Pavitra Rishta 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 9th April 2013 Written Update

Purvi tells Onir that she cannot hide her secret anymore .She did what she did for the good of her family and not to hurt anyone . Onir is worried about her and Ovi but she says that she is not worried about herself but probably Ovi will now hate her so much that she will never want to see her face again .Maybe now they will have to go back to Kolkota . She asks Onir if he will support her decision of telling the truth to everyone and Onir assures her that he will.

In the Deshmukh house , Ovi is worried that Arjun lied to her about Purvi’s phone call. She calls Arjun who is at work .Arjun is very busy and in the middle of a meeting . He tells her that he cannot talk to her right now .Ovi gets angry and at the same time Pari also starts crying .A frustrated Ovi yells at Pari for crying

but then she immediately realizes her mistake and picks up the baby .On hearing her yell , Mana valso comes i nthe room and takes Pari from her . Ovi tells him that she was angry on Arjun but took it out on Pari and now she feels bad about it . Manav wants to know why she is angry at Arjun .
Ovi tells Manav that Purvi had called Arjun and after her call Arjun looked disturbed . Ovi did not like it that Arjun lied to her about Purvi’s call. Manav also looks worried .He says that Arjun should not have lied but there must be a reason for his doing so ..Manav assures Ovi that there is absolutely nothing between Arjun and Purvi for Ovi to get worried about .He tells Ovi not to mistrust Arjun as little misunderstandings can cause friction and it can effect their daughter Pari . He tells Ovi that him and Archana were seperated for 18 years because of one misunderstanding and their children had to suffer so much because of this ..
Ovi tells him that she trusts Arjun but will now talk to him about this ..
Ovi attends to Pari who is sleeping now .Manav is thinking as to why Arjun lied to Ovi .

Soham is coming back from work ( the grocery store ) when he bumps into Onir . Soham feels so happy to see Onir and Onir also is happy . He tells Soham that Purvi has told him everything about her brother .Both the guys have a great intro and Soham seems very amused by Onir’s subtle sense of humour . He tells Onbir that he is happy that his sister got a great husband like Onir . Arjun also tells Onir to be careful of Arjun as Arjun does not have good intentions …It looks like Soha mwants to say more on Arjun but he stops himself thinking that it might be inappropriate but Onir is very calm and tells Arjun that he knows about Arjun and Purvi’s past …and if Arjun wants to talk to Purvi then Soham should not stop him because maybe Arjun has something important to discuss…

Soham asks Onir about Purvi’s child if it is a girl or a boy .Onir tells Soha mthat Purvi had a miscarriage .Soham feels ver ysad that this had to happen to his sister but feels happy that Purvi has a nice guy like Onir in her life …he again tells Onir to keep Arjun away from Purvi …Onir also tells Soham that he is happy to meet him …

Punni is at home and she is thinking how to insult Purvi when the restaurant manager calls her and says that Ovi has agreed to come for dinner …

Ovi calls Arjun, apologises to him for disturbing him when he was at work and tells him that she would like to have dinner with him in Marine Continental hotel .Arjun agrees to come

Arjun goes to the restaurant and is surprised to see Purvi at his reserved table . Punni is looking at them from a distance .Punni has revenge in her mind because Purvi did not do as Punni wanted .
Purvi tells Arjun that Punni nvited her here . She recalls how a very emotional Punni begged her to come to thsi hotel and told her that it is a mtter of her life and someone is forcing her to do things she does not wish to .she says that she must see her in the restaurant at this table and do not tell anyone about it ..First Purvi is very reluctant but when she hears Punni cry then she agrees to come

Now Purvi and Arjun can both feel that something fishy is happening . While they are in this confusion of what is going on …Ovi walks in the restaurant .Ovi is shocked to see Purvi and Arjun together .
Purvi starts talking to Arjun that she is worried that Punni could be manipulating them as she knows that Pari is Purvi and Arjun ‘s daughter ..

Ovi hears this … and one can clearly se tha tshe is devastated to hear this truth ..Purvi goes on to tell Arjun that Punni even has the CD that can prove that Onir had swapped the babies and she is worried that Punni could be conspiring against their daughter …
Arjun also says that he does not trust Punni at all…
On the other side , Punni is waiting for Ovi to come and hear the truth about Pari being Arjun and Purvi’s daughter …

Precap : In a state of shock…Ovi is walking in the middle of a road .She is about to get hit by a car when Soham drags her away .He screams at her for being careless as the car could have hit her …Ovi breaks down in Soham’s arms and cries a lot . She calls him dada and tells him tha tshe has been cheated very badly …

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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