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This shot is dedicated to all my lovely readers who wanted to read another one from me ??…bonus chapter

Paths crossed ?
The Next shot starts with Taneja family on the dinning table along with Yuvi the asusual teasing and banter was going on Abeer and twinkle was teasing each other …Ishani was teasing Meher Yuvi talking with Rt everyone busy in their own banters …

Arey I toh totally forgot where is she ??? Rt asked …
Wo papa she went to her friend’s house for an night out Abeer said ..

Are yeh ladki bhi na rt replied ..
Koi nahi papa aajayegi Yuvi said ..

Ohhooo papa Abeer and Meher added while Yuvi blushed and twinkle smiled …all the while Leela was silently having her dinner …

Soon they finishes up their dinner while Yuvi took a leave from them …
@ sarna mansion :::
Kunj after juggling with his bitter memories took his phone in his hand he smiled looking at his wedding pics his family pics with the few months old Arohi he smiled caressing his wife face he kissed on the mobile screen and looked at Arohi who cuddled more into him ..

You look same as your mother Kunj pecked on her forehead lifting her up on his chest ..

Soon a message popped in his phone ..
She is fine you don’t need to worry ? the message reads while he smiled …
@ Taneja Mansion :::
Twinkle dropped Yuvi till door while they bid bye toh each other after he pecked her forehead ..

Can you both please give me a side they heard someone say while both looks at each other ..
Didn’t you went for night out twinkle asked ..

I am hell tired I’ll talk to you tomorrow good night she said and walked past them while her hand brushed with Yuvi …she left while twinkle smirks at Yuvi …

Soooooo she said …
Sooooo what ??? Yuvi replied equally smirking don’t you think you are being too much mischevious Yuvi stated while twinkle nodded …

Huhuhhhh I won’t mind as well Yuvi said while both of them laughed ..soon he left and twinkle went inside ..
@sarna mansion :::
Usha was waiting for her husband who returned lately she smiled at him while he smiled back ..
Where are my Princesses ??? Manohar asked …

Meera and Elena are watching TV in their room …Usha started to say but Cutt off my Manohar ..
Where is my doll then ? He asked worriedly ..

Arey why are you so worried you doll has been tiredly sleeping with her papa Usha added ..
Ohh Kunj came back it’s good Manohar sighed painfully …

What happen Usha asked seeing the rising tension on his face ..

Nothing Usha it’s just that I feel myself guilty here for getting Kunj married to her and spoiling her life when I knew Kunj never wanted to marry early but as soon as his college ended I forced him and he got married at that very young age where he couldn’t balanced between his feelings and his family Manohar said ..

I know even I feel bad everytime I used to tell Ann that Kunj loves her it just that he needs time to adjust in their marriage…Usha added ..

We couldn’t even seen her for the last time Manohar sighed even HE didn’t let Kunj touch her once he added again ..

After all He Was Her Father Usha added they both sat missing their lovely daughter in law who was the heart of sarnas …
@ Taneja Mansion :::
Everyone went to sleep while twinkle sat again to write her personal diary …and again was engrossed in it ..
@lert room :::
Rt was sleeping when he didn’t find Leela beside him he got up and went towards the balcony to see her on the chair having a album in her hands …she was crying and endless number of tears were running down her cheeks …

Leela rt said keeping his hand on her shoulder while she wiped her tears ..
Haan she said ..

What happen ??? He asked wiping the left over tears …
Nothing …wo mere ankh mein ..she started to say but was cut off by him in middle ..

Don’t lie to me atleast rt said ..
And that was enough for her to burst out crying again she hugged him and cried badly while he waited for her till she melts down …

I am missing them Leela spoke finally …don’t know why today I couldn’t control she said ..

I know even I miss them daily but we can’t do anything we tired our level best wherever they are they will be happy atleast I can trust this much rt said …

But still they are our blood as well Leela said …while rt hummed in response even his eyes filled with tears ..

Sorry I made you cry as well Leela said but rt nodded in no they both joined their forehead with the painful sorrow …
Next day ::::
Both the families in their respective house woke up while twinkle was seeing the breakfast preparation along with Leela and Meher was chopping the veges Ishani was playing with Abeer rt was reading News’s paper …
@ sarna mansion :::
Elena and Arohi both were awake Elena too was in Kunj room while both of them teasing Kunj …

Darlings come on now let’s take a bath Kunj said while they nodded in no …

Meera too comes there and sees them both Arohi was sitting in Kunj lap hugging him while Elena was climbing on his shoulder fisting his hairs …

Hehe Kunj Meera laughed ..
Seeing see what these devil’s are doing with me Kunj said ..

Elena arohi come with me I’ll give you both shower Meera said ..
Even i am telling them since long Kunj added …don’t worry Meera di those who don’t want to take bath I won’t give them their toys Kunj said smirking ..

No no we will go both Ran to Meera …
Bua Mumma let’s take a bath quick Arohi and Elena added while Meera laughed Kunj you also get freshen up she added going with them and Kunj too went …
@ Taneja Mansion :::
Yuvi comes there while he was going inside he sees someone in the garden pouring water on the plants while he smiled …and moved there but due to his leg stuck in the pipe he got slipped and the girls tried to hold him but ended up falling with upon him …while her hairs covered his face ….

Avni get up …Yuvi said …
Why you came here ??? Avni asked ..
I thought it’s twinkle here I gave her this hoodie which you are wearing right now Yuvi added trying to get up ..

Ohhhh I didn’t knew it was your gift I just shared my sister clothes Avni said finally getting up …
But never knew you will also good looking like this bomber ? Yuvi said ..

You dimwit she shouted agressively ..if I would have known about your gift I wouldn’t have worn this Avni said stretching the hoodie …

Are Yuvi you are here Abeer said while Yuvi smiled and hugged him and Avni makes faces ..

Why he is centre of gravity of our house huh she said and went inside and joined her mother sister and bhabhi in breakfast preparation ..
Avni you here Leela asked ..

Yeah I came to …she was cutt if by Yuvi ..
Increase your work maa Yuvi added while twinkle and Meher giggled the duo yuvni shared the deadliest glare ..

Arey subah hui nahi aur tum dono chalu rt asked ..
First your this son started papa Avni said hugging him …

Hey don’t say anything about my Yuvi twinkle replied ..
Huh obsessed with this Bandar twinkle Avni said …

Yeah any problem Dayan Yuvi replied ..
Bas now don’t fight Leela added …acha hua Yuvi you came to have breakfast with us Leela said ..

Yeah why I’ll miss my maa food Yuvi said while they all sat for breakfast …
I think now you should settle with us officially Abeer said ..

But it should be after my 2 baby comes or else I won’t be able to enjoy Meher added .. Avni again makes faces …while twiraj was having wide smiles…

I am really proud of you Yuvi you have achieved everything on your own ..rt said ..

Nahi papa it’s you who made me this much confident after maa and papa death I never thought I’ll get a family who will love me this much …Yuvi said …

You are our family don’t forget twinkle said while everyone else nodded ..
I’ll go and sign the merger today Yuvi said changing the topic while everyone smiled ..

@ sarna mansion :::
Kunj joined everyone for breakfast and greet Manohar who just hummed Kunj left bad seeing this he looked at Arohi who immediately jumped on him …

Papa see this she said showing him the pamplate of some kid camp while he looked at it …
What is it ??? Kunj asked ..

Are yesterday Naina aunty came and gave it …it was a camp arranged for the kids …Meera explained
Ohhhh Kunj said ..

And papa she said they had many games we shall go na papa Arohi added ..
But baby Kunj said …
Plsh na baby I want to go out she said showing him the most cutest faces ..

Acha I have one meeting then we will think about this Kunj said trying to divert the topic ..while she made a sad face ..
Mumma we will go as well na Elena added …

No baby your papa and bhai is coming to take us na Meera said ..we will go to more exciting place okay Meera added to Elena while Arohi looks at them craving for the love which she wanted from her mother as well Kunj observed this ..

Okay Arohi we will go Kunj said seeing her gloomy face
Pakka ? She asked standing on his lap
Yes pakka anything for my darling Kunj pecked her lips while all smiled ..
@ taneja mansion ::
Same discussion was going on while mehbeer directly said no to Ishani …and she started crying ..

Ishu baby understand na Mumma is not fine and papa needs to be here we can’t go baby Abeer said ..

But papa I want to go Ishani added…
But who will take you Abeer said ..Avni you go with her na she is hell stubborn went in her both bua’s Abeer said ..

Bhai sorry I would have gone with ishu but I have preponed few meetings Avni said ..

Don’t worry bhai I am free I’ll go twinkle added while Ishani cheered ..
My Twinkie Bua is best she said showing tongue to abeeer and Avni while they smiled …
@A.T industries …
Twinkle and Avni came to give Yuvi some files which he forgot last night working with rt …

You sit I’ll just come twinkle said while Avni nodded she ran inside …and went to Yuvi floor and gave him file while he thanked her ….

Twinkle went back and entered the lift she was in hurry as Avni was waiting while Kunj who came there was in hurry too ufff I got late because of Arohi but never mine I can leave everything for her Kunj spoke smiling ..

the lift came on ground floor where Kunj was running towards the lift
The door opens and twinkle too ran and hit Kunj …

Ouch both said …
Both were in hurry they didn’t even looked at each other and left saying sorry …

Twinkle turned to took back hearing the voice even Kunj but some people came in between they both went to their respective routes unaware of the same destination ?

Yuvi was waiting for someone when his pa informed that the person reached ..soon he went in conference room and the meeting started ..finally it was done ..

I am ready to sign the merger between us Mr sarna Yuvi said..
Even i am ready to work with you mr Luthra Kunj said while both of them forwarded their hand professionally …

So from today A.T and ARSHI industries will work together Yuvi said he and Kunj signed the deal looking at each other ..
To be continued ??
Characters sketch
Taneja family :::
Reminder Taneja : a superb business man father of three Abeer twinkle and Avni ..
Leela taneja : a house wife and lovable mother of her kids ..
Abeer Taneja : first kid of rt and Leela husband of Meher Taneja and father of Ishani Taneja …
Twinkle Taneja : 2 kid of Leela and rt everyone’s favourite loves everyone’s alottt …
Avni Taneja : 3 kid of Leela and rt spoiled by everyone working with rt …
Yuvraj Luthra : a cute boy who after his parents death brought up by their best friend Leela and rt…
Ishani Taneja : 3 years old daughter of mehbeer cute and bubbly .
Sarna family ::
Bebe : eldest of the sarna family loves her children alottt ..
Manohar sarna : a strict father outside but inside he loves his kid alott and his grandkids are his soul ..
Usha sarna : same like her husband loves her kid but Kunj is her utmost priority ..
Meera sarna/Kapoor : 1 child of manusha married had 2 kids Aryan and Elena ..
Kunj sarna : 2 child of manusha spoilt by everyone married …lives with the guilt of his past always living just for his dolls…
Arohi sarna : naughty cute bubbly teddy bear of Kunj sarna pampered by everyone in the family but still craves for mother love ..
Elena Kapoor : 2 child of Meera equally loved by her maternal grandparents as they love Arohi …
So these are the characters which are introduced till now as the story proceeds more characters will unfold ?…
Soon going to complete 500 articles + 3 years here on telly updates ?
Stay tuned do comments bye Allahafiz ??

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