Pavitra Rishta 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 9th September 2013 Written Update

Sachin arrives late and he apologises to Gauri. Gauri says, it’s okay.. you’re not that later either. She asks him to sit. Gauri’s pallu falls down. Sachin notices it and puts it back up. Gauri thanks him. They then talk about their rishta. Sachin asks if she’s happy and comfortable as these days girls choose their life partner by themselves. Gauri says if I wasn’t happy then I would have never said yes. I trust my parents choice. Gauri then points at a tree and tells Sachin whatever you ask, your wish comes true. They go to that tree. Soham comes at the same place for a delivery. He sees Sachin and Gauri praying near tree together and he doesn’t like it. He leaves in anger and comes to drink. The guy asks him you started in day too now? Soham gets angry at him as well and tells him to do what he asked for. He starts drinking and remembers how Gauri said that she never had any feelings for him and other recent events. The guys are surprised seeing him drinking so much alcohol. They try to stop, but Soham doesn’t listen and asks them to bring more and more. One of Balan’s men calls Balan and says it seems to be a girl matter as Soham got upset seeing a girl (gauri) with someone (sachin) and got angry and came to drink.

One guy is talking with Mittal about some property. The guy says they will have to go to some place to talk to him. They come to the same bar where Soham is drinking. Mittal is surprised to see Soham there. He says Purvi was saying that he’s changed, but look at this. Will have to do something.. will have to take some advantage. He calls Manav and asks him about his health. Manav says, you’re not that innocent that you will call me to ask about my health. Come to the point. Mittal says you and your family always take me wrong.. anyways I will come to the point. He informs Manav about Soham drinking alcohol. Manav says so what? Mittal says son of a big businessman like you is drinking alcohol at such a cheap place and provokes Manav saying what if anyone finds out about this. He then says, I thought your son is changed, but seeing him.. it doesn’t look like he’s changed. Manav gets angry. Mittal says if you don’t believe me, then come and see yourself. He hangs and laughs. He says I created the fire, now how will I find out how much Manav gets burned. He thinks of Punni and laughs.

Manav is angry. Archu and Savita try to calm him down, but he says he will need to go and check and prove Mittal wrong. Savita and Archu tell him not to listen to Mittal, but Manav is not ready to listen. He’s leaving, but Savita then acts of having pain in her heart. Manav comes back running and calls doctor. Savita gestures Archu to go and check.

Purvi brings lunch for Arjun. It reminds Arjun of when he was working in the garage and Purvi was brining lunch like this. Purvi says but today situation is different.. we are married and we have daughter. We need to finish our work fast and go home. She then says he did a good thing by giving a job to Shalini. Arjun asks if she noticed Shalini was so happy with Onir. Her excitement was different. Purvi says I also felt like that. Arjun says, there is something for sure.. I am not sure.. but I think Shalini has some feelings for Onir. Purvi says if it’s like that, then it’s such a good news. Onir will get such a lovely life partner and their pair will be awesome. They talk how Shalini supported Onir by risking herself. Arjun says but who will talk to Onir about this. Purvi says I will talk to him. Arjun then asks if she told Soham about the trip. Purvi says I am so sorry.. I couldn’t talk to him.. I will talk to him after finishing lunch.
Soham is fully drunk and still remembering Gauri. He says you betrayed me Gauri. First you call me to you, and then you kicked me. If you didn’t want to love me, then why did you come closer to me? He throws the glass. The bar guy says this is not your father’s place that you’re throwing stuff like this. he asks him for money. Soham and him argue. Soham starts fighting with him. Balan is happy to see that. He’s going there, but Archu comes there and asks Soham to leave the bar guy. Balan hides. Archu slaps Soham and is disgusted to see him there. Soham says it was not my fault he wasn’t giving me alcohol. Archu asks him this is what was left? You could at least have thought about your baba. Soham is fully drunk and can’t even control himself. Archu takes him with her and leaves from there.

Balan wonders what’s the matter but whatever it may be.. it’s in his advantage. He asks his men to find all the information about the girl whose name Soham was taking. He says I am sure it must be that girl whom we kidnapped, but still want to make sure. He laughs.

Archu is at Sulo’s house with Soham. Soham is sleeping. Archu says it’s good I brought him here, if I had taken him to our house then don’t know what would happen. Sulo says and its good that Varsha is not at home right now else she would be hurt a lot. Archu says I can’t tell you how much hurt I am as well. Sulo says but he had quit everything no? Manju comes there. She hides and listens to their conversation. Archu says I don’t know what happened to him all of a sudden. He was so involved with family until yesterday and today.. Sulo says don’t worry, tomorrow Ganpati Bappa is coming, everything will be fine. Manju says to herself I had said before that he can never change.. it’s not all about blood.. parvarish matters too. Archu tells Sulo to take care of Soham and she leaves.

Archu returns home. Manav asks her where did you go all of a sudden? Archu lies to him that she went to Soham and there was nothing like what Mittal was saying. Manav picks up the phone to call Mittal, but Archu tells him to calm down and relax. Manav says I will teach him a lesson. Archu says, I already did that. She then changes the topic and asks about Savita. Manav says she is fine… you meet her later. Right now she needs to rest. Manav is worried for Soham. He says I know he can’t do anything like this, but there is always fear because of the background he was in. Archu says him not to take tension and she will handle everything.

Precap: Everyone has gathered for Ganesh festival. In the kitchen, Manju talks about Soham. She says to Archu here Ganpati is coming and he can’t even stand up.. he’s that drunk. I always said that he will never change. Manav is passing from there. Manju continues, he was a goon and will always remain one. Manav hears it and gets angry.

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