The Episode starts with days passing by twinkle and Kunj were really happy in their married life Kunj was working hard everyone was fond of twinkle in sarna family which used to make Kunj jealous sometimes …Leela rt and Manohar Usha all were happy seeing them …

@ twinj room ..
Kunj was roaming here and there messing up everything as he was finding his files but he is not getting it anywhere …

Twinkle twinkle he shouted from his door while she came into room hurriedly with his coffee ..
What happen ??? Twinkle asked placing the coffee on the table …

Where is my files ? I had 2 meetings today Kunj said ..
How would I know ? About your files Haan ?? Twinkle replied back ..

Ahhhh I am sure you must have replaced it I have kept it on the study table itself Kunj shouted again starting searching for it ..

Twinkle looked at the study table and went there she looked behind and sees it was fallen …she picked it up ..
Here it is ? She said forwarding to Kunj ..
He checked and sighed in relief …while she went from there without saying anything…

He too got busy in checking the file while drinking his coffee soon he left for office after having his breakfast meanwhile both didn’t talked …

@ TM ::::
Full on pampering of Meher was going on as Leela and rt were damn excited about their first grandchild even Abeer …they were not leaving Meher even for a second …

Next scene ::
@ twinj room :::
Twinkle was in her room sitting feeling alone nowadays firstly she used to go college along with Kunj and came back home and gets busy with Usha for the household chores but now her schedule was changed …she was at home since morning and even samaira was not there to be with her …and bebe and Usha didn’t let her do more works …

Ufff what I should do babaji I am feeling such bored here wait I’ll call maa atleast waise bhi bebe and mummy ji is sleeping I have no one to talk twinkle said and called Leela immediately who picked up her call …

Both the mother daughter duo had a long conversation and Leela ended up asking her to visit there house as after wedding she didn’t went there to stay for a long period of time ..

Soon it was dinner time and twinkle went to prepare it helping Usha learning many many things from her ..

You know mummy ji I sometimes feel very lucky that I got such amazing family twinkle said while Usha smiled…

And we got such superb daughter in law I always wanted a girl like you for my Kunj as he is my one and only puttar I never wanted someone to come and destroy our family luckily we found you Usha said while both of them smiled …

Kunj is like this only ??? Twinkle stated…
Means Usha asked her ..
Staying all in his sadu mode today at morning also he shouted at me for his files when it was right away infront of him twinkle complained Usha while she giggled ..

Dicto went on Manohar he used to do the same whenever in work pressure Usha said while both giggled…
Soon they completed their making dinner samaira bebe and Manohar sat on the dinning table ..

Where is Kunj ? Bebe asked…
He had work in office he will be late Manohar added…

Ohh twinkle thought and gets sad nowadays she is not getting much time to spend it with Kunj …the door bell rang twinklee went to open and was happy seeing her parents …

Maa papa AAP twinkle said and hugged him while sarna family toh met them ..
You came on the right time ram see what my daughter in law prepared today my favourite biryani Manohar teased twinkle…

Haan Haan bhai she didn’t even made Maggie for me and cooking father in law favourite biryani rt said with a tint of jealousy while all giggled…

They all sat on the dinning table enjoying the flavours of biryani and having their own fun …as soon as they finished their dinner they sat in the lobby …

Acha Monu I wanted to take twinkle home she didn’t came from so many days and we were also busy with Meher rt said while Manusha looked on ..

Haan acha hai you take her waise bhi she is getting bored here …bebe added…
Hawwwww bhabhi why are you bored here ?? Samaira asked ..

Samaira ki bachi you are staying whole day in your room studying Usha said when all giggled and she pouted ..

Go twinkle pack your stuff Manohar said while she nodded excitedly going back to her home …

While the rest were talking laughing twinkle called Kunj but his phone was busy she didn’t disturbed him and went with Leela and rt to Taneja Mansion ..
@ Taneja Mansion ::
Avni and Abeer both were fighting while Meher was enjoying their fights ..
Give me this fatso these are my chocolates abeer said while Avni nodded in no ..

No these are my favourite Avni said both were fighting ..
Leela and rt entered there with twinkle …who asked them to stay quiet ..
She tiptoed and snatch the Choclate from their hands while they looked at her suprised ..
Twinkle ??? Abeer said ..

Haan mein twinkle added unwrapping the Choclate and eating it sharing it along with Meher ..
Huhuh you always does this Avni said angrily ..

And I’ll do this always twinkle added while Leela and rt chuckled…
Maa papa why you brought this drama queen ?? Abeer asked ..

Huhuh waise toh Abeer you ask daily should I go and bring her now what happen Meher added all giggled Abeer passed her death glare ..

Hey don’t give those stares twinkle said ..and got up while the trio Taneja siblings had a hug ..

It’s quite late I think everyone should sleep rt stated and left followed by Leela while Avni and twinkle went with mehbeer to their room ..

They all talked for so much time teasing each other while twinkle was yawning ..
I am going to sleep will continue tomorrow ..twinkle added..

Still you are a sleeping beast Abeer said ..
Sleeping beauty hota hai twinklee added sternly ..
Haan but in your case it’s beast babydoll Abeer said…

Waise twinkle you came after so many days spend some time with us na Meher said ..
Acha twinkle added ..

Haan why twinkle di ? You doesn’t get to sleep there ??? Avni asked teasingly ..

Haan twinkle say Meher said while she blushed and went from there while the rest laughed ..
She went and slept feeling the peace back in her own room and her house …
@ sarna mansion ::
Kunj was quite late today coming back home he directly went to his room and sees the lights off ..

May be she had slept shit I have to apologize I have unnecessarily shouted on her Kunj thought and went inside …

He didn’t looked at the bed and removed his blazer and went to get freshen up after coming back he on the lights and sees the bed empty ..

Hey ? Where is this Siyappa queen he murmured and went down finding her ..
Usha was making Kesar milk for samaira who was studying for her exams ..

Maa where is twinkle ??? Kunj asked her directly entering the kitchen ..
Hawww Kunj you scared me Usha said while Kunj giggled …wo twinkle went to TM Usha added ..

Why ???? Kunj asked immediately ..
Why means what Kunj ? It’s her house Usha said ..
Huhuh you shouldn’t have send her Kunj added frustrated ..

Hehe maa see someone didn’t wanted to get marry and see now just chanting wife spell samaira added entering in kitchen while Kunj passed her death glare ..

Shut up he added while both Usha and samaira giggled ..
Acha samaira take your milk have fully okay Usha said glaring at her while she nodded puppily and went taking her milk glass ..
I’ll heat your dinner your wife made biryani today Usha added teasing Kunj ..

Huhuh he said she warm the food and then Kunj asked her to feed him
Ahaan!! My girl is learning quickly 😝Kunj added while Usha teased him ..
Acha Kunj she asked ..

Yeah maa 😹 after all you are her teacher Kunj added while they laughed
both the mother son spend their time πŸ’•
Kunj went to his room and sees twinkle miss calls and decided to call her but she didn’t picked his call …

Huhuh 😢 I’ll see her later now my bed is just mine no more of this Siyappa queen Kunj said and jumped on his bed sleeping peacefully …

Next day goes twinkle and Avni went to shopping for Meher baby both having a lot of fun samaira too joined them while Kunj was still busy they didn’t talked since yesterday ..

@night :::
Leela called Kunj to come at TM for dinner he refused at first but then agreed …twinkle didn’t knew about him coming there ..

Haan everything is prepared Leela said checking all the food ..
Maa you are so excited what happen ? Twinkle asked…

And prepare so many dishes who is coming ??? Avni added ..
Lo my son in law is here Leela said seeing Kunj entering in with Abeer both cracking their jokes…

He greeted everyone while twinkle nd Kunj shared a eye lock ..
Come Kunj let’s have dinner rt said while he nodded and went with them ..

All sat for their dinner twinj were just sharing glances …while Abeer Avni and Kunj was having a lott of fun teasing Meher …soon they completed their dinner …twinkle left from there to bring desert while Kunj too also excused and went behind her ..

He pulled her beneath the stair case ..
Kunjjj twinkle said ..
Why you came here ? He asked..
Hoooo ? Why it’s my home twinkle added .

Yeah it is but still Kunj said…
Huhuh my wish twinkle added with Tashan ..

Achaww Kunj added sarcastically ..let’s go home he added ..
Huh I came for 1 week twinkle added pouting ..

1 week are you serious Kunj added..
Yeah ask papaji twinkle said while Kunj made faces and mimicked her ask papaji …

Ahem ahem if the romance is done can we take the desert everyone is waiting Avni added giggling ..

You samaira and arhaan going to get beaten up by me very soon Kunj said turning around while twinkle giggled…
You both go I’ll bring twinkle added ..

Haan jaldi Lana someone is desperately waiting Avni added while Kunj looked at her and she ran from there ..they all had their deseert while Avni and Abeer asked Kunj to stay ..

All of them were in mehbeer room still teasing Meher ..
When will my baby will come Bua is damn waiting Avni said ..

Hehe 😹 buaaaaa hahahahahha Kunj added teasing Avni ..
My baby will be everyone’s favourite Meher said ..

And also damn dramatic like you Kunj told Meher ..while she threw pillow at him ..
Huhuh you just wait I’ll tell maa and papa that you are beating their sole son in law Kunj said ..

Why sole ? Even avni’s will come as well Meher replied sarcastically ..
Till that time I’ll be sole only na dumbo Kunj said while the rest were enjoying ..
But Kunj said right na why you girls are so dramatic Abeer added ..

Yeah baat Hui bhai Kunj hifi with him ..
Huhuh bhai we are not over dramatic but you people are so sadu’s twinkle said looking at Kunj directly ..

Huh Abeer you called me dramatic Haan go from my room right now Meher said while all laughed ..

I am going to sleep Avni quickly escape ..
Haan and Kunj you too stay with bhai twinkle added going to her room while they looks at each other ..

Chalo we will go out and have fun Abeer said while Kunj nodded ..
Yeah he said both went to the same place for having food again and enjoyed their night out after sometime they came back ..

I am going to my room Abeer said ..
Where’s is my wifie’s room Kunj asked..Abeer told him he left to twinkle room ..

She was sleeping while Kunj went beside her I came for her and see her he said and slept cuddling her …

A week passed twinkle was back home Kunj project was also completed ..
It was Sunday twinkle Kunj bebee and Usha was having their lunch while Manohar and samaira went out …

And I enjoyed alottt twinkle added ..
Huh Kunj said ..
Kunj you are free now you should take twinkle somewhere bebe said ..

Haan exactly even we didn’t went for honeymoon she added ..
Achawwww I’ll take you na for honeymoon for long one month Kunj said gritting his teeths while twinkle gulped in …Usha bebe chuckled

Who is going for one month and where ? Manohar and samaira comes there ..
I’ll make a call Kunj said and quickly escaped while twinkle bebe and Usha giggled…

What happened to him ? Manohar asked…
Nothing you come have lunch bebe said while twinkle went behind him…

Kunj was standing in his room balcony and thinking about her words ..
Yeah may be she is right after wedding we haven’t went properly on a long term holiday either it was family vacations or our dinner night outs he thought and felt her back hugging him ..

He turned around and looked at twinkle intensely ..
What happen ? She asked…while her hairs were coming on her face Kunj smiled a bit and tucked her hairs behind ..
You really want to got out ? Somewhere ? Kunj asked while twinkle nodded in yes ..

Yes Kunj she said with glitter in her eyes ..while they both sat on bed Kunj bring his laptop and they started seeing many places ..

Where should we go ??? Kunj asked…
You are really taking me twinkle asked shocked Kunj giggled seeing her ..
Yes why so shocked ? He asked confused ..

Uhmm nothing let’s see she said and started seeing many places finally decided to go either Switzerland or Paris ..

Ok Kunj said and pecked her lips while smiled and cuddled him ..
Thankkkkk youuuuu so muchhh twinkle said while he caressed her hairs ..

Anything for you he replied both spending their time together ..
Next day they informed the elders who were really happy for both of them ..

Soon after 2-3 days twinj left for their vacation aka honeymoon ..they reached their and had a lot of fun in visiting many places in Switzerland ..

Twinkle was very happy roaming around she dreamed of this trip with her soulmate she started realising her feelings for Kunj …while Kunj was happy seeing her happy he never wanted to marry but this woman surely completed a part of his heart …

Twinkle and Kunj after visiting many places came back to their hotel room while twinkle looks at Kunj smirking naughtily and he was on call with Meera asking about her Health …

She went and got dressed up into a beautiful night wear and come outside while Kunj looked at her shocked he smirked back seeing her ..

Okay di I’ll talk to you later Kunj said keeping his phone aside he went to twinkle ..
What’s this ? He asked..

Don’t you know she replied shyly ..
I can never get rid of your bold shades man he said pulling her closer by waist both faces inches apart driving in the another world spending their beautiful night in each other embrace …

Next morning Kunj was sleeping with twinkle on the top of him while he woke up and sees her ..seeing him shifting twinkle sleep also broke ..she looked at him while he pecked her lips ..

Good morning Jaan he winked at her teasingly ..
Huhuh because of you everyone calls me Aan twinkle complained ..

Huh subah hui nai and your complaints queries started madam Kunj said miffied…

Acha sorry good morning she smiled and him and moved up to pecked his forehead with all the love she had for him…

Kunj smiled while twinkle again rested her head against his chest while he was caressing her hairs both just living in the moment …
Kunjjj twinkle spoke finally ..

Hmm Kunj replied…
I have to tell you something she added nervously ..
Go ahead I am listening Kunj said closing his eyes ..

Twinkle smiled and murmured Kunj i love you she said slowly Kunj opened his eyes in shocked ..
What??? He asked

She looked at his face and maintained a direct eye contact yes I love you my hubby don’t know when and how I fell in love with you you were always more than a crush for me and then having you as husband my feelings and emotion doubled up more she confessed while Kunj was still in state of shock ..

You told me on our first night right that once I gets to know what is it I should tell you twinkle added while Kunj nodded in yes ..
But Twinkle you know ..Kunj started to speak ..

I know that you doesn’t feel the same for me but I am sure the way I love you will love me more twinklee added smiling …Kunj was surprised seeing her faith in him…

But what if I don’t ??? He asked ..
Then also I’ll not regret I better live with your memories she added ..again resting her head in his embrace ..

We shall sleep we have to leave for Paris as well twinkle added while Kunj hummed both felling in deep slumber ..

After having their lunch they left for airport and reached Paris as well and check in their hotel ..they went to roam there as well twinkle was happy seeing Eiffel tower and they clicked many many pictures together having a lot of fun while going back to hotel ..they got stuck in lift ..twinkle shrieked with fear ..

What happen Kunj asked..
This lift Kunj she said…
Haan it will start in few minutes don’t worry Kunj added..

Ahhh no no I want to go out please someone open it twinkle said while Kunj thought to distract …

Ho ho see the brave twinkle Taneja how she is crying like a cry baby Kunj added giggling ..
Huhuh Kunj twinkle said..

What happen you weren’t scared of anything na miss Taneja Kunj said pulling her towards him .
Haan that time I am taneja na but now I am Mrs sarna twinkle said gritting her teeths ..

Acha calm down Kunj hugged her rubbing her back while the lift opened and peopled sees them they were embarassed and ran directly to their room …

Twinkle slept immediately while Kunj chuckled seeing her after Paris they moved to London as Kunj had to collect some things from his old house while he also gave her a tour of his house and London both of them stayed their too for a week and finally went back to India ..

Next scene ::
Twinkle was at Gurudwara praying for everyone happiness and also Meera and Meher baby to be safe and healthy while she sees her phone beeping and went out to see it’s Kunj call ..
Haan Kunj ? Twinkle asked …

Where are you ! He asked back ..
Gurudwara she added ..
Han I am at home he added ..

Acha I am coming back she said ..
No I’ll pick you up is there anyone else with you ? He asked..

Yeah samaira and Avni came but they had to left for some work twinkle told ..
Okay I’ll pick you up I have to share something as well he added twinkle hummed and Kunj picked her up taking her for lunch ..they reached hotel ..

Yeah twinkle said ..
As you know about my last project it was hell succesful and investors are really very happy including papa ..Kunj said ..

That’s good mr sarna twinkle added ..
So I am looking forward to do something bigger this time and taking up a one year project Kunj said ..

Han so twinkle asked..
So I’ll be busy sometimes and I had to travel alottt I hope you don’t mind Kunj added ..

I want to see you satisfied twinkle added smiling and I’ll travel with you as well my benefit too she winked at him while he smiled…

Yes but don’t complained I am giving priority more to work Kunj said while she giggled..they both had their lunch ..and went back home ..

Days were passing by Meher due date was near while Kunj already signed for his upcoming venture …twinkle went to stay at Taneja Mansion for taking care of Meher and also she was damn excited for mehbeer baby while Kunj was busy working …he was in Delhi ..while his gang also decided to meet there ..

They all were in pub after a long time drinking Kunj didn’t drank that much ..
So hows your married life going on ? Joe asked ??
Amazing Kunj replied…

Acha you got married so soon ..and soon you will be a family man as well kriyan teased him …
I am a family man now also Kunj added ..

Yeah but we are talking about your baby …Joe added teasing him ..
Huhuh I don’t want kids Kunj statted ..

Achaww all teased him ..
Enough just stay happy Kunj twinkle bbabhi is really amazing Samar added ..
I know she is Kunj replied ..

On the other side ::
Tanejas planned to do baby shower of Meher while everyone was happy twinkle and Avni was seeing everything ..
While working twinkle started feeling ..she ignored it for the 2-3 times ..
What happen twinkle ? Leela asked..

Nothing maa just before she could complete she ran to washroom and started threwing up …both Leela and rt got worried for her as Kunj is not there too in Amritsar they decided to take twinkle to hospital ..

Maa I’ll take her Abeer said ..
No you be with Meher Leela said ..

Leela rt along with twinkle took her to hospital her face turned pale as well..
I told you twinkle don’t do any work rt said ..

But she won’t listen anyway Leela added…
Ahh maa papa my head is paining twinkle added …please scold me later she ended ..

Soon they reached and twinkle was getting checked by Meher doctor ..

It will take a day to get the reports she informed them while leert nodded and took her back they strictly asked her to rest as they didn’t wanted twinklee to be ill next day that is on baby shower day..
Next day came soon :::
Twinkle was talking to Kunj on call who also sensed her low voice…
Are you fine ? He asked ..
Yes I am she added..
Acha liar what happen ? He added..
Nothing just feeling nausea vomiting n all she told him ..

Did you went to doctor ?he asked..
Yeah maa papa took me twinklee added when you will come back ? She asked..
I am on the way will be there in night for function Kunj added ..

Ok come soon love you she added while Kunj smiled..
Take care I want you to be fine he added..both ended the call…
The day passed and guests started arriving twinkle see sarna family and got happy Kunj smiled seeing her ..they went inside…

Kunj took twinkle to a side …she hugged him tightly ..
Acha hua you came back she added getting emotional .

Hey twinkle I just went for 3 days what happened to you Haan he added ..
Nothing she said ..they went back again while the ceremony started everyone enjoyed the function …the guests left just family members were present there …twinkle again was feeling dizzy while Kunj held her on time ..

Are what happen to her Kunj said ..
Take her in room bebe added Kunj nods and took her in room while the rest too went with her ..

Avni and samaira sees postman on the door and received twinkle reports ..
Let’s check what’s in it Avni said worried ..

While twinklee woke up after Kunj sprinkled water on her face ..

Call the doctor Manohar added…when samaira and Avni came running happily ..
Congratulations bhabbiiiii samaira and avni hugged her tightly suffocating her ..
Avni leave her Leela shouted …

Samaira you too and tell us what happen Usha added ..
Bhabhi reports came they shouted ..
Which reports Manusha bebe asked..
Wo she is like this since she came so we took her for check up last night Leela told ..

Bhabhi is expecting samaira shouted with happiness while the rest were suprised ..
What ??? Manusha asked..

Yeah see it by yourself she added while everyone was happy they congratulate twinj while Kunj was shocked ..
Everyone was damn happy while Kunj sees twinkle happy as well ..

Baby so soon no ways yaar I want to settle properly Kunj thought in his mind ..
2 weeks passed twinkle was back to sm they all were taking care of her including too she was getting weak day by day but the glow on her face was priceless …
Meher also gave birth to Ishani after which Leela rt Usha Manohar bebe samaira and Avni decide to visit the holy temple to thank babaji for blessings Ishani and also pray for Meera and twinkle baby they did the name ceremony ..

Bhai give me na now twinkle added longing to take Ishani ..
Huhh I won’t give Abeer teased her ..
Let my baby comes I won’t even let you touch 😏 she added..

Acha that will be also my baby don’t worry behna Abeer teased her again ..
Finally they named her Ishani Abeer Taneja ..all left for their visit leaving twinj and mehbeer ..

mehbeer was spending time with their little angel while twinj was at SM ..
Kunj see an I brought so many clothes for Ishani twinkle said happily ..

Twinkle I wanted to talk Kunj added ..
What she asked…he sat beside her and take her palms in his ..

I don’t know how to say it twinkle but it’s too early for us to opt parenthood Kunj said ..
But Kunj see it’s so beautiful see how bhai and bhabhi are happy with Ishani twinkle added ..
I know yaar but still I want to be financially stable for you and also I told you about my project I have to be away for long long time can we plan baby later ? I don’t want to take this responsbility so soon He added ..

Kunjjjjj she said cuddling herself …
Please twinkle he added…
No don’t say it I can’t do this you can tell me anything but this I can’t she added breathing heavily ..
Acha calm down relax Kunj said he gave her meds and leave her alone …
While Kunj words were Rining in her mind Kunj was in another room making a conference call while twinklee went out..

Maa said I should give her these drink at this time don’t know how she will react shit I shouldn’t have talked about it Kunj added..

He went inside and didn’t found twinkle in room he checked everywhere and was panicked ..he called Abeer as well ..
Hey Kunj you and twinkle come na yar we all 4 along with my cutie will have fun Abeer said…

Yeah I’ll come later Kunj ended the call ..
Kaha chale gayi yaar Kunj was highly panicked ..he then thought and went to Gurudwara ..her words ringing in his mind ..

When ever I am in tension stress or pain babaji relives my all pain ..
He got relieved after finding her he sighed ..

Twinkle Kunj said she looked at him with tear filled eyes..
Why you came here you know how much stressed I was Kunj said shouting he hugged her ..

Kunj I want this baby she cried in his arms I know you don’t want but please she added sobbing she was never so weak but these motherly feelings were making her ..

Acha okay come home he added taking her after that everyone came back and again her pampering started though Kunj words never left her mind ..even Kunj was busy with the back to back meetings projects n all ..

2-3 months passed .. everyone was taking care of twinkle fulfilling her every needs but the most she wanted was Kunj who was busy even Manusha bebe too felt about it they asked Kunj to leave that but he couldn’t do anything ..

Twinkle was nearly 5 months pregnant now Kunj stayed with her but not much time she wanted …he left for London a 3 weeks back and was staying there due to some other work …he wanted to take twinkle with him but her gyneac clearly denied taking her even on shorter distance and he has to leave alone ..

though they used to talk on phone just hello how are you n all not much as well too ..
Bebe and Usha was scolding twinkle ..
Chalo twinkle no drama have this Usha said feeding her ..

Please na I don’t want more twinkle added ..
Nahi you should take double food now Usha added ..

Huhuh you and maa both are same twinkle complained ..samaira went to Banglore to be with Meera who was having her last days …

While Manohar came home with sweets and informed everyone about Meera giving birth to Elena …while the rest were happy ..

Let’s go to Banglore bebe said ..while everyone agreed twinkle pouted ..
Aha what about twinkle Usha said ..

Even tanejas are not in town Manohar added while Usha got Kunj call she informed to Kunj about Elena ..who was happy ..

Another trumpet he said giggling …so everyone going Banglore ? He asked ..and twinkle ? Where she will stay he asked worried ..

That’s the thing I’ll stay with her don’t worry Usha said ..
No maa you go di will need you I’ll come back home ..

But your project ? She asked..
I can take leave for a week you all go I’ll be there till tomorrow morning he assured her ..

While the latter started packing no one informed twinklee about Kunj coming ..
Twinkle take care of yourself okay Usha said while twinkle nodded..

You all don’t worry waise bhi maa papa ne all coming back tomorrow she added..
Haan but he will be here before Usha said making her confused then they left ..

Twinkle was having her lunch while Kunj entered house with another spare key he smiled seeing her ..

He tip toes and moved towards her while twinkle got up to keep the plates back in kitchen ..kunj backhugged her ..
I am back Jaan he murmured while she was shocked ..

Kunjjj she said .. turning around while she smiled seeing her looking cute with her baby bump ..
You here ? She asked…

Why ? Nahi aasakta kya he asked..
No no I am happy seeing you she smiled…

Both of them spend a lott if time after a lot Kunj taking care of her while Manusha bebe returned back ..they were happy seeing them happy again ..

But Kunj had to leave back twinkle wants to stop him but couldn’t as she felt she is coming in between his success …

Months passed soon kunj was visiting often but still there was a void created in between them …

Kunj returned back as his project was almost finished while twinkle last days were going on she was in very much pain kunj tried calming her …

They all planned to have her baby shower which was at Taneja Mansion as she was staying there …the function happened in grand way while everyone were eagerly waiting for the babies …

Ahh it’s paining twinkle cried while Kunj took her to room …and gave her meds ..
Huhuh now take rest don’t jump from here and there Kunj told her and she pouted ..

Babaji she cried with pain Kunj rubbed her feets which was swollen ..
Why are you irritated with me twinkle said….

Not irritate twinkle see yourself I told you we will plan later but you didn’t listen he said in hurry while she stayed quiet ..
He look at her …you are still not ready na she asked with low voice …

Twi …kunj started to say ..
When samaira entered knocked on their door..
Bhai papa is calling you she said ..

Okay you take care of bhabhi Kunj added and left downstairs while twinkle slept due to medicines …

2-4 days passed twinkle was at TM spending time with Ishani who was nearly 5 months old..Abeer and Avni teasing her alottt which distracted her ..while Kunj was worried about her ..

Manohar was going for his meeting when his foot slipped …he held the side pillar on time ..

Papa Kunj and samaira both were panicked….Meera too was at SM she was panicked as well…
They made Manohar sit and called doctor …

Nothing serious just sprain it will be fine in 2 days he said and left ..
Where you were going Monu ? Bebe asked ..

For meeting bebe Manohar’s important to attend I’ll go don’t worry I’ll come back tomorrow he ended trying to get up ..
Tell me which one it is I’ll attend Kunj said ..

No you to TM and stay with twinkle he added…
I’ll be with he don’t worry waise bhi her due date is after a week Kunj added ..

He called twinkle to inform her but she didn’t picked up his call he informed Abeer who told about her sleeping..

Kunj left for meeting while twinkle was started feeling the pain ..she screamed which echoes in whole tm everyone took her to hospital and informed sarnas as well ..

Samaira and Meera tried to call Kunj but his phone was switched off ..they sees doctors coming out and rushed towards him ..
Next day :::
At night Kunj returned sarna mansion he didn’t found anyone in house..and asked servant ..
Everyone is not at home since yesterday he told while Kunj was worried ..

He rushed to Taneja Mansion and sees everyone sitting in hall with worried face ..he went inside ..
Where’s is twinkle ? He asked ..

In her room go and see her Usha told ..while he rushed upstairs ..everyone smiled…

He sees a nurse exciting from her room and entered inside ..her room was completely changed his eyes went on twinkle who was sleeping on bed having bandages ..then his eyes went on the cradle kept opposite to her bed …he took baby steps towards it ..with his heart beating faster ..he stops infront of his cradle to see his angels wrapped in pink towels sleeping peacefully ..

Though I was idiot duffer dimwit but that was indeed the best day of my life seeing them both 😍 the part of me but I couldn’t protect you and even twinkle ..

If I had balanced everything then we all would have been staying together Kunj said with tear fell off his eye as he looked at the picture ..

To be continued ..
So hows the chapter ..
Got the hint or clear confusion about HER πŸ˜†…
Episode long enough?? Take it as a compensation for posting after a week ..
Treat of my birthday and completing 3 year here as a writer + wishing me bday and for your good wishes πŸ’•
Thanks to everyone specially Kiya and Shalini di 😘 …yashu di everyone else…
Special thanks to my Simran 😘..
Bye bye sayonara see you next week πŸ˜‚ bare me for this month please πŸ˜†
Ignore errors no proof read
Bye Allahafiz

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  1. Nice episode πŸ’–πŸ’–. Plz post soon

  2. Amazing episode dear πŸ‘
    Now the confusion is bit clear yet something is still missing..πŸ€”πŸ€”
    Twinj scenes superb..πŸ₯°
    Taneja siblings too cute ☺️😘
    Both the families too good 😘
    Twinj had twin daughters…πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
    Now I am damn curious to read the next episode…
    So please post soon πŸ™‚…

  3. Lovely epi
    Post soon

  4. Shalu02

    Amazing episode dear post soon

  5. TSY

    oh my beauty
    did they have twins
    i think now confusion is bit clear
    no words for episode
    it was just rocking
    taneja siblings are are awesome
    they teased meher a lot
    twinkle pregnency period was difficult
    kunj wasnt ready for baby
    the whole shot was amazing
    avni shares a good bond with kunj and twinkle
    tell us something about arhmaira an yuvni love story also
    waiting for next shot
    bye love you

  6. Superb shot….
    Luved it…
    Somewhere i was knowing that ‘her’ is his baby…
    Because of his stupidity now he is regretting…..
    Everything was amazing….
    Post next soon….
    Luv u cutie

  7. Vibhu

    Accahh toh iska mtlb twinj have 2 daughters! πŸ˜…
    Am I right?
    And the “Her” in the story is his second daughter????
    Hey Bhagwan, bahut hi confused hu mein toh
    Pehle kch aur predict kr Rahi thi aur ab kch aur πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… don’t know which one is right! πŸ˜’
    Btw …. The flashback thing was superb!
    Loved twinj honeymoon scenes 😍😍
    Though, my poor twinj had to bear this communication gap 😣😣😣
    Waiting for next post eagerly!
    Post it asap!
    And take care πŸ€—

  8. Firstly I wanna apologize for wishing you late …..
    Be lated happy birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ to u my appi …… And about the episode 😍😍😍😍😍😍 as always it’s awesome blossom episode 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and in this episode u rock it 😍 amazing episode
    Love ❀️ to twinj’s scenes 😍😍😍😍 and there distance love and twinkle’s happiness for baby and twinj babies awwww twins baby girls…😍😍😍
    Now just want to see ahead what’s gonna happen next….. Fantastic episode 😍😍😍😍😍…
    Please appi jaldi jaldi post krooooo na ….
    Please please please please please please please….if possible…….
    Love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍 appi alot

  9. Amazing…
    Waiting for next episode …
    By the way belated happy birthday

  10. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing dear

  11. Me_rp_27

    Such an amazing epi dear……
    Everything was so perfect….
    Loved all the scenes…..
    Twinj scenes were beautiful….
    Such a pretty bonding kunj used to share with taneja siblings……
    Haww they used to tease mehar so much….
    Samaira also had a strong bond with twinkle….
    Felt bad for twinkle that she couldn’t be with kunj much of the time when she needed him the most….bt although kunj wasn’t ready for this responsibility he used to take care of her so nicely……
    Wow twinj had twin daughters…..
    So now my confusion got cleared bout ‘her’ bt I predicted something else….
    Bt Today I missed my cutie aarohi a lot….
    Waiting for the next epi…..
    If u could then post soon …..

  12. Amazing episode dear post soon

  13. Trivisha Choudhary

    Superb mind-blowing episode dear post soon

  14. Awesome episode dear flashback scene is too good not but I’m little bit confused more why twinkle get angry with Kunj for her subject please post soon

  15. Awesome episode yaar I felt so much bad when Kunj said about baby it’s hurt and twinkle pain aww 😭😭😭😭.. really hurt that moment.. whole episode was the best no words. And most when she asked him still he isn’t ready hmmmm😌😌😌😌. Now understand why little bitterness in their relationship. And Kunj part as well everyone said right when something we have that time we doesn’t understand the value and important in our life when it goes away from us than we understand than nothing is left just moral and regret lott. For me emotional episode.. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–post soon. Please wanted to read more what will be kunj reaction after see his angels..

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