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Hi friends divya is back sorry for making u wait..???

Nikhil leave me where v r going ragini today one thing should decide my parents want me or my death really I fed of them if u not come means really I would die because I can’t leave without u..? I too love u nikhil,,then he bring ragini to his house dad today one thing should decide if u not agree for our marriage u forget me completely nikhil wat u saying s uncle today if I have gone late v should have forget him then she told all which have happen few hours back then k ragini I want to speak with ur father send them to my home then she agreed k uncle I will send bye I will go then she moves off..

Here Payal feels very bad tat her life her mother doesn’t see her she thought her mother was avoiding her, her father and karthik comes Thier papa I have seen ragini ma papa y she not seen me y she avoiding papa bring ragini ma to home I want to be with her I want ma.laksh Payal u again started ah then he took her to home in road way she thinking about her mother only y ma avoiding me ma i want u ma pls come ma she used to think about her only then they come to home laksh sees payal getting unconscious by d time karthik hold her bring inside soon they call doctor, doctor comes and checks her nothing to worry maheshwari little fever she will recover went/// Payal used to chant ma, ma, ma, laksh ask Payal me papa open ur eyes. Pa I see ma I want ma pls bring her ma I want u..he feel sad..

Next day
Ragini parents already know about Thier love they agreed for her daughter wish but nikhil parents disagree once so ragini also quite but now she told tat nikhil try to suicide because of her so she told Thier parents tat she can’t leave without him..pls once talk to them has ragini is only child for Them they agreed to ask them once again…next day ragini parents went to nikhil house they feel very nervous whether they will disagree for marriage they knock d door nikhil father rp open d door he welcomed them sit here they sits actually last time v hv told our decision but I and my wife decide one thing tat she will say ????????he calls suji she brings coffee to them I don’t know wat magic tat ur daughter done to my son he is not able to control us moreover v both decide tat ragini is our ____________????????

Fever more increases to Payal she started to chant more laksh gets tensed he again cals doctor she comes and checks her OMG fever increases to 105° Payal chanting ma ma doctor says i think she is thinking more about her mother where is her mother he says doctor wat u saying how can she think about her mother I. M his father y she think about her..c mr laksh every child her humble is to be with her mother so bring her mother she would be alright then she goes he hold karthik hand bring outside hey karthik did u c our one lie today my daughter is suffering I. M not able to c like dis karthik tell me did she alive?? no lucky really she is not alive then y payal saying tat she see her..payal always in mother dream so whomever she see she feels tats her mother..hey lucky y cant u bring her mother yar pls karthik dont say her name she is not a girl when payal was small she didn’t c her face she said she is unlucky my payal is unlucky she need rich guy who make her status high she don’t need dis child I begg her not to make us alone, because I know a child need a mother more than a father. she didn’t care she didn’t feed her instead she left her and make us alone…if I bring her she will kill my daughter only instead tat I only take care my daughter as a mother…now tel me shd i bring her mother who doesnt care for her,, in my dream also i wont bring her, her shadow shouldnt falls on her,, k sorry lucky for hurting don’t worry I hv a idea….??

They go inside
Payal pls eat little food u didn’t eat anything tel by laksh’s dada dadi no I won’t eat I want ma if she comes I will eat …Payal ur good girl know u eat little don’t make me angry said by laksh I want ma tats it k I will show ur ma first u eat, karthik uncle really u show ma s beta u eat first she eat fastly….?? Uncle now show my ma….???
Payal beti tat…..,,,,,

Precap: Ragini knocks payal house?

Friends pair is raglak only but how when keep reading payal mera pyari beti!!!!

Actually it’s story tell by my friend it’s her fav serial i don’t c dis but ur liking dis story so I m changing many things and write for u….?? Do u want me to speed up or in slow version

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  1. Jazzy

    nice but keep some spaces its confusing

    1. Divyashankar

      Today I have written one big os and I updated in 5 pages then dis story and again my friend story in telly between not feeling well full tired so sorry if any mistakes

  2. Fairy

    Awwwww!!!poor payal!!m feelng reallly sad for dis lill angel 🙁 :(…update ws super interestng n amaznggg!!!lets see how”ll raglak meet??? N wt wl happen to rag-nik relation..??waitng eagerly for nxt part..keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr 😉 😉 😉

  3. Manjula20

    Awesome Divya

  4. Awesome and which serial it is?

    1. Divyashankar

      I don’t know Dr my friend used to say about to watch dis its name is BANGARI but in my house tat channel not comes it comes often it’s new channel but tat serial is very touchy now for dis story I m watching on voot I will write In different manner in tat still engagement going on but I will soon make them marry thier love story starts soon I will end to soon,

  5. Asra

    awesome dear….

  6. Unique concept. . I liked it very much….

  7. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

  8. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dr

  9. awesome part

  10. Awesome

  11. Awesome episode

  12. Divyashankar

    thanks for ur lovely coment

  13. amazing next part soon plzz be regular next part soon

  14. Divyashankar

    Dr due to my stomach pain I become irregular pakka I will be regular from tomorrow onwards today my dad at home so I m not able to write sorry I will write 2 parts as composition k

  15. A.xx

    fab but i got a little confused as they were all on 1 line,,,.xx

  16. Divyashankar

    Next episode I will clear ur doubt

  17. Damn good

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