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Friends divya back hope u liking dis story I have written long back only but not have mood to post or write anything because swaragini going off air I. M feeling so so so sad anyways please watch swaragini repeat telecast 6am 12pm 9.30 IST please increase trp let it go with blast trp it’s my request..

Let’s begin

Next day as nikhil is modern type guy he like to spend time with ragini so daily they r meeting at Park…ragini mother told don’t attach to him as her marriage not fixed so she told be in limits ragini says ma don’t worry I won’t destroy ur name i always be in my limits now please give permission to go she says k be careful then she say bye here nikhil bring car to pick her later she goes with him

Here Payal very happy soon her going to come like all children she be with her mom she can play she can sleep in her mother lap she is just waiting for her birthday she want to share tat mother is coming to c her so she said news to all morning milk man as come uncle do u know next week v required more milk because my mom coming next week
He says oh Payal beti ur mom is coming wow so only ur happy na k laksh sir next week how many litre u want, he gets so angry when she comes I will inform u now u may go now,he goes,

Papa today I have to go school early Papa do u know today I have essay competition regarding MOTHER wat to write Papa he gets little possessiveness always ma ma ma u don’t remember me rite u don’t need me,u just irritating me whatever u want u write u don’t disturb me, she feels so sad later she moves to school,,

Here while ragini nikhil going in car ragini c one small baby walking on d road she said nikhil please stop d car y ragini wat happens please nikhil stop d car he stops d car she runs to tat baby (ragini c baby struggling because she is so small moreover she is found of children she loves to be with them ) Wats ur name baby,
baby : unty my name is sweety

Ragini :so cute name then y ur walking on d road u don’t go in bus
Sweety:unty actually I miss my bus ma pa go to work so I. M going to school..oh k sweety can u come with us i will drop u to school ragini wat u saying do u forget today’s plan said by nikhil..nothing will happen please nikhil v can drop her she is so small how can she go alone please nikhil v can drop her pls agree yar k for ur sake I agree morever I don’t like dis children and all .k can v move it’s already late they moves to school..nikhil u wait here I will go and leave her and come, he says come soon WHILE Payal sitting outside sees Ragini going inside and calls Ma,, she thought she comes to c her and she thought to give kheer to her took her box and runs behind her ma ma I. M here ma I. M here ur Payal is here suddenly Payal dashes to one man her box falls and kheer spread to his shirt ??? but she doesn’t care she take her box and start to move he hold payal hey u make my new shirt dirty without saying sorry where u going..uncle pls leave i want to go inside i want to give kheer to my mom i want to c her pls leave my hand..hey how much cholestrol u hv u only dash me without saying sorry ur going u dont hv sense to ask sorry, uncle pls leave uncle i hv to go..??‍♀??

♀here ragini takes sweety to principal excuse me ma’am I want to speak with you..s tel’am in dis school many poor and rich people r’s very difficult to lead Thier life for poor pupil they spend each day to earn money..if one day they miss d job means they would sleep without food..If student miss one day school bus they should walk 2 to 3km for children’s it’s very difficult to walk in traffic road so pls tel driver to wait for 5 min till all students come.bec parents r busy in thier work so they not able to drop thier children and it’s help to reduce accident,
Principal :I really appreciate ur suggestions and happy to know ur love towards children thank u I surely do it for our children safety..thank u once again and pleasure to speak with u…
Ragini: it’s my pleasure too ma’am then she comes outside..

Uncle pls leave i want to go he leaves her k now at least ask sorry to me go uncle I want to go I want to give kheer to my mom she runs to inside ma where r u…ragini comes outside in other door…

where is dis ragini still not come if she c any children she forget me only now I want to search her ragini where r u..ragini comes I. M here only nikhil..ragini how much time I hv to wait for u she my shirt one girl make me dirt so only I don’t like dis children just irritating..nikhil by mistake it will happen don’t worry I will clean it..she c tat kheer spread in his shirt she took tat kheer and taste it wow nikhil it’s so sweet wait she take another spread kheer do u want to taste he says chiiii k she again taste wow it’s really sweet wow dis children eat yummy food really it’s tasty..he says tat girl bring kheer to give her mother..oh then I’m her mother!!!! Who eat her mother food,,
No no ur my child mother not her mother said nikhil
Uuuu nikhil still more time for tat can v move s princess they both move..

Payal searches inside but she didn’t c anywhere she felt so bad and moves to class she participated in essay competition she got 1st prize she feel very happy ???and thought to share dis news with thier family..

Precap: Dp sees ragini in Temple ragini decide to go for payal birthday…?????

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    superb loving it so much.. . hope ragini and payal meet soon..

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