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Way back

The Episode starts with Yuvi and Kunj talking about all the terms ..

I will not be coming to office more often but I can assure you my business partner will do everything Kunj said ..

Ohhhh is there any personal reason ??? Yuvi asked ..
Yeah it is Kunj replied ..

We haven’t introduced to each other yet Yuvi said I am Yuvraj ..Yuvraj Luthra Yuvi said smiling forwarding his hand ..

Kunj sarna ? Kunj said replied his hand shake while both smiled ..
I don’t why I have this feeling Kunj started to say but then think of something ..

Feeling ? About what ??? Yuvi asked ..
That i haveen seen you somewhere kunj added ..

Yaar even i am feeling same Yuvi said in this small world may be we have bumped somewhere Yuvi added ending..

Or may be we are going to bump near to future Kunj too added while both smiled ..
Friends Yuvi asked ..

Uhmm okay freinds …
And that was the start of another friendship between the duo who were going to be infront of each other right soon ???…

Soon both of them left for their respective works while Kunj went back home as he promised arohi he will finish the meeting quickly and will come back for his doll …
@ sarna mansion ::
He went back and sees her sitting lowly and asked Usha about her …

Wo Meera went with Elena to shopping na that’s why Usha said ..
But ? Di didn’t took her ? Kunj asked ..

Nahi Arohi didn’t went as you promised her you will come back home soon Usha said ..

My darling Kunj smiled at her ..
Did she had her lunch ? Kunj asked ..

Nope Usha said …baap ke aate hi nakhre shuru Usha added chuckling ..
Hehe ? can you please bring one plate maa Kunj assked while she nodded in yes ….

Kunj sat beside Arohi I am back he said and lifted her making her sit on his lap ..
Why my doll is so quite today Kunj asked pecking her cheeks ..

I am angry Arohi said ..
Why angry ? Kunj asked ..

Because you haven’t gave me chocy till now Arohi pouted at Kunj ..

Ohooo to papa ki doll is angry for that reason Kunj said ..
Haan she replied…

Papa ka sab kuch aap hi hai doll Kunj said chalo we will have lunch first then I’ll give you Kunj said taking her inside …

Kunj was feeding her while she was telling him many things soon he was done making her have her lunch ..and gave her chocolates she had it…while she quietly sat on his lap resting her head against his chest …

Here you are like this and there she is why my life is so complicated babaji Kunj thought sadly and looked at Arohi painfully he sees that she slept again and picked her up in his arms …

Why she is sleeping this much maa ? Is she fine ??? Kunj asked checking her forehead …

You weren’t here na and she stayed awake whole whole nights sometimes being with Meera sometimes with your papa or sometimes with bebe ..that’s why her sleep doesn’t get completed ..ab when she find her peace she is sleeping Usha said ..

Ohh Kunj said I’ll take her in room he excused from there ..

Sorry baby if it’s not important I would have never gone leaving you Kunj said covering her with duvet and pecked her forehead …
@ Taneja Mansion ::
Mehbeer room :::
But Abeer why you have permission to send her with twinkle Meher asked …
Your Darling Ishani was on her all time favourite Ziddi mood what I can do now Abeer said ..

But still think about twinkle how she will manage Meher said ..
Yeah I know it will be difficult for Abeer added ..

No means no Ishani is not going with twinkle send her with someone else Meher said ..

But Meher they both will be fine twinkle will take care of Ishani Abeer added ..
I am worried for twinkle before Ishani she is my baby too Meher said ..

That’s why I love you this much you love Avni and twinkle alottt Abeer said ..
Yeah why I’ll not Meher replied ..

Don’t worry twinkle will be fine and Ishani too as well I’ll do their packing Abeer said ..

Abeer you won’t improve na see baby Meher said keeping a hand on her tummy while Abeer smirked and pecked her cheek …

They started packing Ishani clothes while twinkle and Avni was back after their long drive ..

Hawwwww it was sooo good after so many days I drive twinkle said ..

I told you to join papa as well but are in no mood we will have fun in Taneja industries Avni said ..

Nahi yaar I love to be alone you know na ? twinkle said ..
Alone or with that jungli Bandar Avni said ..

Hehe ?Avni don’t say like this he is cute yaar I love him twinkle said ..
Yeah yeah I know Avni replied ..
@ sarna mansion ::
Arohi was sleeping peacefully Kunj got a call he talked and opened his luggage and took some gifts downstairs …meera and Elena already returned and was sitting in hall with bebe and Usha Manohar was out …

Maa when she is coming back I haven’t seen her face to face since 2 years Meera said ..

Haan I asked her last night only but as usual she diverted the question Usha added ..

But she should come back now her studies almost finished now we have to get her marry too bebe added by the time Kunj reached down ..

He gave all the things in Usha hands choclates toys clothes everything ..
She opened a wrap and sees it has a green colour dress ..

Again green Kunj Arohi doesn’t wear green she hates green Usha said.

I know maa that’s not for Arohi that’s for Elena Kunj said ..I had her royal blue and pink dress with me only Kunj said ..
Wow Kunj it’s too pretty Meera said ..

Mumma I’ll wear this Elena chided
Okay I’ll make you wear it she said while Kunj heard someone crying ..

Shit she woke up he said and ran while Meera bebe and Usha looked at him ..
I wish sab kuch theek hota Meera said ..
Kunj went in his room and sees Arohi crying he hugged her quickly baby baby papa is here he said while she hugged him scared of sitting in alone room ..

Shh quite see what I brought for you Kunj said he opened her clothes and toys while she looked at it …

Wow blue wala my favourite she said picking up her dress with those year filled eyes ..

yes blue your favourite Kunj added … wiping her eyes ..and making her sit in his lap ..

*Ahhhhhh again kunjjj you brought this seriously you don’t have any taste in any choices his wife added frustrated …

Ohhhh madam I became father for the first time now only so it’s my initial and waise bhi you informed me at the last moment and which colours I saw first I picked it up Kunj added puppily …

Huh you can never improve she added while Kunj looked on ..
Huh ? you just need a reason to bash me Kunj said faking anger ..

Acha think about it logically if anytime I wouldn’t be here how you will take care of her ? She asked ..

Kyu you are going somewhere finally I’ll get my bachelor’s back Kunj added chuckling ..

Huhuh I’ll go but leave my panda with you only dekh Lena she said going out of their room while Kunj smiled AM I FALLING FOR HER ?
Papa papa Arohi Shaked him while he came out of his trance and looked here and there he didn’t found her a regret splash on his face again …

I want to wear this she said while Kunj nodded he made her get freshen up first then made her wear her dress ..

While she twirls wow it’s so pretty she said while Kunj smiled seeing her happy …she ran downstairs to show it to her grandparents …

See I am taking care of her without you but I seriously miss you with every passing breathe though late not late very much late I realised that you were the real sunshine of my life Kunj thought taking out her nuptial chain …

The duo Elena and Arohi were having their ramp walk in their new dressed while sarna family enjoying it Manohar too came back and brought ice cream for them ..which they had happily…

Ohooo alone family time Haan forgot me nanu a boy of 5 years old speaks …he comes inside running followed by an man ..

Lo devil is also here Kunj said while Meera hits him aryaannnn she said while the boy jumps in her mother’s arm ..

Mumma I missed you so much Aryan said ..while Varun too hugged his wife ..
Liar both Elena and Arohi added while Aryan passed them stern glare ..

He met everyone nanu Nani bebe kunj and then his little sister ..
You both are still same not grown up a bit even Aryan said..while the duo makes faces ..

Hey champ you went for just one month Kunj said ..
Correct Varun added while Kunj and Varun hifi ..

You know chicks I enjoyed alottt Aryan told Elena and Arohi ..while they both said we enjoyed too with each other they hugged while all smiled ..

And his teacher was calling me Daily that he is missing his family Varun murmured to Kunj and Meera who chuckled ..

See di ? his teacher calling jiju daily Kunj tried to ignite fire .
Varun Meera gritted her teeths ..

Huhu don’t Kunj I love my my wife so much and I planned to make you mamu for the 3 time as well Varun winked at Kunj while Meera hits him slightly Kunj smiled seeing them the trio was gossping and giggling while Usha bebe Manohar sees them just she is missing here Usha said ..while the rest looked on

Days passed by Varun after having a good time with his inlaws was taking his wife and daughter back Arohi was sad as Elena will go and she will be again alone while everyone felt bad for the little soul ..

Acha Arohi we will come back soon you know na bua loves you alottt Meera said matching her heights while she hugged her ..

I will miss you too she said and pecked on Meera cheek ..
Hey doll don’t worry we will come back again Aryan said lifting her slightly even Elena joined them while all smiled ..

Arohi hates me na Varun said ..while she nodded in yes everyone chuckled ..

You always takes them back she added awwww darling even uncle wants them na Varun said ..while she looked at Kunj who wiped her tears and pecked her forehead ..they will come back soon he assured ..

Acha we will go now Varun said ..while everyone nodded and after lot of emotional drama they left …
Kunj to cheer his doll up started packing for their camp clothes while she got distracted with her father on the other side same Meher packed Ishani all the things and Abeer did twinkle packing …

Ishani don’t tease Bua don’t run anywhere leaving her hand okay Meher added while she nodded in yes…

And twinkle don’t leave Ishani ? and Ishani beta take care of your Bua Yuvi added chuckling Twinkie is a smaller baby than Ishani hai na Yuvi added while twinkle hits him ..

Avni says right you are a monkey twinkle said ..
I am going to miss you he said ..while twinkle moves closer to him ..

Don’t miss me ……she said winking at him while both of them smiled ..while Avni sees them …

Yeh meine kya dekh Liya she said while twiraj looks at her ..while Leela called twinkle ..
Aise keh Rahi ho jaise you found us in…Yuvi started to say ..

Whatever Avni added ..
Don’t be jealous of your sister that she got such cute boy friend Yuvi told Avni ..

Who is cute here the one with monkey face Avni asked ..
Beware Kahi ye monkey face se pyaar Na hojaye Yuvi teassed her chuckling while Abeer too heard them and laughed ..

No only twinkle can love you Avni added stumping her foot and going from there Yuvi and Abeer burst out laughing ..
Next day :::
Everyone reached the camp which was away from Amritsar in Dalhousie a hill station away from Amritsar it was an beautiful place with the Amazing weather …while all of them entered and got their respective cottages ..where they need to share …

Twinkle with Ishani went inside and got a key to her cottage room while Ishani was asleep after a long Tiring journey twinklee went inside and put her on bed and informed her family that they reached safely meanwhile Kunj also reached he and got his keys he went inside while arohi was jumping seeing the place …

Baby don’t jump you will fall Kunj said while she stopped papa it’s so beautiful she said ..

But not more than my doll Kunj added they went inside their room while the announcement was made that the activities will start from 12 till then they can rest …

Everyone was asleep while twinkle and Kunj was roaming seeing the beauty down their feeling something special feeling some intoxication …

Yaha ki hawao me kuch toh Nasha hai Kunj said sipping the coffee while twinkle too was present there …he turned but she already left ..

Soon it was near to 12 twinkle made Ishani ready while Kunj did everything of Arohi they gets dressed as well and went to the activity area where every kid and their guardian was called ..

Ishani and Arohi on seeing the sugar candy got happy and ran leaving twinj hand so as other kids while someone pushed twinkle and before she could fall Kunj held her by tightly wrapping his arms around her waist …jitters passing through their body ..

Thank you twinklee said looking up while Kunj looked at her as well both lost in each other eyes …they had a good eye contact …

Kunj made her stand properly while she looked at him .. Kunj started to go but stopped ..
Hi Kunj added lowly

I have seen you somewhere twinkle said recalling ..
Mount Verna senior batchmate lead dancer of demons Kunj said …

Shit shit shit Kunj sarna twinkle said finally yeah ..Kunj added ..
Yeah so you do remember me Kunj said .
How can I forgot my crush who didn’t even spared a look at me twinkle said palming her face ….

Still the same no change Kunj said making you will never improve expression..

Arey so what it’s true I had my first crush on you my FIRST INTOXICATION
PEHLA NASHA as in Kunj added giggling ..

Yo true twinkle added ..
But you here ?? She asked ..

While Arohi comes there running papa see I got free sugar candy she said showing Kunj ..
Arohi baby but don’t leave my hand next time Kunj said ..

Okay papa she said and looked at twinkle ..while twinkle was looking at them ..
Meet my baby Arohi Kunj said …

Baby twinkle said wide eyed ..
Why ? So shocked Kunj asked ..

My crush got married as well twinkle said making again crying expression while Kunj giggled ..

Anyways hi darling twinkle said matching to her height
Hi she added cutely ..

How are you ? Twinkle asked
I am fine aur aap kesi ho she asked cutely

I am fine as well but after seeing you more fine you are such a cutie twinkle said kissing her cheeks ..

You are cute too Arohi said and pecked twinkle right cheek while Kunj smiled ..
Papa I like her she said ..

But I loveddddd you cutie twinkle added and Arohi hugged her ..
Friends she asked twinkle ..

Best friends twinkle said ..
Now Arohi you got another companion Haan Kunj said while she giggled ..

Ishani comes there with sad face I didn’t got sugar candy she said while twinkle cupped her face ..

No worries baby I’ll buy you another twinkle said ..
But sugar candy ended Ishaani said ..

Don’t worry I’ll share mine with you Arohi said while Ishani looked at her and Arohi passed her sugar candy ..

Meet her Ishani twinkle told Kunj and Ishani he is my papa Arohi said ..
You can call him uncle as he became uncle now twinkle added giggling ..

Hello uncle Ishani said while twinkle giggled seeing Kunj expression ..
Soon the duo became friends they left towards the garden hand in hand leaving twinj alone ..

You daughter is cute twinkle said ..
Your as well Kunj added seeing Ishani and Arohi who were walking ahead ..

Arey no she is not she is my bhai daughter twinkle said ..
But seriously I am still shocked seeing you married she added chuckling ..

Why am I not human Kunj asked ..
Yes ? twinkle said ..
Huh ? Kunj added ..

Ishani is cute Kunj said ..
Even Arohi is I am sure she must went on her mother twinklee said ..

Yeah exact copy of her mom kunj said
Where is she ? Twinkle asked looking here and there ..

She is no…Kunj started to say ..with a low voice and expression less face
It’s okay Kunj twinkle said keeping a hand on his shoulder ..

Let’s just enjoy this camp I never knew I am going to meet you after so many years twinkle said ..

Even i let the fun begin Kunj said they too left inside happily ..
To be continued ???
So hows the chapter ?????
Hope you all like it ?
Don’t rush guys everything will be going step by step just enjoy ????…
Thanks to all who commented on the last
Bye Allahafiz ?

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