Pavitra Rishta 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita hugging Naren and saying she will go with him to Bangalore. Naren says if she comes with him, then how will she enjoy engagement. He says he wants her to enjoy and gives his picture to see until he is back. Ankita asks him to take care of himself and Sunanda, have food on time, and then come back soon. He kisses her on the cheek, says I love you and asks her to kiss him, she kisses him on the cheek shyingly and says I love you too. He leaves waving her bye. Once she turns, he comes back and hugs her and they go into flashback about the time spent together.

Soham repairs Manav’s car and gives keys to his owner. Owner gives payment slip and asks Soham to deliver it to Manav. Soham says he just will repair the car, will not deliver it. Owner says he came requesting for work and scolds him. Soham gets angry and says he is Vishnu Lala and nobody talks to him loudly. Owner then says he will give him extra money if he delivers the car. Soham remembers about Pari’s engagement and agrees to go.

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Manav and Shekhar’s family eagerly wait for Pari. Manav asks sorry to Shekhar’s family on behalf of Pari. Ankita comes and asks Archana what happened. Archana informs her about Pia taking Pari with her and asks her to check. Ankita says she will get them and goes from there.

Pari cries and says her love is incomplete now and is her friend’s love now. She asks Pia why did he lie, his name is Naren Karmakar and he lied it as Pia. Pia says even she lied. Pari says she lied about her name, but he lied about his love also. She hugs Pia and says her life is like her mom’s life now. Ankita comes there. Pari hugs her and says she does not know how to tell her. Ankita asks what she wants to tell and asks her why is she crying. She asks Pia what happened. Pia asks Pari to inform about Aman/Naren to Ankita. Pari says Pia thought she saw Aman, but it was someone else. She signals Pia not to tell anything. Pia says she misunderstood someone as Aman and told her, so since then she is crying. Ankita asks Pari if she wants to marry Shekhar or not. Pari says she wants to marry. Ovi comes and asks why are they not coming to the venue. Ankita says Pari and Pia were crying emotionally, so she was consoling her and says he will bring them to the venue. Ovi says Pia that Pari will be in the same city, so why so they can meet anytime. Ovi says Pari and Pia are like her and Teju as they are attached to each.

Pia brings Pari to the engagement venue. Pari goes and sits next to Shekhar. Shekhar asks Pari if she does not like, she can stop the engagment. Pari says she wants to spend her life with him. Engagement starts. Soham comes there disguised as a sardar. He sees his kids and thinks his kids are with their real family but don’t know about it. He thinks Pari is his sister Purvi’s daughter and he played with her in her childhood. He then thinks he cannot go in front of his family like that.

Shekhar and Pari get exchange engagement rings. Everyone clap after they exchange rings.

Archana gets emotional after the engagement. Manav asks her not to cry. She smiles. Manav says she looks beautiful smiling. Archana says Pari will go to her house soon. Today is her engagnemtn, she will get married soon. She knows Pari is mising her parents. Manav says Pari has her 5 aunts as mothers and says she is looking so happy. Archana says she is happy because of Shekhar. Manav says they both are looking good.

Soham thinks he bought gift for Pari but does not want to give it to her directly. He keeps gift silently and tries to go from there when Archana stops her and asks who is he. Soham says he is a mechanic and came to deliver Manav’s car. Archana asks him to have food and go. Soham says he cannot stay. Archana says she will pack food for his family then and goes inside.

Ankita says Pari that she is really happy for her and hopes Shekhar loves Pari like Naren loves her. She asks Pari why is she crying. Pari says she is not. Ankita asks her to forget her past and to lead a happy life with Shekhar.

Precap: Soham goes into flashback about time spent as Vishnu Lala.

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