Pavitra Rishta 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita getting a call from Shashank who informs that he got a call from his editor to report immediately and asks Ankita to pick her siblings from school. Ankita agrees. She informs her colleague about it and leaves for school.

Soham’s boss gets irritated by musquito bites while sleeping and calls Soham to close the door. He remembers that Soham has gone to work. He wakes up and feels backache. He remembers yesterday night’s incident and scolds Soham that he was asked to wash dishes for not paying money. He then searches money and does not fine any. He thinks of a plan to meet Soham’s kids to extract money from there.

Sonu and Pranab wait outside their school for Ankita to pick them. Naren comes there in his car and asks if they are Ankita’s siblings and asks them to come and sit in his car. Kids hesitantly sit in his car. Naren asks why are they hesitating. Kids say he has changed and misbehaved with them, plus he did not fulfill his promising of gifting them toys. Naren says he will treat them with icecream and give them gifts. Kids get happy. Ankit reaches school and asks security guard about Sonu and Pranab. Security says he does not know. Ankita scolds guard and goes in search of kids.

Ankita comes home crying and informs Mansi and Prashanth that she did not find kids at scool. Prashanth asks her not to worry as kids might have gone to their friend’s house. Sonu and Pranab come just then and inform that Naren had come to pick them. Naren also comes there. Ankita scolds him for picking the kids without informing her and says kids are not just her siblings, they are her life.

Manav and Archana see Pushti, Pia, and Pari joking and enjoying a lighter movement. Archana asks i they can stay in India itself. Manav says even he was thinking the same and says when she is happy, he is also happy. Neena overhears their conversation and thinks they cannot stay in India and remembers fighting for water with chawl dwellers and Teju and Savita laughing on her. She remembers washing utensils and then cleaning house. She thinks she cannot settle here and will have to do something.

Mansi brings fruit for Shashank’s mom. Mom gets angry on Mansi and says she wants go out from her house. Mansi asks if she made any mistake. Mom says she made a sin by carrying someone else’s child. Ankita comes there and asks mom to stop rubbishing and asks her how can she think so bad about a woman as she is also a woman. Mom says she cannot understand this as she is not a mother and asks if she is sure Mansi’s child is Shashank’s and not Raunakh. Ankita says she is 100% sure it is Shashank’s child. Mom asks to prove it with tests and then speak to her.

Shashank comes home and sees Mansi crying and Ankita sitting sadly. He asks his mom if she scolded her. Ankita informs that mom is thinking that child is Raunakh’s and not his. Mom starts scolding Mansi again and says before marriage, Raunakh raped her and what if the child is Raunakh’s. Shashank says he will accept the child no matter whose it is. Mansi says she wants to know about it now. Mom also backs Mansi and says if the child is Ranakh’s, she will kill the child in her womb itself. Ankita says how can she think like that and says she has to accept the kid. Mom says if the kid is Shashank’s, she will accept the kid, else she will get out of this house. Mansi pleads Shashank again to let her do the DNA test.

Precap: Pari scolds Ankita for interfering in her life and asks her to leave her alone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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