Pavitra Rishta 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kinnari bargaining vegetable price from its vendor. He says, you looks from a good family. She thinks she has become kanjoos like her mummy. She collides with a person and shouts at him as her veggies fall on the ground. She asks him to give money to her else she will call the Police. The man asks her to send the Police and leaves. She starts picking the vegetable. She sees a vegetable vendor shouting in pain. Raunaq is seen holding a rod. Kinnari sees his back side and gets shocked. She thinks he is Raunaq and wonders when did he come out of jail.

Naren asks the manager to get the solution. Manager says, we can’t get money without Ankita or Manav’s signature. Manav and Shashank ask him to do something. Pari says, Azoba would have tell us if there is any solution. Pari signs the manager not to give them money. She tells Naren that they can’t save Ankita now. Shashank asks her to think before saying anything. Naren says, he will think what they can do.

Mansi calls Shashank and asks him to save Ankita somehow. Shashank says, they can’t get money till now and asks her not to worry. Savita asks her not to worry.

Rushaali tells Pari that my plan worked. Pari says, I am feeling bad for Ankita. Who will save her. Kinnari comes home and tells them that someone was following her. Rushaali asks her to be careful as they don’t have money. Kinnari asks about Raunaq. Rushaali says, he is in Jail. Kinnari says, she saw him. Rushaali says, she met him last week in jail.

Mansi asks Shashank, what they will do now. Rushaali says, ankita broughts troubles. Mansi asks her to go. She asks Shashank to sell her jewellery and get Ankita. Savita asks her to have strength. Savita tells Pari that you showed that you are no one’s sister. She says, Manav kept 8 crores shares on my name. I sold those shares. She asks them to bring the cash. Kinnari thinks, this old lady is so rich. Savita asks Pari to take out anger from her heart. Pari gets irked.

Pari thinks she is feeling happy because of Ankita’s kidnapping and hopes she doesn’t come home. She thinks the money shall not reach to the kidnappers. She thinks I can’t let this happen.

Teju brings tea for everyone. Naren refuses to drink tea. Savita tells him that nothing will happen if they lose hope. Shashank says, do you think that they will call us. Naren says hope so. Sachin says, if they refuse to give us Ankita after taking money then. Naren says, they are very clever. He gets Raunaq’s call threatening to kill ankita. Naren asks him not to hurt Ankita and says he is ready to give him money. Raunaq says, good decision bro. Naren gets thinking. Raunaq asks him to come to some place else……Naren tells the family that the kidnapper called him alone. Pari says, she won’t let him go. Naren assures her that he will be fine and will bring ankita home.

Naren comes to the place and says he brought the money. Raunaq covers his face and comes. He asks did you come with the police. Raunaq’s goons ask Naren to open the bag and show the money. Naren shows the money. They ask him to backwards. Naren asks Ankita, are you fine. Naren looks at Raunaq. Raunaq’s goons see the police and alert him. Raunaq tries to run and falls down. His viel get down his face. Naren is shocked.

Police enters. Raunaq’s goons start the tear gas and hides. Naren asks Police, who called you here. Raunaq tells Ankita that Naren called the police and don’t care about you. Naren asks Police about the informer. Inspector asks, who informed the kidnapper that we are going to come here. Raunaq comes to Rushaali and says your information was right. He asks her, how do you know about me. Rushaali tells him about kinnari informing her. She says I am your mom. A flashback is shown. Raunaq asks, how did you know about police. Rushaali tells him that it was Pari’s plan. She slaps him and says you did a foolish act. She asks him to keep Ankita out of their life or increase the ransom money.

Inspector asks naren, did you see kidnapper’s face. Naren says yes and takes Raunaq’s name. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bakwas update not on time .late

  2. Praveen tripathi

    Itni deri kyu?

  3. Good job naren but where is Anika?

  4. Praveen tripathi

    She is sufering frm disease so tke rest fr sme dys

    1. She was in the hospital for Appendicitis

  5. I feel proud of naren stating his brother is kidnapper.pari ur a bi-ch.

    1. Ya hope he dumps pari

  6. Hi Sid the same way Naren love his Baby, is the same way he LOVES the MOTHER , not even his own family can stop him from loving Ankita, wait until he fines out the truth about rashaali his mom then for sure she and parie both will go to JAIL. Naren don’t like lies and he cannot handle parie lies, I think if he goes crazy Ankita is the only one who can handles him and then what will parie DO DO

  7. I don’t believe Pari being daughter of Purvi -Arjun can behave in such a way, I hope to see Purvi-Arjun entry supporting Ankitha..I am sure they wont come.. just a hope..

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