Pavitra Rishta 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manav asking Pari to answer what she has done with Ashi. Pari says sorry and says she couldn’t bear the fact that Naren and Ankita have a child together. She says, I was scared and thought Ashi would bring them together. My fears seems to be fulfilling. I took Ashi to a market and met a couple. A flashback is shown, Pari meets a couple who wanted to adopt a baby and offers to pay them money too. They get happy. Archana slaps Pari and says you are dent on womanhood, opposite to Ankita. You left your daughter with strangers. Manav scolds her too. He asks, how can you be so selfish. Ashi didn’t get love of her real parents. I am ashamed to call you as my grand daughters. Your parents would have died seeing your selfish side. Kinnari and Neena scold her too. Rushaali asks Pari to pray for Ashi if she wants to be Naren’s wife.

Ankita reaches the Jagrata and thinks today is Asthami. She prays to Maa to help her find Ashi. She says, I feel as I have some relation with Ashi. Ashi is with the couple. They are at the same pandal where Ankita is also there. Kidnapper’s wife say that she gave tablet to Ashi and make her sleep. They plan to leave the station. Ankita tells the people sitting there that her daughter is kidnapped and shows her photo. Kidnappers hears her voice and gets alerted. Ankita is teary eyed. Kidnapper and his wife think to leave before Ashi’s mother see them. They tries to leave while Ankita is praying to Devimaa. Ashi’s toy falls from her hand. Someone tells the couple. Ankita turns and insists to see the girl’s child. She takes her in her arms and asks where were you taking my daughter. Kidnappers say she is her daughter. Ashi calls mum to kidnapper’s wife.

Ankita argues with them and shows her photo. Naren calls the Police. Ankita asks them to show the proofs. Naren comes there and says truth don’t need to give proofs. Police comes and arrests them. Ankita handovers Ashi to Naren and says she is with you now. Lets go home. Naren stops her and says you needs to know the truth. He says, Ashi is not only mine but yours too. You gave birth to her. Doctors lied to you, your baby was not dead. It is done by mom. Ashi is our daughter. Ankita is shocked.

Naren continues that your and Ashi’s likes and dislikes are not a coincidence. She is our baby. Ankita takes Ashi in her arms and gets emotional. Naren tells her that Ashi couldn’t get motherly love because of his mom. Now no one can separate her from you. Ankita says, she is our baby. Inspector comes and asks Naren to complete the formalities.

Ankita cries happily as she recalls her first meeting with Ashi. She recalls Ashi calling her choti maa. Ashi is still under the tablet’s influence. Inspector tells Naren that he called his family as the kidnappers said that your family member gave the baby to them. Kidnappers points out at Pari. Manav confirms that Pari is behind Ashi’s kidnapping as she came to know about Ashi’s truth. Naren is shocked. He tells the Police that he will settle the issues at home. He tells Pari that he will give her punishment which even court can’t give. He leaves. Manav and Ankita are shocked.

Naren is with Ashi and thinks of Rushaali’s words. He thinks it doesn’t matter to him as he really loves her. He says, but I am very happy as I can say proudly that you are my daughter. How can mom do this with other’s mom. At one side, mom betrayed me and at the other side Pari betrayed me. Pari is not a good wife and failed to become a mother too. Why you have betrayed me. What did I do? He recalls Pari mistreating Ashi.

Naren thinks, husband inside me can forgive you but not a father inside me. He kisses Ashi and makes her sleep. He packs his stuff and recalls Pari’s words that it is madness to think Ashi as their daughter.

Ankita comes home and tells Manav that her child is alive. She says, my daughter is Ashi. Manav says, Bappa can’t do injustice to you. Ankita says, I felt that I don’t have a child. I couldn’t identify my daughter. Manav says you identified her that’s why cared for her so much. Some people hide the truth from me, therefore you couldn’t address her as your daughter. Ankita turns to Rushaali and asks what problem you have with me. When I married Naren, you gave a name to our relation as compromise. When we loved each other, you named it as my selfish motive. I bear everything and didn’t utter a word. Why did you keep my daughter away from me. Did you know that you have done injustice to me. You kept my daughter away from me for 5 years. My child was my dream. Pari looks annoyed. Ankita asks, you did this for Naren. But he is not happy at all. She says I never thought that you would stoop so low. You have snatched my daughter from me. Rushaali looks ashamed at her doings. Ankita says, I haven’t seen a woman like you before.

Naren tells the family that he always covered Pari’s mistake and forgave her. It was his mistake. He says, I don’t have any option left and says he is going far from her and this home. Don’t stop me. Everyone looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. finally Naren is doing something good

  2. Nw tht it is ending ,it is starting to get good.

  3. Pari is a perfect witch, b*t*h. Truth and honesty always prevail. No matter how long it takes. I wish Pari never be blessed with anything.

  4. Pari needs jail!!!!! Why she isn’t in jail yet!?!??!

  5. Pari is a selfish witch.She deserves a divorce and jail time with her mother-in – law.Bad ,Bad people.

  6. i thought pari is puvi’s daughter and she would be like her mother however she turned out to be different selfish b****

  7. Hi Zak parie is nothing like her mom or dad, Arjun Puvi they didn’t have a devil daughter I think she Ovi’s daughter, only cares about herself {selfish].Naren should get his divorce and married Ankita and then his family is complete as for his mom leave her by the road side, the same way she treated Ankita.Ankita you are strong, all what rushaali say and did to you and you stand Tall, who get the last laugh.

  8. pari is so wicked good ting she will never be a mother i love this show

  9. crazy pari wat a b****

  10. Hope naren and ankita get together

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