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Just mine. ?
SHOT 12??..
The Episode starts with Avni car stopping infront of Kunj she came out ..
Jiju aap ? Avni said..

I need to talk to you Kunj added while she looked on confused …
You are free now ? Kunj asked…

Yeah Avni added
Then I have to talk to you about something Kunj said while she looked at him ..

Okay let’s go from there Avni said both walked towards the park near by and sat on the bench there ..

What happen jiju ? Is everything fine ? Avni asked concerned…

See Avni I have always seen you Samaira with the same sight like samaira is my sister you are the same to me Kunj said …

Yeah jiju I know Avni added…
What I am asking you have to answer truthfully Kunj said while she nodded in yes ..

What’s going on between you and Yuvi ? Kunj asked her ..while Avni was shocked..
Jiju she said…

Tell me Kunj demanded ..
Woh Nothing Avni said looking on here and there ..

Avnii Kunj said…
You don’t love him ? Kunj asked…
Hmm ye..ah I do..n’t Avni stated
stammering Kunj let out a faint laugh ..

With whom you are stealing your gaze ? I know you Avni Kunj said…don’t do this with him pyaar bhtt mushkil se milta hai kisi kisi Ko Kunj added she looked at him intently ..

I always ignore twinkle efforts always used to be busy in business meeting trips and other things and till this date I couldn’t confess how much I love her Avni don’t do the same mistake not everyone gets their love in their life …Kunj added painfully …

I am dying everyday with guilt Kaash Kaash meine twinkle Ko Bata diya hota what she actually means to me but I couldn’t now see my helplessness the thing which I have done you dont do I can see the love you have for Yuvi even he is a really good guy but not for my twinkle Kunj said jealous while Avni giggled and then stayed quiet …

Acha do tell me what’s actually in your heart and dare you hide anything Kunj said ..Avni face turned red ..she was about to cry anytime ..

I him jiju Avni said ..
I know Kunj replied ..

I don’t know jiju when I fell for him we were happy when we were in London I came back to tell maa papa about us but then I found out about Twinkle accident and your separation …I felt like it’s not the right time to tell everyone but Yuvi how I could have let him suffer I wanted him to move on anyhow and I stopped contacting him …I wanted twinkle to get fine soon but we all didn’t knew when she would get fine avni said while Kunj hummed ..

Then I told papa I would never marry anyone I want to live my life on my own though he opposed but agreed to me then twinkle gained her conciousness and Yuvi returned both started staying together Avni said ..

Haan Kunj said ..
Then I saw them happy together I wanted their happiness only one side Yuvi another side twinkle Avni said ..

Arey my stupid sister in law do you really think Yuvi and twinkle loves each other Haan ??? Kunj asked while Avni stayed quiet ..

May be she said…
Acha tell me haven’t Yuvi tried anything to gain you back in his life ? Kunj asked..Avni recalled his efforts of asking her reason everytime …

He did Avni said..
You are on the same track as of me don’t ignore someone efforts yaar if they get tired they will distance you from themselves or else babaji will distance them from you Kunj said recalling twinkle accident his eyes filled with tears ..

You still have chance he could have moved on but he really loves you Kunj added ..

But his and twinkle roka ? Avni said ..
Hah ? Kunj laughed out I can’t tell what’s in Siyappa queen and her besti mind but I can assure you one thing that twinkle is just mine JUST MINE Kunj added …

I can’t be with him till twinkle gets fine no I can’t Avni said ..

You and samaira both are idiots she is also making arhaan wait bhabhi ki chamchi…and here you are breaking Yuvi heart …bechare Yuvi aur arhaan Kunj said ..while Avni giggled ..

Acha if I and twinkle gets back together then ? Kunj asked..
Then I’ll have no problem I just wanted to see you both together and wanted our family complete in my happiness .. Avni said ..

Okay then twinkle will be back in my life within some days I assure you that but you have to promise me you will also tell your real feelings to Yuvi …Kunj said ..
Yeah I’ll Avni said happily ..

Haan do it soon ?bring my brother in law soon so that we both can have clash with sasur ji together Kunj added ..

Huhuh but Yuvi is papa’s favourite na Avni told Kunj while he made faces she giggled seeing him ..

Chalo let’s leave now Kunj said while she hummed ..and Kunj side hugged her ..

They both walked back to Taneja Mansion while Avni went inside and Kunj left for sarna mansion ..

Avni and Kunj ? What’s were they doing together Yuvi who came back to taneja mansion sees them and murmured ..

Kunj smiled going back home hah babaji me and twinkle are really lucky to get such loving family + extra loving siblings samaira got engaged to arhaan but she didn’t wanted to marry till twinkle gets fine and Avni she was leaving Yuvi for us Kunj said and reached back home ..he went inside and saw his choti Siyappa queen …

Ofooooooooooo no dadu not like this she said showing him the phone game while Kunj smiled admiring her ..

Nani amma Kahi ki Kunj murmured and left for his room ..

He went inside and gets freshen up and then sat on bed reminsing the days back …
After their first night both went back to Amritsar to have a grand welcome from the sarnas they both were hell happy
Twinj was sitting in the hall surrounded by everyone they were finding the ring in the milk while all were hooting for them …

Twinkle won the game showing tongue to Kunj ..
Chalo bhai another ritual samaira said..

Are what’s this yaar shadi se pehle pre-wedding rituals and shadi ke Baad post wedding rituals Kunj said frustrated all giggled ..

Tell me now what’s the ritual ? Kunj said..
You have to keep a nick name for bhabhi samaira said ..

Yes Kunj give her a beautiful name Meera added ..
Kunj smirked at twinkle while she understood he is planning something ..

So my twinkle Nick name will be Jaan Kunj said…while twinkle was shocked ..

What ? Others asked as they didn’t heard ..twinkle coughed nodding in no while he nodded in yes smirking ..

You said Jaan ? Bhai ? Samaira asked..
Nahi I said aan Kunj added gulping in ..
Aan ? All looked on confused ..

Are Haan she is my Aan Baan Shaan now my honour pride and prestige my responsibility so AAN Kunj added waise bhi she had a good name twinkle why to spoil it ?he stated all smiled ..

Okay so we will call bhabhi aan sometimes samaira said all smiled..

then twinkle went for her pag pehras followed by their reception …

Twinj room ::::
Twinkle was sitting on their bed with her books scattered everywhere while Kunj comes there and sees her ..

Twinkle what is this mess Kunj said looking at his room condition ..
Wow I am doing my assignment twinkle said..waise bhi I didn’t get time na she added Kunj giggled ..

Haan you were busy taking my advantage na he added while twinkle makes faces ..

Don’t give yourself so much importance mr sarna twinkle added…
I’ll mrs Sarna Kunj said sitting beside her and pecking her cheek ..

No don’t disturb me twinkle said..
Are am I disturbing you I am just doing my work he stated biting her cheek ..

Why you bites me always twinkle said while Kunj giggled I am trying to match your boldness darling he added while she blushed ..

Haaye Kunj said pulling her closer ..
Wo bhabhi samaira directly came inside Kunj moved from twinkle ..

Hey fatso can’t you knock and come ? Kunj stated ..
Ho ho why should i knock Haan she added ?

Because it’s my room Kunj said ..
Nah it’s my bhabhi’s room as well samaira told Kunj ..

Wah bhabhi ki chamchi Kahi ki Kunj said going from there to get freshen up ..
Wo bhabhi maa is calling you down samaira said ..

Oh shit I totally forgot today they planned get together twinkle said collecting her books keeping it aside ..she went downstairs and joined Usha and servants in making dinner …

After sometime tanejas came to sarna mansion while sarnas welcomed them happily Kunj too joined and met everyone ..

How are you all ? Kunj asked ..
We are good beta rt and Leela said while he smiled …rt Leela Manohar Usha bebe was sitting while twinj mehbeer meerun arhmaira and Avni was sitting in lawn …

Abeer was taking care of Meher while Kunj was teasing them ..

He he Meher see he ignored you during the wedding now back to you kunj said ..

Haan bhabhi true ? bhai that time also bhabhi was expecting then why you weren’t behind her ? Twinkle asked…

Huh because I was seeing your wedding arrangements and couldn’t concentrate on my baby Abeer said keeping a hand on Meher tummy she was 3 months pregnant while all smiled and teased them alottt ..

Waise you both tell you didn’t went for honeymoon ! Varun teased Kunj ..
Bhai Avni arhaan and samaira is here Abeer said ..

Huhuh ?they are not babies even Varun said while all giggled ..they smiled teasing twinj all went back to have their dinner …

All sat while twinkle was serving them while Aryan was crying again Kunj sees him and makes faces while all giggled ..

Trumpet calm down Kunj said ..while he screamed on Kunj twinkle laughed aloud seeing him ..

Twinkle puttar you also sit bebe said ..while twinkle nodded and sat beside Kunj she decided to tease him and was rubbing her finger on his hand sensuously while he looked at her shocked she smirked at him …

Ahaan !! Kunj murmured he held her hand tighter ..while twinkle was shocked ..
What happen twinkle start eating Manohar said ..

Yes papaji she added and pinched Kunj with her sharp nails ..
Ouch Kunj screamed ..

What happen Kunj ji ? Twinkle asked…
Uhmm nothing Kunj said they all continued to have their food with lots of laughter ..

Twinkle was handling Aryan who was talking to her in his baby language ..while Meera brings his feeder she started to feel dizzy before she could fall Kunj held her ..

Di ? What happen Kunj asked…
Nah nothing Meera said feeling dizzy again she went unconscious in his arms while all were shocked …

Call doctor Manohar said while samaira nodded kunj took her in room while Varun stands seeing him Aryan started crying seeing his mother and twinj was handling him ..

Doctor check twinkle and came back .
How’s my wife ?? Varun asked…

Congratulations she is expecting doctor told while everyone was suprised ..
What ?? All screamed ..

Yeah come to hospital tomorrow I have to check her properly she said and left ..while all congratulated Varun …

They told Meera as well who was happy too …
Hehe jiju ek trumpet bas nahi tha kya Kunj said..

Nahi Varun added both giggled…
So much happiness babaji bebe thanked ..

We shall go somewhere before Meera and Varun leaves back for Banglore Manohar said all nodded…

Even we haven’t celebrated mehbeer good news being busy in twinkle wedding let’s go to my farm house rt suggested ..

After all the discussion everyone decided to go after 2 days ..tanejas left
Twinj went back to their room while twinkle changed into her night dress ..

Di looks so happy na Kunj she said while Kunj smiled..
Yeah he added…

We will have a cute baby too twinkle said laying on Kunj chest ..
Acha it’s not even a month to our wedding he said ..

Why don’t you like babies ? Twinkle asked…
Nothing like that I just feel they are like noise pollution he added giggling ..

Acha but I love them twinkle said .
Oh how’s the events going on in college ?? Kunj asked….

Everything ended I couldn’t attetnd it because of our wedding twinkle said pouting ..

Hehe good thing or else you would have jumped in everything like last year Kunj said ..

Haan waise bhi it’s good na I enjoyed last year alottt twinkle said both smiled talking about random things soon sleep took over them ..

Next day twinkle went to college to see everything before they goes for trip while Kunj went to office meerun went to doctor and found out that Meera is 1 month pregnant they came back and informed everyone they all left for Taneja farm house next day in their respective cars …

Kunj twinkle Avni samaira arhaan in one mehbeer lert in one Manusha meerun and Aryan in one …they all reached while twinkle.happily gave Kunj tour of their farmhouse …while the others went to rest for sometime ..

Kunj escaped from there and went towards the pool to relax himself he took off his shirt and started swimming ..

Twinkle who didn’t found him in room went in balcony she smiled and moved towards pool as well ..

Oye Siyappa queen come na Kunj said while she nodded in no..
Na baba just you do I am still scared twinkle said sitting the on edge ..

Okay Kunj said swimming while twinkle was busy humming a song Kunj pulled her into the pool while she screamed ..

Shhhh twinkle Kunj said ..while she looked at him ..
I am here na let’s enjoy some pool Romance Kunj whispered in her ears while she looked at him ..

But everyone is here twinkle said ..
They all went for a nap just we are awake Kunj said nuzzling his face in her neck while she also kissed him both of them were busy in their own world ..

Though they used to have alottt of nok jhok a lott of masala was theeir in their relationship but they had their desires for each other as well….

Kunj looked at twinkle while she moved forward and kissed him passionately he also responded with the same intensity ..they broke the kiss and looked at each other fully drenched ..smiled..

Kunj slide her sleeve and started placing wet kissed while she moaned his name…
He was covering twinkle fully …he looked at her and kissed her cheeks both of them smiled…

Hayeeeeee what I have seen they heard arhaan voice ..twinkle blushed ..

Arhaan turned to other side while twinkle wrapped a towel around her and ran from the other side ..arhan moved toward Kunj who was still in pool …

Saalo I don’t know what problem you and samaira have with me always spoils my romantic mood Kunj said…

Acha gussa na kar Baby arhaan pulled his cheeks ..both giggled….

They went inside while all were having fun teasing Meher and Meera both twinj were having good time playing with Aryan …

Soon the day passed they all dressed up and had a family party taking a lott of pictures while making Meher and Meera wear the stroll stating to be mommies …

Kunj brought the cake mehbeer and meerun cut it while all feed each other ..

Twinkle applied on Kunj face while the rest laughed ..
Siyappaaaaaaa queen Kunj said running behind her all were smiling seeing them .
The next day they all played many games while twinj were in opposite teams ..
You will loose again in carrom from me like last time twinkle said ..

Acha that time I let you win thinking you will cry …kunj said while twinkle make faces …

She was going from there when slipped and fall ..
Ahaa ?my leg she said crying the rest laughed ..

Can’t you see and walk Abeer said…
Haan hamesha jaldi Kunj said bending to pick her up ..

No I Wont come with you twinkle said angrily ..
You are gone Kunj arhaan said all giggled…

Acha na come sorry I will not laugh Siyappa queen Kunj said again laughing .
Huhuh I will walk myself twinkle tried to get up with support of wall soon he left herself in Kunj arms while all whistled ..

If you are stubborn then I am more darling Kunj pecked her nose and took her to their room he sprayed oinmemt on her foot while she makes faces ..

The trip ended soon they had a lott of fun twinkle foot was better now …after 2-4 days meerun with Aryan left for Banglore mehbeer got busy in themselves same with Avni and samaira ..while arhaan too went back to London to his parents ..

Twinj room ::
You are going college today ?? Kunj asked…
Yes had to attend few lectures exams are there in upcoming month twinkle added ..

Ohoooooo miss topper Kunj teased her ..
Whatever twinkle said he dropped her to college and went to office ..

The half day passed Kunj was done with his meeting he decided to tease twinkle ..and called her ..

What ? Twinkle asked as soon as picked up ..
Huhh atleast greet Kunj said ..

Hello mr sarna why you called me twinkle said In fake sanskari voice ..
Hayeeeeee Mrs sarna to take you out for lunch Kunj spoke in the same tone..

Kunj I can’t come I have lecture in next 15 minutes and I can’t miss it twinkle said ..
Twinkleeeeeee Kunj added ..

Na Kunj waise bhi I haven’t bunked college till now she said ..
Are you serious ? Kunj asked ..

Yeah she said confused ..
Then be ready to bunk your college for the first time Kunj said ..

But Kunj you know I am weak in accounting twinkle said ..

Are don’t worry you are my wife I’ll teach you that subject as you know how much I love that subject Kunj said…

Huhuh you will say this then ended up having your romance twinkle said ..
Ohh you also doesn’t stops me ? don’t blame me you are equally responsible kunj added ..

Huhuh twinkle said .
Acha I’ll be there in 10 minutes come out Kunj added cutting the call ..

She huffed in anger and went out while Kunj picked her up they both went to Kunj favourite place rose garden ..

Twinkle got happy seeing the ambience there while Kunj smiled they enjoyed their lunch date and went back home ..

Days were passing by twinkle exams was near and she was studying with full concentration …

She was studying in her room while Kunj came back from office and sees her revising with full concentration …he started mimicking her ..

Looooollsoaoooollllooooo loloololooll Kunj said while she looked at her…
Kunj let me concentrate twinkle said…

Haha kar na Kunj said while again she started revising and he made the sounds she thrower cushion at him while he threw back which hits her face ..

Kunjjjjj twinkle Said and started running behind him while beating him with pillow both tripped and fell on couch ..

Kunj laughed aloudd seeing her while twinkle went and complained Manohar…
Kunj come here Manohar said…

Ji papa Kunj said like a obedient kid
You are free na manohar added while twinkle smirked standing behind him ..
Haan Kunj said…

Then come with me to study room I have to discuss some files he said and took Kunj while he made expression to twinkle like I’ll see you later ?

Twinkle exams were going on while Kunj was busy as well ..
Kunj Kunj twinkle said ..

What happen ? Kunj asked..
I am not getting this can you please explain twinkle said making puppy face …

Huhuh what you did that day Haan Kunj said smirking ..
Acha sorry na please she was about to cry while Kunj stopped her ..

Cry baby come here he said while he started explaining her all the concepts ..
Understood ? Kunj asked while she nodded in yes ..

Okay then study I have work Kunj said while twinkle pulled him ..
Ho ho now who is starting romance Haan ?? Kunj said…

Whatever twinkle added and kissed him while he didn’t even leave her deepening their kiss..she pushed him after sometimes ..

Now go and let me study she added giggling ..
Whattttttttttt ???channt ladki you and your moodswings Kunj said angrily while she giggled he went while twinkle get busy in studying again ..

Kunj went in his room late and sees her sleeping ..
She made her books duvet Wah he said and cleared the mess and slept cuddling .. hwr

Next day her exams ended and she was a free bird now she also had her college farewell while Kunj and his batchmates too joined them creating fire in their college all having a lott of fun ..

Days passed twinkle was at home now Kunj was busy due to his projects he told twinkle that he will be late and asked her not to wait for him in nights even samaira was busy so twinkle didn’t disturb her …

Twinkle often complained that he is not taking her anywhere while he couldn’t do anything as he was really busy ..

Twinkle went to her room and slept being tired Kunj work was done he sees the time ..he started his journey to home when sees a pamphlet in his car …

Shitt i should go there and twinkle ..hmm let’s take her too waise bhi she is complaining that I am not taking her anywhere ..

Let me call her Kunj murmured and called twinkle who picked up after he called for 5-6 times …

He..lo..she said in sleepy voice…
Hey Siyappa queen Kunj said…
Sadu sarna she added …

Huh be ready we are going somewhere Kunj said..
At this hour I am not coming Kunj she said and cut the call ..

Ahhh Siyappa queen he called her again ..
Ab call disconnect Kiya to I’ll beat you listen to me yaar let’s go and have something there is a 24 hrs food mela for 2 days and today is the last day Kunj said…

Huhuh Kunj but I want to sleep twinkle cried and waise bhi food is there is a refrigerator come home and have it she added …

I don’t know anything just get freshen up I’ll pick up you if I found you sleeping I’ll take you in night wear only Kunj said ..

Huh twinkle said throwing the phone on side table and slept again ..

Kunj reached sarna mansion and murmured pakka she must have thrown phone on the side table and slept he said and entered his room and twinkle was upto his expectations ..

Huhuh he moved towards her and again woke her up ..
Ahhaa Kunj we will go sometime later na she said ..

No today only Kunj added..if you don’t get up I won’t take you anywhere he blackmailed her ..

Huh you are such bad ?twinklee said..
I am meri Jaan get up he pulled the duvet while she changed into simple top and Patiala Kunj too changed into his night wear and they both went out ..twinkle was sleeping all the way ..

Wake up mrs sarna Kunj said…
She looked at the place there were lighting all around with many food stalls the smell of food hit the foodies(twinj nostrils) ..

Chalo from where should we start Kunj said while twinkle points towards chole forgetting her sleep he smirked they started having their food teasing each other they tried almost of every shop ..

Bas I can’t have more Kunj said…while twinkle drank her leftover lassi ..

My tummy doubled she said while Kunj laughed seeing her and wipe of the lassi beard formed above her lips ..

They went back home while twinkle again slept Kunj came back from washroom and sees her ..

She will never improve babaji Kunj murmured he pecked her lips and slept cuddling her ..
To be continued ?
So hows the shot ????
Hope you all like it ?
I’ll complete the flashback soon and also give you hint about “HER”…
Thank you all so much for the comments on the last ..
And one more thing I may not be able to post soon now so you have to wait a little …
Or else I’ll take a break approx for one month them complete the story do tell me what you want …
Chalo Tata bye bye ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz ?

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    Appi…Lovely…Awesome.Amazing…As usual…Well appi post as u feel coz i guess u r taking break for studies.And also i will take break coz of xm and i don’t wanna miss u r post so it will b my benifit too..Hahaha…Sorry for a bad joke..Plz post as u like bt plz to post….Take care..Allahafiz..

  2. Awesome episode dear??
    Loved all the scenes..?
    Kunj and Avni bonding good..?
    Jealous Kunj cute ☺️
    Twinj scenes superb..
    There siblings disturbing their romantic moments aww soo cute…
    Wow sweet nickname of Twinkle..
    Waiting for your next post…
    I can wait a little bit for your next post? but not a whole month nooooo…??
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  3. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Twinj romance were amazing ????
    Superb shot dear

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      Jealous Kunj cute that too I just loved it ?????
      Twinj scenes ???????
      There siblings disturbing their romantic moments that so funny and soo cute…????
      Appi why are to taking a break please don’t take a break because we really love ur ffs and can’t wait for whole month please please please please
      Please try to post soon na please please please please it’s a request ???? please because u r write amazingly awesome can’t wait to read more and more really appreciating…???????
      Please appi try to post soon please please please…
      Love you ????????

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    Post when ur free
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  7. Vibhu

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    Take your time dear ?
    And today’s update was superb
    I loved the way Kunj made Avni understand ?
    And the flashback is amazing ??
    I’m loving it so much ❤️
    Can’t wait for Kunj to bring twinkle home!
    I guess usse pehle Yuvi will misunderstand Avni & Kunj ????
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