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Belated happy birthday to our Siyappa queen drama queen and beauty queen Jasmin Bhasin and also to one of my oldest and fav reader Vibhu happy bday stay blessed keep smiling party hard ..
Enjoy the update

Missed ??
The Episode starts with twinkle hugging Kunj thanking him for the stole he gifted her while he smiled and Arohi with her puppy eyes watched her parents soon twinj joined her in a hug too

You both stay I’ll just come Kunj went outside while Arohi too went downstairs to bring something ..

Twinkle looked at the room with tears filled eyes ..
Finally I am back in my house ?after so long painful separation she added ..tears flowing through her cheeks …

I really miss this place and the days I spent here..and mostly I missed my another angel she said hiccup ing …

One the other side :::
Kunj sees so many missed calls from samaira he got worried about Ashi and called her 2-3 times to which she picked up the call ..

Heyyy Sam ???? How’s Ashi ?? Is she fine ? Where is she Kunj bombarded on samaira with soooooo many questions ..

Haan bhai she is fine but samaira told looking at Ashi who was curling herself on the couch hell angry with her …
But what ??? Kunj asked worried …

Next scene :::
Twinkle went out after changing To see Arohi in hall there she was having a gift in her hand ..
What’s this baby ??? Twinkle asked..

Hoo I got scared Arohi said while twinkle giggled and kissed her cheek matching her height ..

It’s a gift from my side arohi told her forwarding her wrapped gift while twinkle smiled…

Let’s see what’s this she added and opened to found a beautiful photo frame with twinj picture with Arohi from their summer camp she smiled…

Aww it’s so cute darling twinkle said ..
I hope you like it she smiled at twinkle ..
Nah nah I loveddddd it just like I love youuuu twinkle hugged her smiling..

Chalo let’s sleep now it’s quite late na she added ..where is your papa ? Twinkle asked..
Don’t know Arohi added shrugging her shoulders ..

Okay he will come soon you come with me she said ..but then stopped and moved towards kitchen ..
Why we came here ???? Arohi asked …

To boil milk for you twinklee added ..taking out milk pack from kitchen ..
But I don’t like Arohi pouted to which twinkle giggled…

Acha drink it once you will love it she added making Arohi sat on the another slab in kitchen and boiled the milk she looked in refrigerator to find strawberries ..she make milkshake for her and took her back to room ..

Wow it’s yum Arohi said while twinkle smiled ruffling her hairs ..

I know she said and quickly changed her dress as well ..
She hugged twinkle hiding in her embrace …
Next scene ::
Ashi baby what happen Kunj asked while she wasn’t uttering even a word ..
Baby pls say something Kunj added while she nodded in no with tear filled eyes ..

You all are so bad she shouted
Arey why ?? What happen ? Meri Jaan say something ..Kunj added…

Dr gave me injetion(injection) she said crying it pained she cried in her cute baby voice ..

Calm down baby Kunj said ..samaira tried to go near her while she screamed again ..
Don’t touch me she added..

Acha we will punish Bua Kunj added…
Bhaiiiii samaira said ..
Yes papa punish her see ? she lied to me saying we are gonna for shopping and took for inje..tion  and didn’t gave me toffies too ? Ashi added while Kunj and arhaan giggled seeing samaira shock expression ..

Haan I’ll punish Bua how can she lie to my baby Haan Kunj said ..
Acha sorry na samaira added pulling her and cuddling …

You know na Bua loves you soooooo much she pecked her hairs ..
I love you tooo she added with tear filled eyes while Kunj smiled ..

This drama will go on Kunj arhaan added giggling ..
Yeah bye Ashi ? will bring you here soon Kunj added while she passed with flying kiss they ended the call Kunj sighed…

@ twinj room ::
Arohi was above twinkle curling her petite figure around her ..
Mumma why you weren’t here you know I missed you so so much ..Arohi said crying while twinkle eyes too filled with tears ..

I missed you too she kissed her forehead
Don’t go again leaving me Arohi said pouting ..

Never twinkle promised her while she was cutely complaining to twinklee about many things while talking she slept ..

I was wrong I failed to realise this thing that how much you needs Kunj that much you needs me as well sorry baby I won’t go ever leaving you twinkle murmured cuddling her tightly and sleeping with her …

Kunj entered in room and sees them sleeping and smiled ..just Ashi is missing in the frame I have to bring her asap ?he added.. moving towards bed ..and keeps on staring at twinkle ..

I missed you here from the past 2 years ? now that you are here I’ll make sure that I don’t loose you again Kunj added pecking her forehead he too laid on bed soon sleep took over him as well …
Next morning ::
Arohi was the quick one to woke up she smiled looking at twinj who were on her either sides …she got up and went downstairs to find Usha and bebe awake and happy after getting twinkle back ..

Dadi bebe she said while they look at her ..
What happen ?? Usha ask ..

Make something for Mumma na pls she said while Usha nodded happily taking her to kitchen ..
Twinj were sleeping slowly slowly the distance were reducing between them and they ended up cuddling each other …when Kunj woke up feeling twinkle hairs coming on his face he smiled and pecked her forehead cuddled her more tightly as twinkle snuggled into him more …

Hehe ? she will never improve Kunj added ..twinkle sleep started to break she realised she was almost sleeping on Kunj and got up embarrassed ..

Where is Arohi ?? She tired to avoid awkwardness ..
May be she went downstairs Kunj added ..both looks at each other and then got freshen up ..

One week passed by Arohi was hell happy she was all around twinkle and twinklee her possesive behaviour started as well while Kunj noticed her behaving like his twinkle but then left the thoughts ..

Kunj was in room while twinkle was running behind Arohi for making her have breakfast while Manusha and bebe was giggled ..finally Arohi entered in room ..
Papa hide me she said going behind Kunj ..

Kunj have you saw Arohi ? Twinkle asked coming in …
Uhmm he was in dilemma then twinkle sees Arohi behind him ..

Come here doll I caught you she added while she moved towards twinkle both sat on bed and she was feeding her ..

Kunj was searching for a shirt to change
What happen ? Twinkle asked…
Nothing i was just  looking for my shirt yeah I’ll wear this he said taking out a yellow one ..

Your taste is still same twinkle said which shocked Kunj ..
What ? He asked..

Uhmm Nothing she realised …Arohi was done with her food ..twinkle picked up a white shirt for Kunj ..

This looks more amazing on you she added while Kunj smiled watching her soon she got a call …
What ??? Meher bhabhi ? Okay I am coming she added..

All okay ? Kunj asked…
Haan wo Meher bhabhi was taken to hospital twinkle added..

Let’s go then Kunj said they informed Manusha and left with Arohi …they reached to find Taneja family damn happy ..

Is Meher fine ? Kunj asked..
Yeah congratulations di we have become Bua again bhai is blessed with a cute boy Avni added…both the sisters hugged celebrating ..

They sees Meher baby and smiled 2-3 days passed twinkle too went to stay at TM as Abeer called her and Kunj everyone was happy for their baby the naming ceremony was done and they named him AHAAN ABEER TANEJA …

Leela took out some old clothes of Ishani and Arohi Ashi while ahaan was with rt in his lap crying ..
Make him wear this Leela added…

Are maa these are toh my dolls clothes na abeeer added ..
Yes Leela said tears eye

Rt picked up one and made ahaan wear it as they were unis*x clothes while the rest were on the table ..
Ahaan don’t cry Arohi and Ishani touched him while he cried more and more …

Arey rt ji give him to me Leela said while he gave her ..
Arohi Ishani come we will have lunch Abeer said …taking them in room where Meher was resting ..while LeRt went in their room with ahaan ..yunj went for meeting and Avni was sleeping ..

Twinkle came in hall searching for Arohi she sees the clothes scattered there and smiled hugging it ..
Everyone was so happy in sm after Arohi and Ashi came to their home their was so much noisey environment in their house if Arohi used to sleep then Ashi used to be awake and vice versa and if both used to be awake use to be awake Together then all sarna family had to be behind them …they were 3 months old by now and turned in to very cute chubs ..

Kunj entered sm at night to find no one in the hall ..
So quite Ambience today ?? Where are my flutes he added directly running to his room ..

He sees them both sleeping on the bed with pillow borders all arounds ..
Expected Kunj added moving towards the bed and laying beside them by removing the pillows of his side ..

Ufff my cuties he kissed their cheeks and smiled …he too slept admiring them in sitting position ..

Downstairs ::’
Why Kunj didn’t came till now ?? Usha asked twinkle ..
Don’t know he used to be by home by 8 daily may be he had meeting twinkle told ..

Haan you go and see Arohi and Ashi till then I’ll call bebe and Manohar ji for dinner Usha said she nodded going in room ..

She found Kunj too sleeping beside babies …when did he came she said ..
Kunj Kunj she tried waking him to while he looked at her ..

When did you came back ? Twinkle asked..
An hour before Kunj looked at the wall clock and told her ..

Acha she added and was going from there Kunj pulled her she ended up sitting on his lap ..
Kunjjj she said lowly ..

Spend sometime with me Kunj added nuzzling his face in crook of her neck and wrapping his arm around her waist ..

Arohi and Ashi woke up and started crying while Kunj make faces ..and twinkle giggled standing up ..

Cuties this is too bad ? I didn’t disturbed you guys and so you shouldn’t too he looked at Arohi and Ashi who was looking at him with tiny tears in their eyes ..

Twinkle sat on the other side taking Arohi chalo sleep over darlings now ready to tease us whole night she said while the both of them made sounds Kunj giggled and bite Ashi cheek ..

Kunjjjjj twinkle shouted ..
What ? Kunj asked..

Why you people bites my dolls twinkle added rubbing Ashi cheek with her thumb…
Hehe because they are more sweeter than berries Kunj said..

Huhuh dare to bite them again twinkle said…
acha if I don’t bite them ..then I should bite whom ? He asked moving closer …

Arohi screamed at Kunj seeing him coming close to twinkle while he stopped ..

Huhuh you and your babies he added while twinkle chuckled…he still moved ahead and instead of biting twinkle bites Arohi cheek who was in her arms ..

To which Arohi started crying and Kunj ran to washroom ..making twinkle curse him ?..

After twinkle consoled both the babies Kunj came out and chuckled seeing them he lifted Arohi ..

Acha sorry he pecked her cheek while twinkle lifted Ashi as they both proceed downstairs ..

Are Kunj good you are here also see what I made for you Usha said ..
Haan Kunj added ..

Aleee mere babies both are awake Haan Manohar talked to them while they complained to him in their baby language ..
What my babies want to say Manohar asked..

That their papa has bitten their cheek twinkle told while Kunj gulped in ..both of them started making more sounds ..

Oye shut up you both little chicks Kunj added all giggled having their dinner enjoying with both the cuties ..

Their life was filled with many many different colours after getting them ?
They all were damn happy after dinner twinj left with both of them to room Arohi was the quick one to sleep while Ashi she was in all mood to play ..

Kunj smiled cuddling her he tied ballons around her while twinkle was laying on couch Patting Arohi …

Ashi started playing with the balloons by shaking her hands here and there and giggling and twinj were admiring them alottt soon after sometime Ashi stopped and started crying twinkle gave Arohi in Kunj arms and went to Ashi and fed her she slept in her mother’s embrace while Kunj too joined with Arohi ..

Shit it’s again 5:30 in morning Kunj said looking at the time their daily schedule was destroyed after them twinkle giggled sleepy and then all the four slept …

Days were passing by Everything was going perfect in their life …on the other side Avni and samaira was completing their last semester and theeir final semester had a major project for which they both have to shift in different cities ..

Samaira was alloted in the same city where sarnas used to stay …while Avni was alloted in some other making Taneja family worried on how she will stay alone …

Twinkle was at Taneja Mansion with Ashi and Arohi after lot of insisting by Abeer Manohar agreed to send them ..

Ashi was in rt arms where as Arohi was in abeer’s Ishani was playing with Leela ..
Whaat to do with this girl I asked her to study here only like twinkle but she wanted to study abroad rt said ..

See Ashi your maasi is totally mad he told Ashi who chucked at him ..they all were playing with Ishani Ashi and Arohi ..
While twinkle Skyped Yuvi after a long time ..

Haan Haan forgot me that much hell busy twinkle asked Yuvi ..
Shut up you got busy first after getting married and them with your cuties waise where are they ? Yuvi asked..

In hall with papa and bhai twinkle added..
What’s going on ? When you are coming back can you believe it’s 2 years since we saw you twinkle complained ..

Ahaa missing me baby doll Yuvi winked at her ..where is that daayan ? He added..
Who Avni ??? Twinkle asked..
Nahi your cuties ..Yuvi added giggling ..
You jerk ..

You b*t*h
Both cursed each other and then laughed together ..

Haan Avni is in xyz place and she had been allotted for her project to …hey wait you are in the same place twinkle added ..

Haan so what ? Yuvi asked..
Wait twinkle went in hall while Yuvi and rt too talked ..

Why not papa we should send Avni to Yuvi she can’t stay at his place till her project ends twinkle suggested ..

Are why I didn’t got it you are right Yuvi I hope you don’t have any problem ..rt said..

Not at all uncle you have done so many things for me and yeah send Avni she will stay safe I assure Yuvi added gritting teeths at twinkle he was too worried about it as they fights alottt …rt gave phn back to twinkle who showed him Ashi and Arohi ..

Aww yaar so cute i doubt they are your babies only na Yuvi asked…or must have got changed in hospital ?
Huh ? they are mine only twinkle gritted her teeths ..

Hehe then they must have went on Kunj he added teasing her ..
Shut up now handle Avni twinkle smirked at him ..

Where did you trapped me yaar me and Avni can’t stay together for 10 mins and she will stay with me till her project ends seriously ? Yuvi said..

Yeah either you or her will be fine till the end ? twinkle giggled they ended the call after so many talks ..

While the same conversation was going on at sarna mansion ..
Even if she was alloted there ? How she will stay alone in sarna mansion and it is being renovated Usha added..

Why not send her to Akshay uncle house ..Kunj suggested…
Are Haan I’ll talk to sanvi Usha said they talked to askhay and sanvi who was happy welcoming samaira to their house ….

Kunj gang decided to have a get together while Kunj too was called by Samar they all reached the restaurant and was happy meeting each other after alottt …

Kunj and his friend samar, Joe , kriyan, Kiara …
Someone else is joining us as well Kiara said when Kris entered …

Hello Everyone it’s to good meeting you all after so long Kris told and hugged Kiara followed by others ..
Kunj she ran to him and hugged him while he separated himself from her ..

What happen Kunj didn’t you miss me ? Kris asked..
No I didn’t Kris Kunj replied truthfully ..

Are Kris we have to tell you something Samar said …now our Kunj is all family man he is married as well as have kids Samar added teasingly Kris got 440v shock ..

Whattt ?? She said you are joking ryt ? She asked while Samar nodded in no ..
Leave this let’s talk about my and Kiara wedding kriyan told them while they all indulged ..

Kris was upset with Kiara as well for not informing her ..
Sorry yaar Kris but I didn’t wanted you to get hurt Kiara added ..

But whom did he got married to ? Kris asked as far as I knew him he wouldn’t have married so early she added ..
Yeah his family got him married to …Kiara started

To ? Kris asked
Twinkle she added while Kris got another shocked …Kunj Samar was teasing kriyan regarding his affair with Kiara which he never told them ..while the girls too joined them ..Kunj left from there

He went to Taneja Mansion to bring twinkle and his cuties back ..he went and found the trio Ishani Ashi and Arohi who was pulling Abeer hairs ..

Very good babies Kunj added taking a seat beside Abeer
Huhuh saale Abeer said..

Me nahi you are my saala Kunj added giggling lifting Ishani ..
Are you are getting chubby day by day totally went on your mother ?Kunj said…

You just stay behind me Meher screamed at him ?
Yes. ? Kunj added…

Arey Kunj puttar when you came Leela said coming ..
5 mins past Where is my wifey ? Kunj asked…

She went with papa to have her ice cream papa’s doll na Abeer winked at Kunj ..
Whatever he added twinkle and rt too comes with the packaged ice creams .
Are Kunj when did you came ? She asked..

When you were busy Kunj added ..
Come let’s have dinner rt said all nodded and went Kunj was being pampered by Leela ..making twinkle jealous ..they all were done ..

Drive carefully rt told Kunj he nodded in yes ..they went out and twinj drove off to sarna mansion …

Avni shifted to Yuvi place where as samaira to arhaan house ..he was happy seeing her as he always had a crush on her ..

@yuvi place :::
Yuvi’s apartment was short and cute he wanted to live on his own after his parents death he studied hard and started workings pay time so that he can be something on his own rt many times wanted him to stay with them but Yuvi denied taking his help he asked him to just guide him through the right path and hence was living away so that he can built something he didn’t attended twinkle wedding too because of it …

Avni was shifted last night while Yuvi woke up and made breakfast bread and omlette for both of them Avni joined him it was hell awkward for her to stay with him but she had no option ..

So when is your project going to start ? Yuvi asked her ..
By next Monday Avni told him .

So if you are staying with me so you have to follow some rules Yuvi said while Avni makes faces ..
Yeah mr Luthra she added sugar coating her words ..

No need to be so sugary…well anyways
First thing you shouldn’t be coming home late you should be here by 8
You ..Avni started to shout ..

Shut up this is not made by me but rt uncle told me this to inform you in bold letters ..Yuvi added…
Next Avni said ..

Good so yeah any more people with you in this project ? Yuvi asked..
Yea my classmates Jospeh and Peter Avni said while Yuvi coughed…

They shouldn’t be coming here anytime ?Yuvi told her while she gritted her teeths ..
Okay sir anything else…Avni asked..

As I know you don’t even know cooking C word also you have to eat whatever I make without any tantrums Yuvi added…
Ji Avni said ..

Very good and you can do anything you want Yuvi said he took the last sip of his coffee and moved from there…while Avni mimicked him..

You should be by home 8 no boy should come here and you gave to eat what I make my foot ? she said…while Yuvi chucked hearing her standing behind pillar …

You said something Avni ? He asked coming back ..
Nahi ? Did you heard she asked blinking her eyes puppily ..
Ok fine I am leaving for work Yuvi said and left while Avni stomped her foot ..

@ arhaan house :::
Arhaan was giving samaira a tour of his house ..
Arhaan I already know it if you are forgetting I must remind you I have grown up here only samaira said ..

Ohh sorry I thought you may have forgotten arhaan said.

Uhuu not at all samaira added both giggled he showed her room while Akshay and sanvi was happy for them..

@ Amritsar :::
Arohi was down with bebe where as Ashi was in twinkle arms ..
Ashi baby sleep for sometime na Mumma had work baby twinkle added ..while she rubbed her nose on twinkle shoulder not wanting to sleep at any cost …Kunj video called her …

Hehe what’s this good Ashi be with mumma he told laughing..
You don’t laugh now twinkle added while Kunj giggled…

Got anything for Ishani ? Twinkle asked..
Yeah that’s why called you he showed her many clothes while twinkle selected she couldn’t go out to shop for Ishani who was going to be an year old due to Arohi and Ashi who doesn’t leave her for a single second ..

Kunj was scolded by twinklee on his choice in clothes so he video called her ..while twinkle selected few dresses…all the time Ashi sticked to her ..

Ok bye I’ll be back soon make your kangaroo babies sleep by then Kunj giggled ..
Whatever bye love you…twinkle told.him ..

Ok Kunj ended the call everytime she confessed he gets stuck at what to do though he had the same feelings for her but he never confessed…

Soon he came back home while Ashi was sleeping and Arohi was awake and their another night spent in being with them ..

Ishani first bday was as grand as anything everyone enjoyed alottt even Arohi and ashi was 7 months old by now …they all enjoyed the party clicked as many as pictures…

Everyone was happy days were passing by samaira and arhaan too was coming close Akshay and sanvi talked to Manusha about it who were happy as well as they wanted it since long they planned their engagement ..

They talked to arhaan and Samaira who agreed happily to it .. everyone decided to go London for their engagement as well as to have an international trip as well…

They all packed their luggage while twinkle was in room packing Ashi and Arohi stuff…
Uff there will be cold na ?? Twinkle asked Kunj…

Twinkle we are not going there for a month just a week Jaan Kunj told her ..
Huhuh twinkle continued to pack while Kunj was reading his files..

Twinkle went with bebe and Usha to Gurudwara as they wanted to ask their guruji once for the auspicious date ..
While Kunj was at home with Arohi and Ashi who was sleeping ..

Soon they both woke up and started crying while Kunj moved towards them he gave their feeders which twinkle already kept there..

They both started having it while Kunj was looking at them smiling he kissed their foreheads ..

You both are growing up so soon babies Kunj said ..while they looked at him pushing their feeders aside.. holding his fingers in their fist while Kunj was happy he spend time with them after twinkle came back she too changed their clothes got them dressed up beautifully as they all left for airport …

Both of them looking pretty were in twinj arms ..Kunj wrapped his other hand around twinkle protectively ..

It will be fine na ??? Twinkle asked..
Yeah twinkle why are you scared ?? Kunj asked…
Don’t know twinkle replied..

They boarded the flight all the while Kunj was securing his girls…soon the reached London and went to sarna mansion even tanejas joined them…

Samaira was teased by Kunj and Meera alottt Avni couldn’t come there due to some reasons ..while twinj was seeing off the arrangements it’s been long since they had wedding in their family and samaira engagement was really special for them…

All of them got dressed up beautifully while arhan and samaira exchanged rings making everyone happy they all roamed alottt in London unaware of the upcoming storm in their lives ..

They all came back to India along with the newly engaged they all decided to go for a trip …even Arohi and Ashi started speaking some words ..

Mum making twinj super happy and go crazy over their cuteness they all decided for a trip ..
Akshay and Manohar was teasing each other on getting old ..

No bus arrangements was done Kunj told ..
Dont worry we will go by cars Akshay said all agreed they went to farm house and had fun ..twinkle and Kunj spending most of the time together …

Papa you take your girls I’ll come with my girls Kunj told ..
Huhuh betting with me Kunj ? Manohar said ..

Nah nah Kunj added ..
It was decided that Manohar samaira Meera Elena twinkle will go in one car where as Kunj bebe Usha along with Arohi and Ashi in another and Akshay sanvi Varun Aryan and arhaan in another ..

Kunj let me take babies with me twinkle said…
Nah you go with papa Kunj said ..twinkle went reluctantly ..

And her fears got true Kunj was coming happily but then his car was skid because of another car rash driving and his car hit the tree …
Everyone reached sarna mansion and was waiting for them twinkle started to worry while Manohar was calling Kunj ..

He got shocked knowing about the accident ..he didn’t told twinkle anything and went ..

Kunj Usha bebe got light scratches on their heads and was being dressed up by nurse ..
Where are my babies ? Kunj asked…

They are outside don’t worry they are fine nurse told him…he went out to find only Arohi there .
Where is another baby ?? He asked shocked…

No we just got one baby from your car when we saw you there the person who took Kunj bebe Usha to hospital spoke…
Whattttttttttt Kunj was
shocked…Manohar too reached and heard him and was shocked…

They took Arohi who was crying being with someone else while Manohar informed police to find Ashi at any cost ..
Twinkle started to get panic as it was long since they reached ..

He is not even picking up my call twinklee said frustrated …
Look they are here …Meera said seeing Usha and bebe coming ..

Twinkle eyes started to search for Arohi and Ashi ..she was shocked seeing them with bandages …

Kunj too came with Arohi and Manohar twinkle ran towards them .
What happen to you all ? She asked…and where is Ashi ? She asked panicking ..

Kunj narrated her everything ..while twinkle was she’ll shocked..
Police is searching her twinkle we will find Ashi soon Manohar said ..

I don’t know I just want my Ashi twinkle started crying badlyyy …Kunj tried to console her ..
Twinkle you don’t take stress I promise to find her very soon ..Kunj added ..

Why this happen I told you to let them come with me but you never listens see what happen …twinkle cried ..

Twinkle she is my baby as well I am too worried for her Kunj said..
No you never wanted them you can’t feel what I am feeling right now twinkle said while Kunj was shocked ..everyone were hell shocked seeing her state ..

She didn’t even realise what she was speaking Arohi started crying seeing them while twinkle was not in state to handle her as well so Meera took Arohi with Elena ..

3-4 days passed but their was no information about ashi twinkle was going mad she wasn’t having anything properly while Kunj was doing every possible thing to find her at any cost …

Arohi was being handled by Meera only as twinkle was so much lost ..but she handled herself for Arohi and started looking after her ..

Days passed by but they didn’t found Ashi twinkle condition was really bad so as Kunj he was too in equal pain as of twinkle he started cursing himself …and twinnkle words had a great impact on him he felt lifeless even after staying with so many months with them he couldn’t assure twinklee how much he wants them too ..he never left searching for Ashi he wanted to bring her back to them at any cost …

He promised himself that till the time he doesn’t find Ashi he will not go near Arohi as well..

@ twinj room :::
Arohi was on bed all in her playing mood Kunj watched her from Mirror teard eye …twinkle too entered in room and sees him …he left from their without saying anything …Twinkle looked at him she took Arohi and went downstairs and joined bebe…

Sometime later Meera with Elena and Aryan came there to stay at sarna mansion for few days while Elena was with Arohi both playing together even Aryan being happy with them ..

Kunj came back home late at night to find everyone awake he was surprised seeing Meera he greeted her while both of them hugged and missed samaira who went back to London again …

Elena seeing Kunj she jumped in his arms while Arohi was in bebe lap getting angry seeing her father ..she started crying …before Kunj could take her twinkle lifted her and patted on her back ..
Mu…mma she said hiccup ing ..

Are what happen to her ??? Usha asked ..
May be hungry you all proceed for dinner twinkle added I’ll feed her she said and went to her room while the rest went to dinning table without saying anything ..

Kunj was just thinking about them he too didn’t had anything and took plate for twinkle to find her sleeping cuddling Arohi sure enough their was dried tear marks around her face he too didn’t had anything and slept …

Next day everyone went to Gurudwara while Elena Aryan and Arohi was at home with Manohar Kunj worked completed he came back home to see Arohi playing by sitting in the hall surrounded by her toy ..

Hey doll Kunj said sitting infront of her while she ignored him he chuckled ..

Ho ho sooooooooooo much angry he took her in his arms not able to resist himself more he hugged her while she cried he too cries with her …he gave her to Manohar and went to change …

Twinkle came back home she was all stressed she went to make tea for everyone but ended up fainting in kitchen ..

Kunj who didn’t found her with other ladies asked about twinkle…

She is in kitchen bebe told he went there and was shocked seeing her fainted he patted her while she slowly opened her eyes ..
Twinkle what’s this what happen he asked hugging her tightly ..
I am fine she said slowly ..while Kunj nodded in no and took her to hospital ..

Akash informed Kunj to keep her away from stress while twinj came back home ..

Kunj take her somewhere change her environment for sometime Manohar suggested him while Kunj too was thinking about it …they went to Mumbai for a change and twinkle and Arohi enjoyed but not that much twinj distance was reducing as well they came back home soon ..

Arohi bday was coming and twinklee started playing for it missing Ashi like anything and praying everyday to God to send her back to them..while Kunj too was making a lot of efforts ..

I need to find that woman soon their bday is coming I want Ashi as well Kunj told on phone …
He was too engrossed in finding Ashi that he forgot that it’s their bday today ..
He got up and joined everyone at breakfast table where others wishes Arohi …Kunj looked at twinkle who looked back at him…they had their breakfast ..

Kunj today don’t go na twinkle said coming in their room …
I have some work twinkle I’ll be back soon Kunj said pecking her forehead ..

Haan I kept a party please be back home soon twinkle said ..

Yea trust me twinkle everything will get fine Kunj added they hugged ..while Kunj kissed Arohi on her cheeks ..

Happy bday dolll he said while twinkle smiled seeing them…
Evening passed all came back home but Kunj didn’t …and rest you all know ?
Tears flowed down twinkle cheeks as she remembered what happen ..before anyone could find her like this she went in started raining as well..

Kunj and Yuvi both joined them after sometime playing with ahaan ..while Leela called everyone for dinner ..

Where is Arohi and Ishani ? Twinkle asked…
Don’t know must be in house Leela said ..
While Avni brought them in both were sneezing ..

They were playing outside in rain Avni told ..
Arohi Ishani twinkle showed them eyes while the rest giggled..they all had dinner ..

Arohi and Ishani started shivering while Kunj went in twinkle room to get freshen up ..he got Ashi call and talked to her ..

Papa lovesssss Ashi too Kunj told while twinkle who was going from there heard him ..
Did Kunj just mentioned Ashi ?? She murmured confused while Leela called her down ..

Kunj was going out of room when got hit by twinkle study table her diary fell off ..he picked it up ..

Twinkle started writing diary ? Since when ?? He thought ..I should read it let’s see what she wrote ..he giggled .. hiding the diary in his blazer ..and went downstairs ..

Twinkle asked Kunj if she is coming back to SM with him ..

Arohi and Ishani both are not fine Kunj Meher bhabhi is busy with ahaan let me take care of Ishani too twinkle told him while he agreed and went back to sm after meeting everyone ..
Soon he was in his room he looked at twinkle diary and smirked ..

I am twinkle…uhmmm twinkle Kunj sarna I had no one to share my feelings write now so I am penning it down…I just came out of a bitter zone a month back I was in “COMA” he reads ..

Twinkle wrote twinkle Kunj sarna at that time ? That means she remembers everything Kunj murmured shocked ..he was eager to read further ..
To be continued ?
Tada long enough Chappy of the rest past ????…
Again a very happy bday to Vibhu and others ..
So hows the shot ?????
Keep commenting guys why comments have been reduced ???? ..
Well thanks to all who commented on the last one ?..
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz ??

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