Pavitra Rishta 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi asking Shashank to call Naren. Shashank says, he will call us. Teju tells her that Naren will bring Ankita home. Pari thinks ankita won’t come back and tells Mansi that she told Naren not to go alone. She says, we should have informed the police. Naren comes home empty handed. everyone rush to him. They see police with Naren. Mansi questions Naren. Naren tells her that Ankita was infront of him. He gave the ransom money and was about to take Ankita then Police came and ruined everything.

Mansi shouts at him. Shashank calm her down. Inspector tells her that he didn’t inform her and some lady informed him. Naren looks suspiciously at Kinnari. Then he asks Pari, did you call the Police. Pari says yes shocking everyone. Naren is shocked and disgusted. Pari says, she didn’t do anything wrong. she was afraid about him and that’s why called the Police. Naren asks how could you do this. Inspector says, you did the right thing. He says, 90% kidnappers kill the victim after getting the money. Naren says, what will happen now.

Inspector asks, did you see kidnappers’ face. Naren recollects seeing Raunaq and takes his name. Everyone get shocked. Rushaali thinks oh God. Inspector asks, do you know him? naren says, he is my younger brother. Inspector says, it means this kidnapping is for personal reasons and asks him to come to the police station. Inspector questions Rushaali. Rushaali says, she was at home. Naren tells him that she is his mom.

Rushaali thinks Ankita always brings troubles and thinks to call Raunaq. She calls him and asks him to change his number. He says ok and asks her to bring two sim cards. Rushaali says ok. Kinnari comes and asks, with whom you were talking to? Raunaq? Rushaali says no. Kinnari tells her that she was right that he was Raunaq. She didn’t know that he would kidnap Ankita. she asks her, will he get successful. Will he elope after getting the ransom money. I am sure that he will come to me after getting the ransom. rushaali says, she needs rest. Kinnari leaves. Rushaali thinks she can’t tell anyone. She thinks how will I manage this?

Mansi recalls Naren’s words that Raunaq is the kidnapper. She gets tensed and tells Shashank that Raunaq came back. If he comes to know about our daughter then. Shashank says, Priya is our daughter. He can’t do anything. Mansi says, no he came to take revenge from us. He will snatch our daughter. Shashank says, he won’t leave Raunaq this time.

Ashi comes and asks Naren if he is upset. Naren says no. He tells her that he used to get scary dreams but it ended after her arrival. Pari thinks it is good that Naren’s connection with ankita is broken. Ashi asks, did I look like mummy when I was born? naren says you looks like mummy. Ashi says, I wants to look like you. Naren says, I hope you are my real daughter. Ashi says, I am angry with you as you make Vaishnavi sleep. Naren says her sorry and makes her sleep. He thinks he is guilty of Vaishnavi. He has no answers for her questions. Naren goes near the window. Pari asks, are you upset with me? Naren asks, why you didn’t tell me about informing the police. Pari asks, why you are concerned about her. Naren says, he cares for her. He is feeling guilty. Pari asks him to stop taking Ankita’s name infront of her.

She says, Raunaq won’t hurt her. He needs money and he will leave Ankita. she thinks she won’t let him get Ankita freed. Naren says, he will punish Raunaq. Rushaali comes to Raunaq and gives money and simcards to Raunaq. She tells him that Naren saw his face. Raunaq asks, did he told Mansi also and smiles. Rushaali says, you are impossible. Naren comes there and says he is going to police station. He tells Raunaq didn’t do the right thing. He sees an envelope on the ground and is about to pick it. Rushaali stps him. Raunaq takes the envelope.

Naren requests the Police to search Ankita. Inspector tells him that Raunaq vacated the place and gives something. Naren tells that it is of ankita’s and says Raunaq won’t hurt Ankita until he gets the money. Inspector asks him to talk to Raunaq for 2 mins so that they could trap the call. Naren says ok.

Raunaq tells Ankita that Naren wants to kill her. He says, I will make you die peacefully. Naren determines to get Raunaq punished.He says it is my promise to you.

Pari says, I wants an answer from you. Rushaali says she is getting sleep. Pari says, how can you sleep when you have a son who was a rapist and now a kidnapper. Rushaali looks tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Idk when d true will come out

  2. True love 1st Love never dies. GOOD for you Naren, rushaali is your mom also a back stabber, parie she acting as she looks also FULL LIES, I feel for your 2 daughters parie have no feelings no love for her own self so she cannot have for your 2 daughters , I cannot wait for Manav and Archana to come then is fire, I hope to see them Soon.

  3. Aisha usman babba

    get well soon Ankita

  4. Shania sookram

    Nice episode

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