remember we are also not kids twinkle winked at Kunj while all the juniors hooted for her she left from there in Tashan ..

You shouldn’t have saved her Kunj Kris shouted ..
Shut up kris Kunj said and left …

Kunj was never a type of guy who would take revenge on anyone he let go off what happened a while ago he pushed twinkle she pushed him and the scores were settled between them …

Days were passing by….. the others seniors other than Kunj gang gelled up well with their juniors they all used to have a lott of fun together …as it was last year of them they didn’t wanted to go with any enemity most of their college girls had a crush on Kunj including twinkle … though they used to have alottt of fights …

One fine day twinkle with her frnd pari and Anushka was sitting in the canteen the trio were gossping …

Hehe yaar he is so cute pari said ..
Yo man I agree twinkle too added ..

The day you pushed him how hot he was looking in the pool anu said while the trio smirked …
You shouldn’t have pushed him pari said while twinkle makes faces ..
I heard he was last year mr fresher Anu said sipping her coffee ..

Yeah along with his girlfriend Kris who was miss fresher pari said ..
Kris ? Who ?? Twinkle asked ..

Are that one girl who clings onto him 24*7 Anu added ..
That loud speaker ? Twinkle asked ..

Yeah both her freinds hummed ..
Are they really in relationship ? Twinkle asked …

May be everyone says they are the hotest couple of our college Anu said ..
But …leave it twinkle said I’ll just come back I need a cold coffee twinkle said…

She was moving towards the counter when sees Kunj and Kris fighting ..
Kunj you should take revenge on that girl how she could insult you kris said ..

You called me here to talk this rubbish are you serious Kris Kunj asked her ..

Why you doesn’t listen to me unlike other boy Friend Kris added angrily while twinkle chuckled and left from there to order her cold coffee ..

I think you took that mr and miss fresher title seriously Kris don’t expect me to behave like a typical boyfriend Kunj said leaving from there while Kris too went to her rest gang …

One cold coffee please Kunj said taking seat beside twinkle both looks at each other ..

Huh you are here also Kunj said ..
Yeah jaha jaha tum waha waha hum mr crush twinkle winked at him ..

Hah ? one day I’ll crushed your crush Kunj gritted his teeths at her ..

Your loss not mine twinkle winked at him ..while her cold coffee comes ..Kunj thought it was his ..he was going to take it when twinkle stopped him ..

Wohoooo wait mr sadu twinkle said that’s my coffee ..
Nahi it’s cold coffee Kunj said ?faking a smile ..

This is the last cup left canteen is going to be closed the guy told and left ..
See I need this very badly Kunj said ..

Hmm yeah okay take you will remember how big twinkle taneja’s heart is twinkle said…
Whatever ?Kunj said ..

Bye give my love to your loud speaker twinkle told Kunj while he left murmuring “pagal” …

They used to have fights daily twinkle told him many times that he is her crush he never paid heed to her …while Kris used be angry seeing them …

The year was passing soon for Kunj and his classmates they were enjoying many things their exams was near before that their college 25th annual day sports week was held …Kunj and Kris was selected for the dance while the rest were done in other selections …all were damn excited preparing it ..

The seniors and juniors were in drama room discussing while Kunj and twinkle was having their sandwiches food was the first priority for both of them the only one thing common between them ..

To yeah as decided everyone knows what they have to do Haan Adarsh one of the 2 year student told who was handling it while the rest nodded …it was one day left for the annual day when kris in her excitement fell of the stairs leading to her broken leg …while the rest were shocked ..they all were again in drama room ..

No no I’ll only dance tomorrow Kris spoke ..
Nahi you can’t Kris doctor gave your reports even principal sir restricted you from dancing tomorrow …

Then who the hell will dance Haan Kris shouted no one can dance better than me she said prasing herself while the girls were giggling seeing her …

Acha hua she fell pari and Anu murmured…both of them giggled…
The principal walked in the drama room while the rest greeted him ..

It’s really sad to know Kris that you got a fracture he spoke ..

Tomorrow is our 25th annual day and I don’t want anything to be left out i want it perfect as many colleges are going to join so as Kunj and Kris welcome dance Kris can’t perform I have another girl principal said ..

Who’s that sir ? Samar asked…
Ms twinkle Taneja he said while the most shocked was Kunj he thought her the just a naughty studious girl …coz he always found her in library in free hours other than canteen ??

Sir me ? Twinkle asked coming forward ..
Yes you twinkle principal added ..

I won’t dance with her sir I don’t think so she can dance Kunj said coming forward ..

If anyone doesn’t know or if they forgot then I must remind you she won the title of Miss Amritsar as well as I saw her dancing skills principal said while twinkle smirked at Kunj ..

Oh no he murmured …
You have time till 4 twinkle learn the steps then you have to dance with Kunj and then also Kunj had problem in dancing with you then I’ll cancel this performance principal said and walked off …

While twinkle was practicing from the choreographer she and Kunj performed very well while Kunj was shocked seeing her dancing so well while the principal asked Kunj if he still doesn’t agree ..

Yes sir they won’t perform better you cancel it Kris said ..
No sir we will perform Kunj said making Kris shocked …

The day came soon all were hell excited for it they event started with the welcome dance of twinj both were looking damn amazing while all praised them both the others events continued making everyone happy there all were enjoying it


..but Kunj his saduness for twinkle was Changing to some extent … Twinkle and Kunj was praised by everyone even their friends started teasing them ..

The annual day ended followed by sports week all were excited for it and the games started …it was boy vs girls cricket match going on between both the seniors and juniors everyone enjoyed the match alottt …the match won by seniors while Kunj teased twinkle badlyyy ?while she made faces …

Chalo now bas come juniors we all will have a group pic Samar said all nodded and they took the pic in funny way enjoying …

The test games were being played as well they was volleyball match between girls one side Kris team and other side twinkle’s …

Now who will win ? Kunj ? girlfriend yaaa..Samar started to say ..

Shut up let me see Kunj said they were cheering for their class Kris team but then started cheering for the twinkle teasing Kunj badly ?…

Twinkle team won while the juniors hooted this time …everyone was enjoying their fights …

The games goes on football match of boys kabbadi badminton chess carrom etc …while the carrom last 2 members left was twinj …

All were hooting for them while twinj was playing calmly …Kunj coins almost finished while he smirked at twinkle …

Hehe now what will you do ms Taneja Kunj said ..

Hehe just see me now twinkle said and started putting up her coins Kunj tried to put red coin but it wasn’t going now twinkle was smirking at him she put the red coin follows by her white one smirking at Kunj them she won the game ..

Hehe you lost sadu sarna she said
Carrom is nothing without queen she winked at him ..

And hamara Kunj is also nothing without his queen Samar smirked at Kunj ..while he hits him hard ..

The sports ended as well while their exams came soon the juniors and seniors were on the same bench on opposite sides …

While twinkle already sat on the bench waiting for her senior to join to her good luck it was Kunj next to her she smiled while Kunj cursed the sitting arrangements ..

Twinkle put all of her stationery on the bench while Kunj didn’t even brought a single pen ..
Hi twinkle said ..

Hello ji namaste Kunj said faking a smile then maintain his stern face..
Sadu Kahi ka twinkle murmured ..

Where’s is your stationery ? Twinkle asked ..
I didn’t brought Kunj said calmly ..

Heinn how will you write then twinkle asked ..I won’t give you mine saying you before only twinkle said..

None of your concern Kunj replied …
Twinkle was waiting for the sheets while Kunj sees a girl smiling at him ..

Can you give me an extra pen Kunj said cheezily while twinkle looked at him widening her eyes ..

The girl quickly gave pen to Kunj while he smirked at twinkle showing the pen the sheets and question paper were distributed twinkle started writing while Kunj was playing with the pen …

Are atleast write something twinkle said ..
Why are you behind me meri maa Kunj said ..both started fighting ..

Twinkle stopped peeking at him and was writing her answers when Kunj decided to tease her he was continuously teasing her by making noises to distract her ..

Maam please see Kunj is disturbing me twinkle complained ..
Kunj this is my last warning to you invigilators spoke while Kunj started writing down his paper ..

The rest exams were going on like this they used to fight and ended up getting scolded …

It was their last exam while Kunj was early this time and twinkle was late she sat in her place ..

Atleast you can greet Kunj taunted…
Hello mr sarna twinkle said ..
Hayyyyy ms Taneja ?Kunj said ..

They were given their question paper and they started writing this time twinkle was not writing but Kunj was ..

Oye sadu twinkle said ..
What ? Kunj asked…

Waise toh you write one hour before now why you started early ..she asked
I just need passing marks for those exams and this subject I love it Kunj said and wait why even am I explaining it to you Kunj said ..

Strange the subject which everyone’s hates he likes it he is really a weird combo twinkle murmured ..
Thanks for the compliment Kunj said…

While twinkle ended writing her paper’ and decided to tease Kunj ..
Fast fast fast sadu sarna zindagi ke bas aada ghanta bacha hai twinkle said in a fake crying voice ..

Shut up Kunj said …
Jeelo iss aaday ghantay Ko jitna jee sakte Jo twinkle stated ..

..this time he complained about twinkle who was sent out as both were creating lot of nuisance ..

Bye bye ms Taneja Kunj said waving a hand at her while she went thanking herself that she wrote her paper before time ..

Kunj comes out and sees her he laughed again and went with his friends ..

The next was their farewell party the juniors gave an amazing farewell to their seniors all enjoyed again ..

Chal na yaar bas how much you will fight with her …Samar told Kunj they were drinking ..
I don’t do but she Kunj replied ..

Acha go and meet her from tomorrow no more fights he said …
Huh I won’t go Kunj replied…

The party was coming to end when twinkle bumped in Kunj ..
Sorry she said ..

Wow you are saying sorry babaji where did the moon comes from today Kunj said wide eyes ..

Huh twinkle said and was going from there ..
Kunj stopped her by holding her wrist ..

Acha even I am sorry as well though I know we fought alottt but no hard feelings for you …Kunj said ..

Same even I but you will always remain my first crush ..twinkle said winking at him ..

I never responded back to your feelings then why I am your crush ???? Kunj asked ..

Kambakth wo crush hi kya jo response dedey twinkle said pouting while Kunj smiled a bit ..

Haan I saw crush kehte kehte you really crushed me Kunj said making faces while twinkle laughed ..
Have a great life ahead she said ..

You too don’t fight with other boys atleast Kunj said ..
Hehe jealous ..twinkle asked ..

You won’t improve Kunj said ..he left from there while twinkle smiled I’ll miss this sadu alottt ?…

I never knew we are going to meet again ❣
Kunj was sleeping peacefully while Arohi walked into the room slowly slowly and moved towards Kunj she cuddled onto her father Kunj smiled in sleep pulling her near him …

Why you woke up so early sometimes Haan whenever I wanted you to sleep late Kunj asked opening his eyes ..

Hehe Arohi added papa Twinkie na she said…
She must be sleeping Arohi Kunj added it’s too early ..he said ..

Please na Arohi added ..
Kunj decided to call twinkle the phone rang for 2-3 times but no one picked up the call ..

She is not picking it up babe Kunj said may be sleeping while Arohi cuddled him and slept Kunj too pecked her forehead and slept with her …
To be continued ?

Precap :
Abeer : when did the things changed so much between us Kunj ????
Kunj : ………….?
So hows the shot ???
Their college life didn’t had that much just a start up of their meet ?…
What do you think what will happen next ? …
Thanks to all who commented on the last one ???
Shab e qadr Mubarak to my all readers please remember everyone in your prayers ?…
Keep commenting guys ?..
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz ?

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